The banned android apps are now a matter of discussion on the internet. This is no surprise that there are many banned android apps that, on the first look, do not look deserving to be banned. They are graphically well-designed, well-programmed, and serve the purpose mostly asked for. But they are yet banned, just because of the functions they perform, but do not disclose.

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Google play store has its policies. The store defines guidelines that are necessary for an app to pass the test barrier. The policy and guidelines of the Google Play Store ensure the safety of Android devices. This is necessary because these devices are used for so many functions. People save their personal information on these devices. And any app that uses such user data without the user’s permission, maybe much harmful. And detrimental in such cases.

The primary cause why we see banned android apps by Google Play Store is the illegal functions of these apps. These apps gain access to user data and pass this data to someone unknown to the user. Similarly, these apps replicate the user information, like passwords and log-in credentials to many services, and transmit this information to somewhere anonymously.

Why would an app send your data to someone you don’t know? The most probable answer is: They are hackers or blackmailers or digital thieves who, first, fetch your data such illegally, then blackmail you into demanding money. They can also use your log-in credentials to access your bank accounts and other monetary assets to steal money. This is much hazardous! And the use of such apps is too risky.

We are showing here a few banned android apps with details of what they are, how they look, and what they teach you to do. These are the apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. Because Google has banned them. And these are the android apps outside Google Play Store:

Banned Android Apps: Royal Likes – Unlimited Instagram Likes

This app is a source of gaining more and more Instagram followers. It is no surprise that Instagram has gained much popularity over the last few years. It has attracted several users. And having millions of followers on Instagram is a dream of every social media surfer. This app cashes that dream.

Its way of working is straightforward. It just asks you to complete a few simple tasks. These completed tasks earn you coins which can be used to increase followers and likes on your Instagram ID. So, it is inevitable that you have to log-in to your Instagram account through this app to do it. And this increases the chances of compromising your Instagram account.

Royal Likes

Banned Android Apps: GROWBOX

This app is designed to let you watch anything which can be viewed on a device connected to a Chromecast. It can be synchronized with TV or movie featuring apps. The result will be: you will be able to watch the same on your mobile device, which was being broadcasted to Chromecast.

It usually works by the connection with ShowBox.


Banned Android Apps: SHOWBOX

This app comes with a massive library of TV shows and movies. This is such a fantastic app with a variety of featured content. The most beautiful part of this app is, it is entirely free of charge: no subscription fee, no annual pay, no other payments required.

The most fantastic feature behind its selection by many people is, it costs you nothing in terms of money. And it offers fast streaming of digital content liked by everyone.


Banned Android Apps: Secret SMS Replicator

Beware of this app, and it will forward all your incoming messages to the guy who targeted you. This app is used to spy someone’s text conversations.

To install this app first time on the target’s phone, his consent is mandatory. After the app has been installed, it works in the background. It can be controlled remotely for activation. The victim is never aware of what is happening inside his phone.

This is a banned app from the Google Play Store because of its spying features.


Banned Android Apps: LiveNetTV

This app is a hub of over 690 live TV channels. It broadcasts TV shows and movies also. We can call it an app for general entertainment seekers. As, they will find their every favorite program, TV shows and movies right here. For any action of sports, fighting videos, or family entertainment needs, this app is a one-window solution.

Like ShowBox, this app doesn’t charge a single penny as well. It is easy to use, free and contains anything a person might look for.


Besides these apps, described with brief details, below are few more apps enlisted, which are banned android apps. Or the android apps outside the google play store.

  • Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Spy Free
  • SMS Tracker
  • Phone Cell Tracker
  • VideoMix
  • Spy Kids Tracker
  • Employee Work Spy
  • YMusic
  • Spy Tracker
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Cinema Box

And many others.

Besides apps, many games are not available on the Google Play Store. These android games not in the play store may be found elsewhere on the internet.

Google Play Store features thousands of games with free download facility. But, there are games which never passed the criteria set of Google Play Store, and thus are banned there. Whether there are compatibility issues or the nature of these games for being considered for a ban, they never find their place in the World’s largest android market.

We are enlisting few android games, not in Play Store:

Talking about banned android apps and banned games, and not citing the illegal android market is unjust. The illegal android market is the very place where these spying and theft apps exactly come from.

Besides making such harmful banned android apps and games, the other side of this illegal android market is the tinkering of approved Android apps.

The installer package of android apps and games has extension .apk. This APK (Android Application Package) is the file format that installs the program to an android device. When the APK file has tampered, it is then called Mod APK (Short form of Modified APK).

The MOD APKs are the cracked versions of actual android apps. The purpose of cracking the original APKs is to bypass a system. For example, there are so many apps that can be run only after paying a subscription fee. Or there are apps, which allow only a limited number of functions without upgrading. In cracked versions of these APKs, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy full features. This is called Illegal Android Market or Banned App Market.

After all these discussions on hazardous aspects of the android world, a question comes forth: Is there any way we come to know before installation of any APK on its trustworthy source? There is one, indeed!

Android has a built-in function of letting you know that the app you are going to install doesn’t come from a trusted source. In that case, you have to choose if you take the risk of installing the app by sideloading the app. In sideloading, you are allowing android to install an app from the source that android doesn’t trust.

To sideload an app, you need to go through few simple steps only, as described below:

  • Go to settings
  • Navigate to ‘Apps & Notifications’


  • Expand the ‘Advanced’ menu
  • Select ‘Special App Access’


  • Tap ‘Install Unknown Apps’ (maybe found as a bottom-most option)


This is a universal method to install apps from a source other than Google Play Store.

Another way to do it by allowing selected apps to install APKs from unknown sources. To do this, simply go to the app in the same settings and tap ‘Allow from this source.’ This will enable downloading and installing apps from the apps you have opened up this option for.


Finally, if you understand that you are being spied, simply trace out that most suspicious app. Immediately uninstall it and block all the permissions. If you know your privacy, information, or data is being compromised, simply go to ‘Factory Reset’ and execute it. This is the only recourse when no other way is clear. And you are not aware of the app which might be threatening to you.


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