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How to Write on a PDF Form?


Generating PDF is a common practice nowadays. The difficulty on which people often come across is how to write on a pdf form. PDF is not an unseen format for many, Yet. It is intriguing to know that writing on PDF is still an alien task for many. Here, we are explaining a few critical dimensions on ‘how to write on a pdf form’:


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List of How to write on PDF Form:


PDFescape is an answer to the question, i.e. how to write on a pdf form. This is an online PDF editor. It supports editing on your PDF files. Besides the online version, there is also a desktop version of PDFescape available. It can be downloaded directly from the PDFescape website. The link to the site is

You simply need to upload your PDF file. Your file then opens in an editor. There you see many options to work your PDF out. These options include:

  • Adding/removing text
  • Adding/removing image
  • Adding/removing keynote
  • Editing links
  • Creating/editing forms
  • And many more.

Yes, all this is possible only with an active internet connection and an updated browser.

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how to write on a pdf form


How To Write On A PDF / How To Add Text To PDF / How To Type On A PDF

There is an option, namely: TEXT. Select this option to type a text on PDF. Then click anywhere on the PDF page. You will see the cursor blinking at that place. Start typing!

This is how to write on PDF form.

How To Make A PDF

PDFescape supports the making of PDF too. To make a PDF format file, do the following:

  • Go to:
  • Click Free Online
  • Select ‘Create a new PDF document.’
  • A new window asks for the number of pages and page size. Select as per your requirement.
  • Click ‘Create’
  • A new blank document appears.
  • Design PDF as you want.
  • To download the file, click the green download icon on the left.

Write Up Form

Write up form is a fillable PDF. It contains various input fields and other ways that a user can fill. It is used to fetch information from users.

To create a write-up form using PDFescape, simply create a new PDF. Place input fields as per your requirement. PDFescape supports these input fields:

  • Text
  • Text Paragraph
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Dropdown
  • Listbox
  • Reset Button
  • Submit Button

This is how to write on PDF form.


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Chrome PDF Editor / Google PDF Editor

In the race of PDF editors, Google is not falling behind. Google offers its online PDF editor with the name of Chrome PDF Editor. It allows you to edit existing files, create new files, and to annotate the same. If you simply want to view your PDF document, Chrome PDF Editor is there.

Like other common PDF editors, Chrome PDF Editor serves general purposes as:

  • Write text on PDF
  • Rotate pages in clock-wise and anti-clockwise directions
  • Freeform drawing
  • Drawing of boxes, circles, lines and so
  • Removal of contents in PDF file
  • Change the placement of materials

You can save your edited documents, as well.

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how to write on pdf

Small PDF, Smallpdf

This is another online tool to work PDFs out. It serves essential functions applicable to PDFs for free. For saving cloud data and having access to advanced features, the subscription option is given. Subscription is paid. It can be attained through a simple registration process.

The SmallPDF online application offers more than 15 tools. The main function includes:

  • Page merging tool
  • PDFs merging tool
  • Inter-extensions conversion tools
  • Splitting tool for pages
  • Compression tool to reduce PDF document’s size

SmallPDF Pro adds cloud service on the list. Before you are done with subscription, you are allowed to use this online application for 14 days. This is called 14 days trial period.

smallPDF answers on every how on how to write on PDF form.

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how to write on PDF form

Adobe Writer

Adobe writer is a utility offered by Adobe. In basic functionality, it is just like any other PDF editor. Adobe offers its writer as a desktop application. You may download, install, and operate it directly from your laptop or PC.

The essential functions of Adobe Writer are free. These functions include editing, viewing, creating, signing, and converting PDF files.

After subscription, you may avail of advanced functions. These advanced functions are the extension of the primary functions mentioned above. It means, in the Pro version, there are more options for editing. Similarly, more options open to create a PDF file.

The Pro version of Adobe Writer is available in just under $300. With every possibility to answer: how to write on PDF form.

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how to write on pdf


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PDFcomplete is a downloadable application for PDF editing. It offers essential tools under the trial period. After the trial period ends, you may purchase the software for uninterrupted use.

Beside basic versions, PDFcomplete offers two other packages as:

  • PDF Complete Corporate Edition
  • PDF Complete Special Edition


In Corporate Edition, you can enjoy corporate level options. These options include Create, Print, OCR Scan, Extract, Search, Archive, and so on.

Special Edition allows you to view documents, use search command, and other basic commands. It limits you to print only 50 pages in any existing report. From the 51st page, you see a watermark in prints.

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how to write on pdf

Fill Out Form

There are two types of PDF forms, i.e. flat and dynamic.

Flatforms are generally those who cannot be filled digitally. They look like a form, but they do not take input. They can be filled only after taking their print out.

Dynamic forms support filling in on-screen.

To fill out a form through PDFcomplete, you only need to:

  • Open a PDF document with fillable fields
  • Type in values in the areas
  • Press Tab key, so your input saves in the field
  • Hitting the Save icon saves the documents


Html To PDF

Conversion from HTML to PDF is different on Mac and Windows.


On Mac

Follow the below steps:

  • Open HTML document in the browser.
  • Go to the Adobe PDF toolbar on the menu.
  • Hit Convert to PDF.
  • Give your PDF a suitable name.
  • Select the location to save the file and hit the Save button.


On Windows

Follow these steps:

  • Open HTML in the browser.
  • Right, Click anywhere on the page.
  • Click Save As
  • While naming the document, add .pdf in the end
  • Select location to save and Hit Save button.

Form Filler

Form Filler is a robotic mechanism. It fills online forms automatically.

It works basically in a series of actions. First of all, it reads what information you have filled in each specific field. It then analyzes your response to each field type. The next time you open any online form, it automatically detects areas likewise and fills them with your expected reply.

There are many auto form fillers available like:



Add Page To PDF

Adding a page to an existing PDF is very simple. Go through these steps:

  • Simply open a PDF
  • Go to the page preview pane
  • Click Add page Icon at the top
  • The page is added!

Annotate PDF

The annotation of PDF is platform-specific. Here are the two most used platforms:


On Mac

You can do it on Mac using Markup Toolbar. Here, you can add notes, change the formats, use shapes, type, highlight, and so on.

On Windows

Open the document in Microsoft edge.

Use the annotation menu to select the option of your choice to annotate. These options include highlight, add a note, using a ballpoint pen, eraser, and so.

Convert PDF To Pages

There are several ways to convert PDF format into Pages format. Few of those ways are:

This will simply ask you to import your files into this software. You have the option to select multiple files. Once you are done with importing files, press the Convert button.

  • Find online converters on search engines. There are many. Try anyone, and you are done!
  • Save PDF as Word from Adobe Acrobat. The Word file can easily be opened in Pages without any conversion.

How To Sign A PDF On Mac

PDFs are very easy to sign in Mac. You simply need to tell the PDF viewer how your sign looks. To do this, you may go either way:

  • Sign your signature on a paper. Capture this paper as an image using a Camera.
  • Use any application that supports handwriting, i.e. Trackpad. Sign directly digitally and save it.

Proceed ahead: Click the Markup icon. Click the Signature icon. Click Create Signature.

Select the signature you have already created. And now, onwards, all your PDF documents may be signed digitally.

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