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SNES Emulator For Android


SNES Emulator For Android is a set of applications for android devices. SNES is an acronym for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Snes9x was the first-ever SNES android emulator developed in January 1998.

Snes9x emulator was developed using the C++ programming language. It did support a port for Android as an official launch.

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Android Emulators have been used to run various games for different platforms. SNES emulators for android run Nintendo’s classic games from the nineties. Emulators have been of great value to gamers on Android for the last two decades. The players get hours of enjoyment for almost nothing.

There are many SNES emulators available in Android. Few of these emulators are being linked below:

List of SNES Emulator For Android


RetroArch supports cross-platform location and camera support. Therefore, this is the SNES emulator for android, which server multi-play over different platforms. It has a robust development interface called Libretro. It is an open-source project to give this android SNES emulator powerful support.

It has download history in millions and is being liked by millions for the purpose. It serves an all-in-one package to load games from different consoles. This lets likers of various console games choose this as their first choice. It is the choice of gamers who like classic gaming with advanced features.

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This SNES emulator for android has been a valuable part of Android over the years. It supports all kinds of SNES games on mobile android devices. If you are looking for an option of gaming entertainment for hours, this is the right choice.

It supports all kinds of classic SNES games like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Legend Of Zelda, and more. It is a link between the past and the future.

This is pretty much stable. It doesn’t hang and is entirely free of glitches. Just connect your Bluetooth controller with the device and start the gaming entertainment never experienced before.

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This is another open-source SNES emulator for android with multi-player support. It is designed to connect different players to play along. It supports connectivity online and on the local area network. This is a real experience of multi-player online gaming. You can also play with people via WiFi Direct and router. It is stable and completely free of in-app connectivity issues.

It has many diversified options as an emulator with a complete package. These options combine to give you a full experience of online gaming emulation.

Its support of connectivity on Google and Facebook adds immense value to its functionalities. After signing in to your Facebook or Google account, you enlist your friends. You can play with them by merely inviting them. It takes only a few simple steps — no matter which platform they use.

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Previously known as John SNES, it is another one of the best SNES emulators for android in your fleet.

John NES and John NESS were removed from the Google Play Store due to copyright issues. Later the problems were removed, and the app was revived with the name John NESS. But the original versions of John NES and John SNES are still available on the official website of the developer.

This emulator comes with high accuracy and works in a glitch-free environment. It has many features. Few of these features include turbo buttons, save-states, cheats, shaders, and many others. All other options are those which are admired by the players in other NES consoles.

This emulator is updated more often. The updated versions come with an advanced form of options and are liked by many serious gamers. Although, its developer has a bad history of being alleged of violating copyright.

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By design, NES.emu is more advanced. It is preferred choice of players, have been emulating games on other less graphically advanced android NES emulators.

If you are using a device with 1GHz or higher processor, this emulator cannot be kept back. But, there is a little piece of the amount you will need to pay to Google to purchase this on Play Store.

There are many attractive features in this emulator. It supports the backup feature. Further, there is also a save state support, on-screen controls with multi-touch, save support, and many others.

Besides, you can connect your controller with wireless support to the device to play on. If you join a retro-style controller, you will be getting back to the classical era of NES gaming.

You can play in either orientation instead of portrait or landscape. This feature keeps it apart from traditional NES emulators, which support only portrait orientation for gaming. This is a fun SNES emulator for android.

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SNES Emulator (Snes9x EX+)

It is a free app available easily on the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, this app is specially designed to run SNES games. It is, thus, a purpose-made and purpose-named app.

This app is simple and pretty effective. You simply need to install the app on your android device. Download the ROMs of choice of games. Load the game. And start. Quite simple!

Since this app is entirely free, so there is no subscription or in-app purchase — no credits to buy to play any game.

From the developer’s point of view, this app is quite stable and free of glitches. Once you start, the gaming streams like a flow of breeze.

This app supports all features, just like other SNES Android Emulators. It comes with Bluetooth support as well, which allows you to connect your controller with the device. Provided the controller is retro-type, the enjoyment of gaming doubles.

You can deploy cheats in this SNES emulator for android. Although, the limited number of tricks is supported in this emulator.

Few sound-related issues have been reported for this emulator. But, because of this, the overall experience of the emulator does not die.

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This emulator comes with the support for multiple ROMs. These ROMs may be GBA, SNES, or so. Its design is pretty elegant. And is supported by many features that define its ability.

It supports connectivity with the controller device. That adds the experience of gaming too much extent. There are many other features also including, Save and Load as basic ones.

There is also a fast forward mode to run games at a comparatively more rapid pace.

This app is available for no charges. But, the price of the free download is several advertisements. Many users have reported that, while playing on EmuBox, they frequently watched many ads with a very short interval of time.

To enjoy the ads-free experience, this SNES android emulator allows you to go through the premium version. It asks a little amount of money but is yet affordable.

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SNES Emulator For Android


This is a well-known SNES emulator for android. It is an open-source program. It also supports gaming for Atari ROMs based on Stella 4.7.3.

The controls supported in this emulator come in two forms: Paddle Controller & Joystick Controller.

It is supported by Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You can use this connectivity support for playing games with an external controller too.

Currently, it is not available for free. But, the amount to be paid to purchase this is not that high.

Both orientations are available, i.e. Portrait and Landscape.

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SNES Emulator For Androids


ZSNES can be assumed as a clone type app of other SNES emulators. It is also a Super Nintendo Emulator. In the early 21st century, ZSNES was first time released to general gamers. So, collectively, it is an advanced form of any Nintendo Emulator. Unfortunately, ZSNES is not available for the Android platform to date.

Currently, ZSNES is available for Linux, DOS, Windows, and FreeBSD. This is a public beta, so it cannot be run on a PC machine. As ZSNES for android is not yet available, other SNES android emulators can be used as alternatives. The suggested SNES android emulators have enlisted above in this article.

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