How to install the august smart lock is the primary question once you have decided to secure your home or workplace with the help of August smart lock as it is based upon modern technology. As we know that for every kind of device, there is a different technology used in it, which, of course, makes it different.

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For this reason, I will make sure to describe the kinds of August smart locks before the installation method so that you can install the lock system easily. There are August smart locks of many types, but the most noticeable are cited below.

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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a safe door lock with a key, which is workable where ever you desire and making your life easy. For working, it is connected with Alexa, which locks, unlocks, and gives you needed important notifications for up to date as well as equips you with the check of lock status. It only requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for work, no extra troubles.

It upgrades your existing lock as well as this lock detects when you reach the door, and unlocks the door by sensoring which can be controlled by voice also, and it can send keys to the people on which you trust, and this is small in size as well.

August Home August Smart Lock Pro

The August home smart lock pro works by monitoring and sensoring. It is specially designed for home to tell whether the door is open or not having the binding force 600 pounds. It works with Siri, Alexa, or Google assistant and operates automatically as well. Out-stretching this, it also keeps a record of the whole time, and its principle of working is z wave.

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

This lock has good features, including a doorbell cam, which permits the person outside the door to talk to the people inside the home. It is also keyless, and it fits into the deadbolt in the inner side of the door as works with Wi-Fi for voice integration and requires 4 AA batteries and has an app for convenience, which can be downloaded easily.

August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

This is a wonderful lock that can still be used with the previous keys and lock as well and is fixed with the deadbolt a well. It works automatically as well as it can be operated either through Google assistant, Alexa as well as Bingo. This is very secure and protective as well as senses whether the door is open or just attached to the pivot without being locked. August gen 1 gives you smart key lock keyless entry.


August smart lock installation is much easier than anyone imagines as August Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Pro, August Smart Lock Home Kit fit easily.  When you buy the smart lock, you need to check its adjustment with the deadbolt of the door first. Once it gets fit, then you can install it. Steps for how to install August Smart Lock are given below.

Prior preparation of installing August smart lock

Once you have checked that the lock is adjustable to the deadbolt, then remove the screws from the deadbolt of the door and the knob. For this, you have to first use the glue strip for keeping that side of the lock having the key side intact with the door.

Removing screws and unlatching

Remove the screws from the deadbolt of the door and the back-plate as well if needed.

Mounting plate adjustment for installing August smart lock

Before the installation of the August smart lock, August Smart Lock Pro, August Smart Lock Home-kit, and others, you need preparation of mounting the screws, which are adjustable and screws should be tightened as to stand the plate at its own and avoid over-tightening. Remove the screws from the mounting sheet for the installation of the smart lock and insert the screws in the mounting plate, which had been removed from the thumb latch. And in this way, you can readjust the mounting plate of the door.

Use Adapter

You have to choose the right adopter for the installation purpose of the  August smart lock, August Smart Lock Pro, August Smart Lock Home-kit, and other August locks, which have to be adjusted on the tail part. If you put the right adapter, you will find a triangular nub facing up.


For mounting in the installation process, you have to stretch out the latch wings outwards.

Lock installation

For installation, the August Smart Lock Home Kit, August Smart Lock Pro, August Smart lock with Apple or Andriod, you have to fix the lock with the adapter through the mounting plate, and for comfort, make sure that lock is joined with the door from its back.


After placing the lock in the right way, clamp both wings of the latch down and check the door whether it is working properly  locking, and unlocking by turning of the ring and make sure it’s proper functioning.

Now nib the August logo present at the lower portion of the faceplate. Grip the upper portion of the faceplate and free it.

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Fitting the battery

Now you have to fit the battery by fixing it into the proper place, after which remove the accessory and make sure the battery is fixed properly.

Placing the top-plate

Now it is the last step of fixation to replacing the front plate onto the Smart lock with the logo at the lower part.

Moreover, you can watch videos for installation by typing August Smart Lock U Tube Videos.


1.     Possession of the house

The very first thing which you need to keep in view is that whether house is yours, or you are living in someone’s house paying rent of that because it is difficult to change a house of rent as most of the owner demand to keep the home as it is, for this reason, you have to select one of the specifically suitable locks, but you can select the one whichever you want if you are the owner.

Moreover, you need a different secure type of lock, if you have a vocational property for avoiding the troubles and easy letting in and out to the guests. And August Smart Lock location locates you constantly.

2.     Option for the keys

Most of the smart locks require a new set of keys, but if you do not want to replace the keys, then you have to choose the lock, which is capable of adjustment at the top of the deadbolt of the door, which will also enhance the security and will provide you extra protection. But if you want to replace the key, then you can go for the one lock, which is adjustable on the deadbolt.

Locks of internal and external security are different as well as they will be different for sliding door, back to front door, and side door as well.

3.     Budget

Budget is a very important factor, so cut your coat according to your clothes. The August smart locks are a little expensive than normal door locks, and they also require some internet for running it. But there are varieties in these August smart locks too.

4.     Means of internet usage

These locks can work either having Siri, Google assistant, or Bingo, but you have to choose the best as per your concern. It depends upon the type of device you possess. Moreover, you have to select which source will be comfortable for you, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-wave. August Smart Lock Siri, August Smart lock for android work with precision.


How is the safety of home ensured if my phone is lost?

In this world, most of the companies make sure that you log in to their website from where you can log out, and if you put a lock on Bluetooth also, the fake user will need to discover two pins. One of the lock screen and the other of the Bluetooth, which works quite near to your home.

What will I do if the battery ends?

First of all, the phone sends you a notification about a low battery via text or alert. And even after this, the locks can operate at the low battery too, and still, many locks have physical keys too.

Is there any physical key?

Yes, most of the locks do have a physical key just in case of a backup, or you get into some trouble.

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August Smart Locks is one of the best locks in the world where life is fast, and security is needed immensely for the protection. Once the August Smart Lock is installed and enabled, it handles the security on its own and is provided with a proper backup. The correct choice, once is made, it makes life easy to handle and complex, a little less. Moreover, you can control the doors by voice, check ups, and screen talks. It is affordable and best in a variety of locks.

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