Best features of Zoom Meetings in 2020

Zoom Meetings


Zoom meeting is one of the applications like Skype, where you can chit chat with your friends. In zoom meetings, you can easily make a conference video call and even type of message to your friends. Zoom is not only useful to use with friends, but it's best suitable for the corporate sector, especially for the companies operating in different cities or countries. The corporate industry usually used Skype for connecting to their offices in different cities, but now zoom has given them more options than Skype-like software. There are not many platforms available from where you can broadcast your webinar or meeting lives to social media platforms. This application is also helpful for the android user; they can easily download it from the play store. In-play store, you have to search for zoom cloud meetings, and you can easily download it from the web or from here.


zoom meetings


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How do Zoom meetings work?

This is one of the applications in your mobiles or another electronic device like computers where you can make a conference call to your friend, or you can do meeting conference calls with video or without video. Those who are using zoom they can record their messages collaborate on the project, and you can share the screen of another person while using this software.

Zoom main features:

  • One-on-0ne meeting:

One-on-one meetings, you can talk to the relevant person you want to make conversation with.

  • Group video conference:

This is also one of the features in which you can bring 100 participants for just 40 minutes call.

  • Screen sharing:

In this, you can share your screen with your fellow with which you are making conversation.


Zoom meeting share screen

In this platform of zoom meetings, the person who is hosting the video call can easily share your screen. In this web, it allows its user to share each other screen, either it's on mobile or on your computers. You just have to follow the following steps to share your screen. First of all, you have to select “share screen” which is visible in your toolbar. Afterward, you have to choose the shared desktop, and you can access another desktop.


How does Zoom work:

Zoom is having a vast network in which it brings different people close to each other. Zoom software is useful for those people who want to work at home. This application will allow your co-work to share your desktop. It is one of the chances for the worker to solve their partner problem while sitting in another place.


How much does Zoom cost

Zoom allows you to do one-on-one chat with your friend, or you can make a video call. This application will work throughout the country. So, you can make the call from where ever you want. When you use it free at that time, it allows you to make a video call or talk to your friend on text with 100 peoples and for just 40 minutes. Zoom meeting offers you four stages.

  1. Zoom free: in this, you can make unlimited meetings, but in the group meeting, there will be only 100 participants with only 40 minutes of a conference call.
  2. Zoom pro: in this, you will charge $14 per month. In this, you will get the advantage of creating your personal ID in which you can conduct the meeting, and having a 24 hour time duration you are having, and meeting conversation will be recorded in a cloud or on your device.
  3. Zoom business: it cost 19$ per month. It is for professionals to use as it allows brand zoom meeting with URLs and company branding name. This will be helpful for you to transcript your call as well as record it in the cloud or your device or a call support center.
  4. Zoom enterprises: this has cost about 19$ per month. It is used only for business purposes. It provides you unlimited usage of this web.


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zoom meetings


Is zoom video or audio

Zoom meeting allows you to use both video and audio programs. This is a cloud-based video that will enable you to do a conference call with another person. Zoom meetings is having different functions like you can use video conferencing Zoom meetings, audio conferences, meeting records, live chat, and webinars. Zoom is the best platform available for the corporate sector today for making video conferences, meetings, and webinars.  You have to pay to utilize facilities related to videos, but it's really worth it. is providing zoom services in the United States, and it ranks number 1 in terms of customer reviews in the United States. This website is providing an online platform for meetings, webinars through videos, conference rooms for the corporate sector, mobile application, and platform for chatting and sharing documents. It provides all the details about zoom which include user guide for using the zoom, about the sales along with the facility to contact seller, all details about the plans with pricing for United States residents, download facilities such as meeting clients, room client, with an extension for browser, plugin for outlook, plugin for Lync, and application for android, iPhone, and iPad. also provides details about the zoom like careers, team, feature, how the company works, investors, integration, media kit, press, and about their team as well. You can get all the info here about which you can think.


Zoom session

Zoom is a web-based video conference that enables you to have live zoom meetings with your client. This application can also be operated through mobile. The users can also choose to record their session with their clients, collaborate on the project, or you can share the screen of another person by screen sharing tool. It is one of the most accessible platforms which you can utilize to make your work easy.


Zoom chat rooms

Zoom chat rooms the chat room where you can freely chat with your friend. A notification will appear on your display screen it's up to you either you can read or read the message later. The chat notification can be disappeared from the chat room by disabling it.  If you want to send the chat first, you have to log in from a mobile or computer.


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Zoom Canada

The zoom audio Canada is providing a low rate for toll-free and call-out minutes in the US and Canada. The zoom web can subscribe monthly or annually bases. This requires that you have the license to use a zoom meeting.

  • Sign in zoom meeting web.
  • Click on account management.
  • You have the option of available add-ons. Next, you have to click on the audio conferencing option.
  • Over there, you have the option of zoom audio Canada. It will only operate when you have paid its monthly bill. You will be able to have a video call after making payment for zoom.


Zoom live video

Zoom provides the facility to stream live videos on YouTube. There is a 20 min difference between actual zoom meeting and webinar to lice video on YouTube. You can join the conference as a participant through zoom to view the video, and they can comment on it from YouTube. The users who use YouTube to watch the videos cannot contact the person in the webinar, and the same goes to attendees in the webinar for viewers of YouTube.


How does zoom video conferencing work

The question now here arises, “how does zoom video conferencing work?” The zoom is easy to use software for everyone, and it allows video conferencing as well. You can make your private room and create a meeting using a zoom platform. You can set the privacy level as well by using a password for entering the zoom meetings. The conference can be locked, and then no new entrants allowed by zoom.  You can record the conference as well, and you can join the discussion through the mobile app as well. The zoom has solved the problem of conferencing when you cannot meet face by face. The schedule on zoom allows you to set the conference in the future as well and notifying all the attendees about the conference.


You might feel comfortable with Whatsapp, Viber, IMO, or Skype for your personal use, but when it comes to your business account, we suggest you shift to zoom. As all mentioned apps are either useful for computer or mobile but this platform is suitable for android, iPhone and windows. You will definitely experience a more significant change in your business meetings and conferences after using Zoom. We wish you happy meetings, webinars, and discussions with your new application zoom.

           zoom meetings

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