Best Free Microsoft Office Alternatives in 2019

Free Microsoft Office Alternatives


Microsoft Office is well known and most used office suite in the world. But in this article, we will discuss the best free Microsoft Office alternatives. Microsoft Office provides the best applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among others. The first version of Office used in 1989 for Apple Macintosh, although where most popularity has achieved over time, has been in Windows, Microsoft's operating system.

Microsoft Office is the complete office suite for students and all computer users. The problem is that it has a very high cost per license compared to other alternatives to Office. Today we will tell you seven best free Microsoft Office alternatives 2019.


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The best alternatives to Office 365







Pros Cons
  • .docx, .xlsx, .pptx formats available
  • Regular updates
  • Reader for Android
  • Available in 110 languages
  • Sometimes some gaps in the layout
  • Implantations of unsuccessful functions


We cannot start talking about Office 365 alternatives without discussing LibreOffice. It is the most reliable alternative to Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is an entirely free and open-source office suite. This alternative to Office 365 offers us a word processor, a spreadsheet, a slide presentation tool, and other tools such as Math, mathematical operations, draw, to draw and Base to create databases.

If you use several different operating systems for the desktop and prefer an office suite that works locally, LibreOffice is the best option. LibreOffice runs on Linux, Windows, and macOS. It is also available on all mobile devices. It is one of the best free Microsoft Office alternatives.





free Microsoft office alternatives


Pros Cons
  • Compatible with virtually any computer
  • Applications for Android and IOS
  • Cloud Storage
  • Not work offline


The Google online package does not need a presentation. Cloud-based software is still ideal if you need to work with other people on a project, mainly everyone is familiar with Google Drive, where files can be stored and shared. The current version of Docs (documents) supports PDF, DOC, and even iWork files, which means you should not worry about losing data.

This online package also provides Gmail, Calendar, and Google Plus. As if that were not enough, the G Suite Productivity for companies is available, which is a strong competitor of Microsoft Office offers in many companies. The interface is classic and minimalist.

Google´s G Suite / Google Apps, you can work on documents, edit works, and discuss changes with other people who also work in the same file, all in the same window. It is an excellent option for those who have limited storage (such as Chromebook users) or for those who need to edit remotely.

WPS Office Free



WPS Office Free


Pros Cons
  • Backup of documents.docx, .xlsx and .pptx
  • Paragraph Layout Tool
  • Flexible and adaptable interface
  • Eye protection mode and night mode  
  • Mobile versions for iOS and Android
  • Extended options in the paid version
  • Not available for Mac OS X
  • Advertising on most functions


WPS Office is the free version of the Office Business WPS package. This alternative to Microsoft Office is a word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation creation program. WPS Office Free is compatible with Microsoft Office formats, and the offer also uses the so-called “ribbon” interface instead of a traditional menu. This Office suite is available for Windows and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems for Ios and Android.

WPS office looks like Microsoft Office and LibreOffice in its layout, but it remains more flexible than its example. Users who do not like the ribbon interface can change the interface to static menus. Among the advantages of WPS, there is the function of labels ( tabs ) to move from one document to another quickly. This office also includes a protection function for the eyes and the night mode, which is best for our health.


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Calligra SUITE



Office Alternatives


Pros Cons
  • Perfect drawing programs
  • Developed by an active community
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Maximum operation on Linux only
  • Limited functions on Words
  • Cannot save Microsoft Office files


Calligra is the most unique and controversial suite of our selection. Calligra is especially attractive to users who use it for creative purposes. Like other alternatives to Microsoft Office, Calligra consists of a word processing program (Words), creating tables (Sheets), and presentations (Internship). The three programs are probably comparable with those of OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but the scope of functions somewhat resembles that of Google Docs.

It is also possible to open Microsoft Office files with Calligra, but not to save them. It's an open-source platform with many unique features. Calligra is also the best free alternative to Microsoft Office in 2019. Calligra works on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux.






Pros Cons
  • Support DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Android 
  • Not For MacOS


FreeOffice is a free office suite based on SoftMaker Office technology (which is paid and includes more features), whose developer is the German company SoftMaker Software. The first thing that is about this suite is the fact of using a Ribbon-style graphic interface and is optimized for use on touch screens.

FreeOffice provides the applications with a word processor (TextMaker), spreadsheets (PlanMaker), and presentations (Presentations). It is exclusive software, and its main feature is the support it offers for more recent Microsoft document formats. You can use Free office on Windows, Linux, and Android.

This latest edition of FreeOffice of SoftMaker 2016, is compatible with DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT formats. You will not find negative points when you open files with this software. The compatibility works very well.





Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives


Pros Cons
  • Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • .docx, .xlsx and .pptx all formats
  • Distribution similar to Microsoft Office
  • Scope Similar to Microsoft Office
  • Do not save .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files
  • Few updates


OpenOffice is probably the best-known free Microsoft Office alternatives in the market today. The software suite aligns with the Microsoft Office suite and offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database programs. OpenOffice also provides a mathematical formula processing program. The layout and use of OpenOffice are also similar to Microsoft Office, and the functions are almost the same.

OpenOffice cannot save documents in .docx formats for Word, .pptx for PowerPoint and .xslx for Excel. It is always recommended to export an OpenOffice document in .pdf before printing. OpenOffice runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Microsoft Office Online


Free Microsoft Office Alternatives


Pros Cons
  • Work from anywhere
  • Pure teamwork on a single document
  • Always current
  • Slightly slower than the desktop program
  • Low data security
  • Few functions


We can still use the online version of Microsoft Office, which is available to everyone as long as you have an Internet connection when you work. You can access your work files from your desktop, even if you left your laptop at home. You can also work on multiple documents on the same document online and see the tracking changes in real-time.

Naturally, the online version of the Microsoft Office suite also has drawbacks. It runs a little slower than the installable desktop version, and it depends on the speed and quality of your Internet connection. Many users also do not feel comfortable with the fact that jobs are stored on a server so they cannot control the security of their data. Risk is indeed related to the Internet connection: if you access Microsoft Office from a public WIFI, the data can be easily watched by third parties.

Finally, the Microsoft Office online offer also has some features than the traditional Microsoft Office package. You can see only Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you need more features, you should look for another alternative to Microsoft Office.

These are some of the best free Microsoft Office alternatives in 2019. So, what is your opinion on this? Share your insights and tell us your favorite free Microsoft Office alternatives in the comment section below.

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