Best Illegal Anime Streaming Apps And Anime Websites In 2020

Illegal Anime Streaming Apps

Anime are famous names today when it comes to animated web series. There are many Illegal Anime Streaming Apps and websites which can be used to watch the animes in the comfort of your own device. These animes are the hand-drawn and computer animation series on the go.

The roots of anime series and anime apps also originate from Japan. The word anime itself is a Japanese word used for animations.

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These are cartoon films (or animated films in modern terminologies) often characterized by colorful themes, vibrant and bright colors, fancy graphics, and so.

These animation series are so attractive that they are liked by people of different ages. This is just because of anime series, featured through Illegal Anime Streaming Apps which moved the likeness of cartoons from children to adults. Therefore, these animation series are now developed in many countries other than Japan. But their roots yet remain in Japanese. Thus, most anime series presents the cultural dimensions of Japan.

There are many ways to feature anime series worldwide. Most renowned of which are Illegal Anime Streaming Apps and  Websites. We are giving away the overview of both with particular highlights to Illegal Anime Streaming Apps.

Few most renowned Illegal Anime Streaming Apps and websites are:


This app features, at its peak, more than24000 single episodes. Around 1000 characters are making up this vast lot of episodes. This is one of the biggest libraries of anime characters and series available to everyone.

Anime Apps

It is free, but there are a lot of advertisements for it. So, if you are okay with a lot many ads, you may enjoy anime episodes for free.

To remove ads for good from this app, you need to get through to premium subscription. To make your payment decision easier, Crunchyroll offers a 14-day trial membership. You can see and decide during these 14 days whether you should go for a premium account or not.

In a premium account, you get access to full HD content in 720p and 1080p resolutions. And all contents with all episodes open up for you.

There are many famous streaming available on Crunchyroll. Such as Crunchyroll One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Monster Musume. However, only the US hosts its manga and full anime library.

Few most famous and adorable shows at Crunchyroll are:

  • My Hero Academia
  • Dragon Ball Super dubbed in English
  • Demon Slayer

Download Crunchyroll

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Naruto Shippuden

If you are only a watch addict of anime, you can choose Naruto Shippuden. A free and one of the most populated Illegal Anime Streaming Apps today. All the contents on this app are open for viewing.

Anime Apps

Nevertheless, there are few premium features of this app, which can be availed after subscription. These features include:

  • No advertisements
  • Private information availability
  • Notifications and availability of newly launched fresh episodes

Download Naruto Shippuden

Pocket MAL

This app is a mobile version of This is the best way today to keep your favorite anime in check.

Anime Apps

This is the app with infinite numbers of reviews of anime shows. It is supported by a community of anime shows lovers, which makes this app a place of discussion, sharing ideas, views, and reviews.

Here, you can discover new anime shows, new episodes, new launches, expected launches, and so. The most discussed content on this app belongs to Japan – the origin of anime.

This platform is open to everyone. Anyone who has any fraction of interest in anime shows may join this platform.

Download Pocket MAL

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Hulu is a premium streaming platform of anime shows. You can get access to thousands of anime shows collection here. This app not only maintains a vast library of anime shows collection, but it has many aspects of interest for everyone.

Anime Apps

You can access the top famous shows to every flop show here. Today, this is the anime that shows the library with the highest population of content.

The option of connecting your Crunchyroll, in the premium version, makes it a unified platform to bring all your favorite anime series, movies, and TV shows in a single app. This way, you will have access to all your favorite shows through a single platform—no need to shuffle apps for different shows.

Hulu features many admirable shows, few of which are as follows:

  • Girls und Panzer (slice-of-life and moe)
  • Attack on Titan (action-adventure)
  • Your Lie in April (drama and romance)
  • Black Clover (fantasy)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (fantasy)
  • Danganronpa (mystery and thriller)
  • K-On!! (slice-of-life and moe)

Download Hulu

Funimation App

Funimation is one of the Illegal Anime Streaming Apps, which comes initially with a trial period of 14 days. After you are satisfied with this platform, you can subscribe to the premium version and start your anime journey without any hurdles.

Anime Apps

Its premium subscription opens a wide-opened library of ad-free anime movies, full HD content, top trending shows like Fruits Basket, Attack on Titan, Black Clover, Demon Slayer, and so.

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There is also much classic anime on this platform, such as My Hero Academia and so.

It is the app with today’s most extensive assortment of shows with English dubbing and subtitles. So, no matter of language, you can enjoy your favorite anime shows in English right on the Funimation app.

Funimation Subscription: Subscription is a general phenomenon with the Funimation app too. You can subscribe as per your desired plan. The plans are:

  • Monthly: $7.95 / month
  • Annual: $59.95 / year

The annual plan offers inline support with Crunchyroll. This way, you bring all your favorite content from Crunchyroll to Funimation and enjoy streaming through a single platform only.

For dubbed shows, you need to go through an additional subscription at $4.95 / month.

Download Funimation

Amazon Prime Video

To feature the anime shows, Amazon launched Anime Strike. Where the anime shows could have been enjoyed only through a $5 per month’s subscription. However, Anime Strike didn’t gain that much popularity. So, Amazon moved all its anime content to Amazon Prime.

Anime Apps

Amazon Prime Video is a premium streaming app by Amazon, which also features anime shows. The service charges remain the same as that of Anime Strike, but, with Amazon Prime Video, you gain access to extra advantages, view your favorite premium anime shows and movies of your choice.

Download Amazon Prime Video

Best Anime Websites

In addition to these mobile applications, there are many free to visit websites featuring anime shows. We are enlisting few most popular websites here with their visit links.

With very little quantity of advertisements and high-resolution content, is one of the oldest anime shows featuring website.

Anime Apps

This website features official releases immediately after they are available for streaming. Thus, it is not false to say that followers are at the very first in number to watch the latest releases.

On this website, you have many search criteria. You can search by type, comment, rate, and score given by other viewers. The search option is available on the index page of this website.

This website offers only viewing and no option to download the shows.

Visit Website

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This is a premium website on which ad-free content is available at little cost. You can subscribe and watch high definition video content while evading advertisements.

Anime Apps

This website offers many renowned shows like Hunter X Hunger, Naruto, and so.

This website also offers the option of downloading. Thus, you can download and save your favorite anime shows in your local hard disk for future viewing.

Visit Website


The core feature of this website is its diversity of content. You can choose to watch anime shows from a diverse range of genres. Whether it is drama or action, everything is available here.

Anime Apps

Further, this website offers dubbed versions of anime shows. If you are not Japanese or do not understand the Japanese language, you have the anime shows dubbed in the English language. Go, choose, and watch now.

Visit Website is the only anime show website that is unrestricted in every corner of the globe.

Anime Apps

This website also features a different range of series like Manga and Anime. There are also a dubbed version of anime shows and even the clips of cartoons in English.

This website also offers offline downloading of content.

Visit Website

This is the website with the highest number of followers. A huge fan following of this website names its popularity and lets it stand out differences amongst every website of its kind.

Anime Apps

This website offers the video shows in different resolutions, so as not to worry about the internet speed. If your internet speed is slower, you can enjoy shows in low resolution too.

This website also offers offline downloading. But, to do this, you need to sign up and then log in to this website.

Visit Website

For our non-Japanese fans of anime shows, we are enlisting here a few websites which offer free dubbed versions of anime shows.

Watch Online Dubbed Anime Websites Free

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