How to set or download Whatsapp Status in 2020?

How to download WhatsApp Status?


The inventions with increasing technology have given birth to fantastic technology like mobile. In the mobile, different applications have different functions like Skype, Viber, IMO, WhatsApp, and many more. WhatsApp is providing different facilities to its users, and one of them is status. Peoples are uploading different statuses whatever is on their minds, and this WhatsApp status remains active for twenty-four hours.


As mentioned earlier, your WhatsApp status disappears after twenty-four hours. During which time, you can share photos, videos, links, texts, and even animated GIFs.

Your status is seen by your contact list only. However, you can also choose to hide or allow it for a few specific people on your list too.


whatsapp status                                                  

Different Types of Whatsapp Status:

Taking a screenshot of someone’s WhatsApp status without being caught:

This is one way WhatsApp status differs from Snapchat stories. You can take a screenshot of their status when you like their photo or text, without them knowing.


WhatsApp status quotes:

 There is a different form of expressing your expression through WhatsApp status.

  • Cool WhatsApp status quotes

These types of status are mostly updated by those people who have a new lifestyle without any tension. They were enjoying every moment of their life.

  • Funny WhatsApp status:

These statuses are for fun-loving and having a humorous set of mind. They always in the state of mind to makes everyone happy. Some of them are uploading sarcasm to another person through their WhatsApp status. This funny status will bring happiness to your life.

  • Life attitude WhatsApp status quotes:

Everyone is having a different attitude towards their life. Some are having a positive attitude toward life; some are having negative. They are having their ideas about the life they are living.

  • Romantic WhatsApp status quotes:

 Romance is in the air means the person who is fall in love with someone and wants to express his feeling by updating his WhatsApp status. Through this status, one should know how much he/she mean to his/her life.

WhatsApp status in Punjabi

For the Punjabi language first, you have to install Google Indic keyboard through this app you can be able to type all Indian languages. After installing this application, you have to open the setting from there you go to the language and input. Click on the current keyboard, and then you have to enable the Google Indic keyboard. Then go back to the current keyboard and change the English (Indian) language to English and Indic language. Then open your WhatsApp status and upload your status in Punjabi. You can find the tutorial for using this app here.


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Hide online status on WhatsApp

If you want to hide your status, you have to follow some steps.

  1. First, open WhatsApp application
  2. Click on the three dots on the top of your right-hand side
  3. Click on ‘Settings’ through setting you can go to the setting menu where you select an account
  4. Then click on ‘Privacy.’
  5. You have the option of ‘Last Seen’ click on it
  6. In your pop-up menu, you have the option of ‘Nobody.’

These are some steps that you can follow, and you can quickly stop the person from seeing your WhatsApp status.

whatsapp status                       


Loved status for WhatsApp:

Love is one of the beautiful feelings which a person is having for another person. This feeling can be express through different gestures. One of them you can upload your love feeling on WhatsApp status through quotes and some short clips video. Those who are not expressive this status will be having a magic spell on their loved once. There are also different emojis signs to make your text look more attractive and adorable.

WhatsApp status update:

Most of the people are frequently changing their status. You are only supposed to click on the status and then add your photo with text or to add different animation you can easily download on your mobile and post on your status. This requires only less time, and your status will be automatically disappearing after 24 hrs.

WhatsApp status about life:

Around the world, different people are having different points of view about life. The people are updating their status about life how to live it under different circumstances. There around 200 inspiring quotes about life; you can easily download and add to your status.

WhatsApp status in English:

The person can only react to your status when he can able to understand the language you have written on your status. English is known as the ordinary language; nearly most people can read and write the English language. Through this language, you can easily express your feeling and deliver a positive message.

WhatsApp status funny:

Funny WhatsApp status is one of the ways to bring a smile to another person’s face. In funny status, you can add funny videos, funny animations, and funny text, which make you laugh and feel stress-free.




Checking someone’s WhatsApp status secretly:

On Android, you also have the option of viewing someone’s status without them knowing you’ve checked it. To do so, follow the steps enumerated below:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on ‘Account’
  4. Click on ‘Privacy’
  5. Now you will see the option of “Read Receipts.” Turn it off. And you’re done.


whatsapp status                                              


WhatsApp status download:

 One way is to download WhatsApp status with the application or without application. Open play store and install status saver. Then click on the desired status you want to save, save it. And then upload the status of your WhatsApp.  Without application, you can save status. First, select the status of whom you want to download. Go to ES File Explorer and enable the hidden folder. Open your storage app where you can find the save WhatsApp status. Open media and upload the status.

WhatsApp status online:

WhatsApp provides online services that show at which time the person was online. We can only see the online status of our contacts saved on mobile. You can hide your online status, but in that case, you cannot see the status of your contacts as well. You can find the details about how to hide your online status here.

WhatsApp DP status:

Dp is the display picture that you want to show to everyone, and they can see it and comment on your status. The WhatsApp DP status may sound funny, love DP, or sadness.  You can check different WhatsApp DP from here and upload IT to your status.

Symbols status WhatsApp:

Different symbols in WhatsApp will give different meanings. If you send the message, there will be a grey one tick. And when it delivered to the receipt phone, then two grey tick will appear. After reading the message, the two grey tick turns into a green tick. Different symbols indicate the feeling of people. You can wish someone by a symbol of making a cake. You can show love to some by the heart symbol. By clicking over here, you can get different symbols.

Father and daughter status for WhatsApp:

Father and daughter status is one of the ways to express your feeling. This is one of the genuine relationships which demand nothing from each other. The father can show his love and affectionate by updating his WhatsApp status, which shows their bonding with each other. Daughter can show the respect can love for his father through the images you upload on your status.

Best quotes for WhatsApp status:

There are several best quotes which you can upload and make your status. Some status is funny, some are showing love, and some are showing sadness, sorrow, and grief for another person. You can upload and read different feeling status from here

Malayalam love status for WhatsApp:

Malayalam is one of the famous Indian languages. There is a wide range of WhatsApp status available over the internet. There are also Malayalam songs WhatsApp statuses available on the internet. You can find Malayalam statuses over here.

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WhatsApp online status tracker:

WhatsApp online status tracker is one of the advantages you can get while using WhatsApp. This will help you track people in your contact list who have visited your WhatsApp. So it will make it easy for you to see which friend is online.

Gym Status for WhatsApp:

 Many people love to share their activities with their contacts through WhatsApp status. The gym is one of the activities which many people like to share with others. Some people share it to motivate others so that they can also start this healthy activity. Some people, however, set their gym status for WhatsApp to impress people with their well-muscled body.   

WhatsApp status for cheating girlfriend:

There are different quotes in WhatsApp status regarding cheating girlfriend. This will show your regret about the choice you make. It will also show your emotional heart break down by the person you love more than anything.

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