Exciting Apps for 3DS Emulator for Android in 2020

­3DS Emulator For Android


3DS Emulator For Android is a group application that supports Nintendo's games on android with high-quality graphics. It is like a blessing for all the Nintendo game lovers to play with their favorite characters like Mario, Link, Luigi, Donkey Kong, etc.

In the term 3DS, DS stands for dual-screen. It merely reveals that Nintendo uses a dual-screen system for its games. Small and handheld devices since coming with small screens, so they aren't yet defined to replicate these games. Most of the handheld devices today are available under 6 inches screen size. Thus, it is almost no fun to play full-screen games on small screens.


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There is a previous version of 3DS, namely 2DS. There are even third party 2DS emulators for android. Yet, after a later release of 3DS, the popularity of 2DS has faded away.s

There is no doubt in the superiority of Nintendo's 3DS as a best-selling console. This is a handheld gaming console still so popular that other platforms are in pursuit of the best emulators for it. Its popularity still doesn't stand alongside that of Play Station. But it is still a choice of classic games' lovers.

Nintendo offers thousands of great games that can be enjoyed on your Android devices. The only thing you need is a supporting 3DS emulator for android devices. It is still possible to play Nintendo's games on android phones through emulators. Unfortunately, there is no official 3DS emulator for android available to the date. The available emulators are unofficial and by third-party developers with many bugs and reported issues.

List of best 3DS emulator for android:

Citra 3DS Emulator

3DS Emulator For Android

If you have a Snapdragon 845 processor or higher, this 3DS emulator for android should be your first choice. It has many bugs and crash reports associated with it. The reason why it happens is, this emulator is still under development towards perfectness.

Besides crash reports on many games, some games still run entirely on this emulator. Citra offers an unofficial port to run this emulator. There is no formal app available. Yet, its code may be downloaded from Github's website. There is no support from the developer. This all may be a matter of concern towards its users. However, it is still a selectable 3DS emulator for android, amongst others.

Fortunately, the users claim that Citra 3DS emulates Pokemon as well. So, finally, we have an emulator to run Pokemon. So, conclusively, this emulator may be called as Pokemon 3DS Emulator too.


Download Here


Drastic DS Emulator


If you have a quadcore processor in your device, you can choose this emulator to run games with high graphics. Drastic DS Emulator supports gaming in portraits as well as in landscape mode. It supports external controllers as well. The connection of an external controller adds an advantage of improved control over your game characters.

Drastic DS Emulator is a paid app. There is no demo version of this app. Thus, it may be hard for you to choose this emulator. Yet, the functioning and support of this emulator attract many classic games, lovers, towards itself.

Download Drastic DS Emulator Here


NDS4Droid Free


It is an open-source third-party app. As the name indicates, NDS4Droid is a free app available easily on the Google Play Store. This app is not that old to be said entirely error-free. However, it is still a reliable application with official support.

NDS4Droid supports almost every kind of ROM. And there are many features associated with it. Foremost of which is saving the state of the game. This allows you to continue your game exactly where you left it.

The running of games on this emulator is reportedly not entirely smooth. However, developers claim that work on it is still in progress. Which will eliminate the bugs and improve its performance over time? This app gets frequent updates to cater to improvement in its execution.

Download NDS4Droid Free Here


In addition to these emulators, few additional files may be required to emulate games. These other files are called BIOS files. These files are generally officially launched by the emulators. Their free availability may be subject to copyrights.


Free 3DS Games

Nintendo's games are not available as free versions. Yet, there are hundreds of games available as a demo version. These games can be enjoyed as a demonstration, and if you like, you may buy their full versions. We are enlisting few best 3DS games which can be availed as demos:


Ever Oasis

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World


The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendogs And Cats

Nova Kirby



And there are much more available on the official website of Nintendo.


Cross Compatibility Of Nintendo's Games

Nintendo finally revealed its latest handheld device, namely Switch. It is another gaming console launched by Nintendo. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with old games that were run on 2DS and 3DS.

Nintendo's Switch comes with an in-built game card that supports the games designed specifically for this console.

Fortunately, there is a possibility to play 3DS games on 2DS. All 3DS games come with backward compatibility.

While talking of compatibility, the compatibility of the GBA emulator cannot be underestimated.

Nintendo 3DS supports GBA games without any additional emulation. Nintendo 3DS has in-built hardware to support GBA games. GBA stands for GameBoy Advanced. With customer firmware, the package of the GBA game can be loaded on 3DS. And can be played without any trouble.


Edge Emulation

This is a freeware website that offers several ROMS for various emulators. You have the choice of downloading 3DS games as well on this website. Follow the below link to visit this website. And download ROMS of your choice.

To improve your confidence on this website, we would like to assert that no viruses or infected files have been reported on this website so far. So, this website should be no less than fun!

Visit Edge Emulation


Best DS Emulator For PC

Here we are listing few best DS Emulators for PC:



This emulator is free software with essential functions. Its updates are, however, paid. You can download updates for only $2.5. After updates, complete features will be available.




It is free software available readily on various third-party websites. You can download and play your favorite games on it.


iDeaS Emulator

iDeaS Emulator

It is a much-advanced emulator that runs many high-graphics games. It can even run Super Mario 64 DS and Pokemon Diamond games. It is a widely used DS Emulator worldwide for commercial games.




It was the very first emulator to be used to run commercial games. Its demo version is available on its official website. And its official and complete text can be purchased after paying a few dollars.


Upcoming 3DS Games 2019

Nintendo is still producing very addictive games. The games are liked by the people of every age group. The classic gamers, especially, recognize Nintendo as one of the best gaming developers. This not only produces very addictive games but also emulates them through its easy to handle devices.

With the promise of advancing its games library, Nintendo is likely to release many more addictive games soon. Few of these games, soon to be launched, are being enlisted below:

Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo

3000th Duel

Sudoku Relax 4 Winter Show

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

Blood Will Be Spilled

Lines XL

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal

Vitamin Connection

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition



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