Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids

Night lights for kids are more than just a source of illumination in the dark. They spread the light for your kids, especially for those toddlers who are afraid of the dark. Due to these lights, you can also see things like: hallways, obstacles, and other important stuff that needs to in the sight even the in midst of the night.

Night lights for Kids

Night lights for kids can do even more by replicating the shinning skies inside the room. Gone are the days, when those night lights that were used for your kids to be bulky and simple. Modern night lights are small, compact, and much smarter in functionalities than their ancestors. Besides toddlers, grownup kids and elders also like the new innovative and cool designs.

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Before buying keep some things in mind which will help you to choose the best night lights for kids.

Night Lights for Kids Buyers Guide:

Night lights for kids may vary in different functions, sizes, and designs. To buy a perfect night light that your kid is going to love, there few things to keep in mind.

Safety first:

Parents should be extra cautious when it comes to the safety of their kids. There are many risks related to night lights. The first is the danger of fire. When kept on for a longer period it produces a lot of heat.

Any combustible material nearby causes huge damage. Similarly, another concern is electric shock. Even further, there are few substances in the bulb that can be poisonous. To go your next light bulb, make sure it safe and certified by concern agencies.

Smart features:

Having a smart and latest night light is better than manual one in a few cases. In the case of smart lights, the use is easy even for kids. They are also supported by mobile apps. You can control the command and features with a single touch of the screen.

In the case of voice-command, you don’t even touch anything. Just utter a few words and the night lamp will start working. Many other features related to sleep, setting a routine and changing patterns are also possible with smart night lights for kids. Remote control and manual light can be useful in a few use cases but the latest technology offers extra things.


Many kids insist to play with night lamps. Some of those designs offer a playful experience as well. That’s why portability is these lights are important. Kids want the lights to be near them. Portable night lights are important as you can easily change the place best suitable for the light.


Kids love to mess things up and to survive the onslaught, your night lights should be durable. The use of specific material makes the light durable and even it will work if dropped from shoulder height. Make sure the outer shell is tough enough to withstand damages.

After in-depth research, we came up with the list of following best unique night lights for kids that are the best in the market right now.  

Product Reviews

Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp for kids
Luck Kid Baby Night Light
LED Nursery Night Light


All the products which I listed are some of the Best Night Lights for Kids.
But I strongly recommend you to get a Luck Kid Baby Night Light, as it is the best impressive and easy to use by and has removable films for night lights purpose and offers many features that make it the Best Night Lights for Kids.


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Lights, and Time-to-Rise:

Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 1Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 2


Hatch baby night light is not just a light but a complete sleep-and-awake solution for your kid. It offers not just different sounds and volume also a time-to-rise feature as well. The design is sleek and intuitive, even 7 years old can understand how to operate it.

The shape is cylindrical but there are decorative domes available at an extra price. The buttons are hidden in the bottom and you can also use the chrome ring on the top. Hatch baby night lights kits can be controlled via smartphone through its easy-to-use mobile app.

Once the device becomes synchronize with the app, you can control it remotely from the phone. There is a time-to-rise feature, you can program to tell virtually tell your kids to wake up.  With this feature, you can change colors.

Likewise, there is a 2-way audio monitor, through which you can communicate with your baby. This way you can put him/her sleep in a cool way without interfering with their body-clock. There are arrays of other different features you can put to work with Hatch Baby Rest. 

This smart device is secure when it comes to hacking. If you don’t want to use the app, there are physical buttons available. Although running all night, the night light will not get hot due to the quality of the material used.

You can choose to rotate different colors and change many sounds. From your app, you can change the intensity of the light and make it dimmable. Volume-control is easy both from your smart-phone and physical button as well.


  • Creative and sleek design
  • Good quality light & speaker
  • Have many smart features
  • Powerful app and easy synchronization


  • No motion sensor available
  • Complicated physical control

Echo Glow – Multicolor smart lamp:

Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 3Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 4


Echo Glow is a smart nigh lamp with multiple smart features. With a diameter of 3.9 inches, the Echo Glow is approximately the size of a ball. It will easily sit in on any desk or table in-home or workspace. The upper globe pattern will illuminate solid colors or sequences of patterns

The solid white foundation of the Glow reaches around a third of the way up, while the remainder of the globe will appear in a solid color or a series of sequential shades. With a weight of 8.6-ounce Echo Glow has a tough sturdy design.

It is going to survive the fall and will not shut down even after notable damage. There is a long five-foot integrated power cord with a USB Type-A plug.  Echo Glow is quite smart in its functionalities. Since it lacks any microphone or speaker, you need echo devices.

That’s why this night smart light lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can turn it on by touching the globe or by giving voice command via Alexa. The most popular feature of it is ‘Rainbow Timer’.

This will gradually increase light until it will glow brightly when there is wake-up time. One more way to render the Echo Glow night lights more imaginative is to incorporate Alexa ‘s routine.

Through these routines, the light will perform different feats throughout day and night according to your mood. With limited ranges of features, still, the toddlers can get much out of it.


  • Smart Rainbow-Timer feature
  • Simple & struggle-free—Certified for Humans
  • Economical price


  • Lack of speaker & microphones
  • Limited smart functionalities

Luck kid Baby Night Lights

Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 5Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 6


Lying on your bed and looking into glooming patterns of stars and moon will be like a dream comes true for your kids. Give your room a sky-heaven like an ambiance with Luck kid baby night lights. It is just more than a night light because it can be used for interior decorations during any home event i.e. birthday party and wedding. The devices come with different LED bulbs and film shapes with a 360-degree projection feature.

There are eight different modes to choose from with trying to enlighten your room during the night. With four pieces of LED beads, you can switch light colors ranging from yellow, blue red & green along with different patterns. Similarly, by removing the outer film you can convert it into a full-glow night lights bulb. Light quite is warm and soothing, and will not affect your kid’s eyes and brain during sleep.

Taking about the power source, there are two options available. You can either go with batteries or with a USB cable. You need 4 x AAA type batteries to start it.

Luck kid baby night light is a perfect gift option if you want to surprise your family and kid in the coming holidays. Kids & adults both are going to love it as it will a valuable addition to the sleeping room.


  •  Impressive sky-like ambiances
  •  Removable films for night lights purpose
  •  Easy to install & use


  •  No Alexa or Wi-Fi connectivity available
  •  Less smart than other night light on the market

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Lumi Pets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light:

Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 7Top 4 Best Night Lights for Kids 8


Lumi Pets nursery light is a thing of cuteness. Made from quality silicone material, the design is soft, durable & washable. With safety and comfort in mind, the material used is non-toxic and BPA-free. Lumi Pets comes in many animal shapes like unicorn, bear, dragon & owl.

Let’s comes to cool features of this night lights for kids. It offers calm glowing light for toddlers, kids with 8 different colors. Due to its design and size children can carry it around. An equally important point is comfort & softness.

Lumi Pets toys night lights for kids is soft and fluffy to satisfy children’s need for cuddling. The device is remote-controlled & easy to set-up. With a push of a button, you can control sleep timer, glow, and brightness. The device is durable enough to withstand the fury of kids for a long period. 

In addition to that, there are 8 different colors in changing mode. Chose different color patterns for different occasions according to the surrounding.  

There is a built-in USB rechargeable battery. After a full charge, it lasts for 12-20 hours which means the kids will have more fun than ever. LumiPets animal theme night lights for kids is a certified product from top agencies like ROHS, UN38.3, and 2020-Reach.


  •   Perfect design for kids with small size
  •   Soft, safe & washable
  •   Remote-controlled features setting


  •   Not easy-to-use for kids

Frequently Asked Question

Are LED Night Lights Safe?

Keeping on an LED light is necessary for the pitch dark. You can avoid stumbling in the hallways or your room late at night. But keep in mind that the LED light should not be bright. Brightness cause to interfere with your sleep and brain activity in the night.

Is it healthy to sleep with a night lights?

Sleeping in the night while the light on can be harmful because it will affect the quality of sleep. Quality of sleep is important for overall health as it is directly related to brain function. Exposure to high-intensity light will prevent you from achieving deep sleep.

Sleeping at night has also been linked to depression and obesity. Dim and soothing light is good during sleep time it good both for kids and adults alike.  

What color is good for relaxing?

Blue is the most soothing color when it comes to calm a busy mind. In Japan, the government tried to install it in the subway station to decrease the high rate of suicide. Surprisingly it reduces the deaths related to the stations. It is also an ideal color for decorating your home and sleeping room.

Some people even carry blue light with themselves during travelling so in case of any anxiety they can use it. Blue colour slows down the fast heart rate and it is believed to have a cooling effect as well.

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Night lights for kids are becoming more and more popular. Due to the latest advancement in technology related to smart homes, it is becoming mainstream. Although there are many options to choose from in the market, make sure it is the best option for the decor of your room.

Night lamps can be used to set the sleeping routine of your kids and give a cool ambiance to your room. With so many benefits and features, the night lamp will bring an element of fun and usefulness to your room. That’s why we came up with the list of best night lights for kids so that you easily make your decision when buying your next cool thing.


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