How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10 – An Essential guide in 2020

How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10


Even though you are an expert or a novice, it is still quite difficult to find a guide on “How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10”. It is a useful application that lets you develop a remote connection with ease. Here we are explaining a few dimensions in the same respect. These dimensions include software, apps, functions, and so.


When it comes to the best practices on how to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10, then the name of mRemoteNG pops up. It is an advanced version of mRemote. It is an open-source program. It works as a remote connections manager. It provides supports to multiple protocols.

There is a powerful tabbed interface. Here, you can have a look at all your remote connections at once. Many people are shifting from mRemote to mRemoteNG. The reason is its additional features and bug fixes.

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Remote Desktop Connection Manager


Allow Multiple TS Sessions

You can increase simultaneous remote logins.  Here is how you do it:

  1. Go to Windows Start Menu, Search for Run
  2. Type “gpedit.msc” and press enter
  3. Check Administrative templates.
  4. Choose Windows Component, click Remote Desktop services
  5. Pick Remote desktop session host, click on connections
  6. Now Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to single Remote Desktop Services Session. Click on it and disabled it.
  7. Go to Limit Number of Connections, and enabled it
  8. Change RD Maximum connection allowed to the Desired permitted link.
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Define Remote

Remote means far apart. A Remote desktop is a computer device that is distant from another PC with which you want to establish a connection.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services or RDS or Terminal Services. It is a component of Windows that allows users to take control of a remote computer or virtual machines over a network connection. Microsoft created RDS based on thin-client architecture. Through this system, windows software and a laptop running RDS can be accessible by any remote client machine which supports Remote Desktop Protocol.

Remote Desktop Port

For the creation of how to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10, a port is needed by both Terminal servers and Windows Remote Desktop protocol. Before you create any relationship, you must open this port from Firewall so that data transmission becomes smooth.

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Port 3389

This port is commonly used for Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Sometimes, Windows Terminal Server RDS also needs this port. When you want to allow another computer to have access on your Computer when you enable or open this port in Windows Firewall

How to use Remote Desktop Connection Windows 7

Remote Desktop Connection is disabled by default on Windows, follow steps and enable it.

  1. From Start Menu of Windows, type “Remote Access.”
  2. Click Allow Remote Access to Your Computer
  3. From System Properties tab of Windows, click Remote Tab
  4. Tap on Allow Remote Connection to this Computer
  5. Click Okay


Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager – RDCman

Microsoft Team launched RDCman stands for Remote Desktop Connection Manager. It is a useful tool used to manage multiple remote desktops. A network administrator can manage and organize connections from one single location. No need to enter login credentials again and again. Just add your details one time and create as many remote connections as you like.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant

If you want to get connected remotely, then you can do it with Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant. It Is you configure your Windows PC for remote access.

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How To Remote Desktop Assistant

  1. Download Remote Desktop Assistant
  2. Install this application and open it
  3. Now Configure your PC for remote access
  4. Once the configuration is done, you can get access to your PC from other Windows, iOS, PC or Android device


How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10

For the setup on how to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10 the first thing you need to do is to set up the PC. It will work as a server for other devices, desktops, PC, etc. It will work as a remote desktop manager for the remaining devices.

  1. From Windows Start Menu, Go to Settings, click on System
  2. Choose Remote Desktop and Enable Remote Desktop
  3. Note down the name of your PC. Get details under How to Connect to this PC
  4. These details will be required for later connections.


Setup Remote Desktop Windows 10

The Next Step is to create a remote connection from a device to a PC (which you set up in the first phase). If you are using a Windows 10 PC for establishing a remote connection, then follow these steps.

From the taskbar, type Remote Desktop Connection on the Search box

Go to Remote Desktop Connection, type PC name and details, and Select Connect



Screen Sharing App

It is an application in which one user offers sharing access to another user on a given computer. Different methods are used for providing screen sharing access. Through which I user who got access and permission can see your screen remotely and use it just like his desktop screen.



Raspberry PI Remote Desktop

You can establish a Remote Desktop connection on your Raspberry Pi. Make sure everything is up-to-the-date.

  • For checking this run two commands,

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

  • Install the XRDP package.
  • Once the package is installed, you don’t have to do much because this package comes with the best configuration.
  • Run a command
  • hostname –I
  • Check the local IP address
  • RD application to be installed on your computer thereon
  • Open this application, Pi’s local IP address, and click connect.
  • Once the connection is established, enter the “username” and “Password” of Raspberry Pi.


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Chrome Remote Desktop Not Working

The problem is Chrome Remote Desktop is not able to connect to another computer. There may be several reasons for this. They are being explained below:

  • Cause: The apps that connect to Chrome remotely does not have permission
    1. Simply go to the app or permissions settings in Windows. Navigate to the app, which is likely to be connected to Chrome Remote Desktop. And permit it to connect.
  • Cause: Perhaps, the connection is not supported without an extension.
    1. Go to Chrome extensions and download ‘Chrome Remote Desktop.’
    2. Add this extension to Chrome.
    3. It allows you to connect to Chrome Desktop remotely using a pin.
  • Cause: Connection without a PIN is disabled
    1. Go to Chrome Remote Desktop’s official website.
    2. In View/Edit options, you see a list of devices that can be connected without a PIN.
    3. Delete all devices and add again the accessories you want to connect.
    4. This would refresh the devices enlisted for remote connection.

RDP Meaning

RDP Stands for the Remote Desktop Protocol. Microsoft designed this protocol to transfer application data in a safe and encrypted manner between Client users, devices, and a virtual network server.RDP is based on the ITU-T.120 protocol set. Therefore, it works excellent with many different kinds of local area network (LAN) protocols and topologies. This protocol provides multipoint transmission and thereby provides support up to 64,000 separate data channels.


Screen connect

It is a fully functional remote-control software that allows its users to remotely view and control other devices anywhere anytime through an internet connection. Through this app, a person can control branding, do customization, manage multiple sessions, and access remote support.

How to use Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows 10

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RDP Port

To create a Remote Desktop connection, you must open or allow RDP port. RDP works on Port 3389, which you need to begin from your Firewall.


RDS Login

Remote desktop services are synonymous with Terminal Services. It was offered first in Windows Server 2008.

This is an online mechanism that allows the administrator to control a system or computer remotely. To login into an RDS, the admin needs to configure:

  • RD connection broker
  • RemoteApp programs

Once the Remote Desktop Server and Client Virtual Computers are set, the administrator can log in using credentials and take control over the client computers.

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