Why NordVPN is the best in 2020

Why NordVPN is the best during COVID-19 Lockdown

Nordvpn is a virtual private network for all devices, which includes windows, mac, android, and iOS. It provides an application for android tv as well. Nordvpn provides security to your IP address like any other VPN. Nordvpn is from Panama, as there are no restrictive laws in Panama. Panama is not included in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances as well. Nordvpn came into being in 2012, and then it was improvised in 2016 and launched an android app.

Nordvpn then continued to grow and launched an extension for chrome, and in 2018 they made drastic efforts by launching an app for Android TV. The Nordvpn has grown from the beginning of its existence, and reports say that it had more than 5000 servers around the globe in 2019.

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Nordvpn account

The making of an account for Nordvpn is straightforward, and we will illustrate the details here. You need to go to the Nordvpn website for making an account, and you can go to the website from here as well. You will then need to go to the “Get it now” button for making the account. The next stage will be to choose the plan for using Nord VPN and once selected, and then you must create your account.

You will then need to make the payment for using it. Once the transaction completed, then your account is completed. The payment method available on Nord VPN websites is credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Many of you must be thinking about how to install and setup the Nord VPN account on mobile. You can get the application for a mobile from here.

You can install the app from the given link and then open it. You will see the two options login and sign up. You can choose the login option if you already have the account, or you can just click on the signup button and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be given a free trial of 7 days on making a mobile account.

Nordvpn /tyt

Most of you might have the question in mind that “what is TYT?” The Young Turks are usually called TYT, and they are providing a discount coupon for Nordvpn. TYT once the radio show has now transformed into the largest American news and commentary show. TYT is recommending Nord VPN as this is the best VPN available out there. The next question that arises here is that how can you get the discount using this coupon. You can get the TYT discount here. The discount from TYT is of a massive 70% on 3 years plan.

Nordvpn Premium Account

There is no doubt that Nordvpn is the most popular mobile application in the whole world as it allows you to surf the internet not only securely but also anonymously. Nord VPN provides you with a lot of security features, and it is straightforward to use. Nord VPN has easy to use mobile app for IOS and android. Nord VPN also provides the desktop application for mac and windows. Nord VPN premium account has many features, and few of those features are as follows:

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  • Nord VPN provides connectivity up to six devices with one account.
  • Nord VPN provides double encryption to the user data.
  • Nord VPN premium is providing more than 5000 servers in 62 countries.
  • Nord VPN has technology that kills the switch at its own on.
  • The main feature is the blocking of malicious sites and ads.
  • It does not maintain any kind of log.
  • The bandwidth has no boundaries. 

Nordvpn lifetime

There cannot be anything better than getting a VPN for a lifetime. Nordvpn did offer the subscription for a lifetime and later removed it. The reason for removing this offer is as good as you can think. Nord VPN is the best VPN service provider around the globe, and lifetime registration means getting a one-time payment for a lifetime. This policy can add the numbers of the subscriber, which means the load on the server get increases profoundly and that slowdowns the speed of VPN.

In order to maintain quality, the company needs new servers, and that costs too much if there is no subscription coming in. Nord VPN has removed the lifetime subscription to provide the quality which you deserve.


1 Year Plan

Nordvpn monthly charges are $11.95 per month, and if you purchase the 1 Year Plan of Nord VPN it means 41% discount without using any discount coupon. The price comes down to $6.99 per month from $11.95 per month. The features remain the same that you can secure up to six devices, which include mac, windows, IOS, and Android devices. You can get all the details for a 1-year plan from below link:


3 Years Plan

As we mention in our article earlier, the cost of Nordvpn is $11.95 per month, and if you choose a 3 Years Plan, then it gets reduced to $3.49 per month. You will need to make the payment of 3 years at once for availing this offer, the total amount payable is $125.64. The amount payable for a 1-year plan is $69, which means you get a discount of approx 40% on an annual basis. You can get all the details about 3-years plan in below link:

Special Offer from NordVPN

Special offer from Nord VPN is none other than a 3 Years Plan. They are offering a 70% discount as compared to the monthly plan. The amount reduced to $3.49 from $11.95 per month.

We suggest that you should go for a 3-years plan to reduce your VPN cost. In case you cannot afford to pay $125.64 at once, then a 1-year plan is suitable for you.

NordVPN Features

NordVPN Premium apk

We all know that the internet and its usage is increasing day by day. The increase in the usage of the internet has given rise to the importance of a VPN. You cannot find the solution to all problems in one VPN, but Nordvpn is an exceptional case. The apk file is used for downloading the app in Android mobile. You can find the apk file Nord Vpn premium over the internet. You can find it here as well.

Nordvpn vs Private Internet Access

When we are having two best VPNs available in the market, then it will be challenging to select. Nordvpn and private internet access, keeping in mind the privacy of their users. They both are the champions of streaming. Nord VPN and private internet access are keeping their user data secret. You are only allowed to share the monitor screen of other users but with his/her permission.

Tunnelbear vs NordVPN

They both are one of the best choices for the VPN. There is a comparison between the two, so we will be apparent to whom we have to choose for the VPN.



Nord VPN is having fast net access so you can easily have a Netflix and other network connection. Tunnelbear can be easily connected to your Wi-Fi and star buck.


Tunnelbear and Nord VPN both are available at a reasonable price, not too much low that you can thick it is low quality neither too high that you are afraid to buy it.

Average Connection Speed

Tunnelbear and NordVPN both have a fast speed of downloading, and you can even enjoy your favorite online activities. Tunnelbear is providing you about 55 Mbps up to 4K streaming. Nord VPN downloading speed is about 17.90 Mbps. It can handle all HD streaming.


Privacy is one of the essential things whichever network user wants. Tunnelbear and NordVPN they both, are of different origin, but the users keep their online users privacy. They both are not keeping any record of logs of their users. They accept the payment by bitcoin or another payment method.

Surfshark vs NordVPN

Surfshark is the new VPN in the market, but in less time, it earns more popularity that comes closer to Nord VPN. They both are reasonable in price. They are having a fast network connection, which allows you to have a live HD streaming on your networks. They are keeping in view the privacy of their user, so they are not keeping any logs save in their data. Surfshark and Nord VPN have the quality to unblock all the network services.


We have discussed the Nord VPN in detail and also provide you with information about other VPNs. You can now easily decide to choose the VPN for your needs. We recommend that you should choose Nord VPN as it is not only very cost-effective as compared to other VPNs but also performance-wise. Nord VPN protects you and your IP while surfing the internet at the same high speed. The bandwidth has no limit, which makes it suitable for your Android and IOS devices.

You can choose the plan according to your budget and requirements. You can share the cost with your friends and family as it allows support up to six devices. We wish you a happy and secure internet surfing.

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