Sequence for Kids Instruction and Amazing Ways to Teach Them Design Apps in 2020

Workshop Sequence for Kids Instruction to

Teach Them Design Apps


How Can Technology Affect The Sequence for Kids Instruction, In A Better Way?

How Can Technology Affect The Kids In A Better Way

Sequence for Kids Instruction has enormous imaginations and dreams unlike from past, where they were only having a collection of art, including color markers and crayons to get their imaginations out. Nowadays, they have tablets, smartphones, tablets, and the latest technology to get their ideas and thoughts out in a conveyable form.

Now they have an option of drawing in 3D animation and take out the hard way of that, through a 3D printer, and who knows their design could be a factor of a million-dollar business. In the past, kids were having schools, primary books, and libraries to learn and study, but now technology has provided them a better option to consider an observe the environment.

With the advancement of technology, computers and smartphones supported kids with learning and study phase, and now augmented reality and virtual reality has evolved the learning phase of kids. They could observe it better by experiencing it and by seeing it in virtual reality. 

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Should Kids Use And Understand Technology In An Early Age?

Should Kids Use And Understand Technology In An Early Age?

Technology is going to be a part of everything in the coming years. The kid's future needs to know about technology. It will help them out in deciding and making their future bright. If they know about the different fields of technology, they can better decide what to adopt for their career.

For this purpose, the Future Legend is the best platform that lets kids work on the latest technology and choose best for their future. Here we will talk about the Future legends and its recent workshop on android design.


List of Apps Sequence for Kids Instruction:

  1. Coding is fun
  2. ScratchJr
  3. Tynker
  4. Lightbot
  5. mBlock
  6. Code Karts
  7. Kodable
  8. CodeSpark Academy
  9. Exercism
  10. Code School 
  11. Scratch
  12. PurposeGames 
  13. Treehouse 
  14. AppMakr
  15. Kodable
  16. Daisy the Dinosaur
  17. Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar
  18. Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues—Mystery Coding Game
  19. Algorithm City: Coding Game

About Future Legends:

Sequence for Kids Instruction and Amazing Ways to Teach Them Design Apps in 2020 1

The owner of Future Legends is Cassandra Melvin, the Managing Director. Future legends are an organization that provides a platform for girls to enhance their leadership skills and work on new technologies. It organizes free workshops for girls related to new technologies so that they can think about their future in technology.

They arrange seminars about different fields that include programming, design, digital photography, data visualization, and leadership empowerment. They organize these workshops for girls between ages 6-16. People from all over the world are living in Berlin.

So, to accommodate all the diverse people living in Berlin, three popular languages are used in these workshops. The three languages used are English, German, and Arabic. The best part about Future Legends is that it makes all this learning thing fun. They combine these technical works with some fun activities such as visiting the zoo to attract kids towards it.

The Vision Of Future Legends:

Future Legend came into being in 2017 with a vision of gender equality. They want to provide the same platform and opportunities for girls as there are for boys. They wanted to help young girls to make their future bright by practically working on new technologies and leadership skills.

The Mission Of Future Legends:

The main aim of learning technology is to spread awareness among girls and to make them empowered. They aim to work on their leadership qualities and enhance it. The primary purpose of this organization is to inform girls about the latest technologies as technology is the future.

It aims at indulging girls into different technology workshops so that they can understand in which way they can work in the field of technology in the future. Meanwhile, they let them work in pairs and groups to enhance their communication skills.

Workshop For Sequence for Kids Instruction To Teach Them Design App With Future Legends:

Future Legends arrange many classes related to technology. In recent times the third version of future legend” Design a mobile app” was organized. They conducted it in Berlin at Novoda. It mainly targeted girls age 7-9 years.

They invited kids that are creative and love to invent. In the workshop, they aim at teaching kids the fundamentals of designing the user interface. They conducted this workshop in different phases. In these phases, kids worked together and individually to build up an app. Let us have a look at the phase’s kids go through during the workshop:

Phase 1: Discovery Interviews

The first phase aims to make them interact with each other. In this phase, the kids paired up and asked each other different questions. In the items, they asked each other about their trip to the zoo. Following four questions were asked by kids to each other during the discussion:

Question No 1

What are the factors you like about visiting a zoo?

Question No 2

In what ways you like to travel?

Question No 3

Who will you choose to accompany you on a trip to the zoo?

Question No 4

What activities will you prefer to do at the zoo?

Through the above questions, the kids validly interacted with each other. They also get to know about each other's plans and ideas for the zoo trip.

Phase 2: Explaining The Idea For The App:

In the second phase, kids interchanged ideas with each other through a group discussion. In this phase, they are inquired about what type of app they will make that will help their fellow partners. The creative kids think of an idea which they believe can be solved using apps.

They consider their ideas in the group. For a better understanding of kids, they conduct a demonstration session before every phase. 

Phase 3: Design App:

In the third phase, after choosing the idea for the app and understanding the concept of navigation and interaction, they start working on their apps. In the same period, they also help their fellows in the following ways.

  • They buy the tickets for them.
  • They visit the zoo together.
  • They search for animals they like.
  • They inspect the length of the queue together.
  • They also rate the quality of kiosks ice cream together.

Why Kids Should Join The Future Legends Workshops:


sequence for kids instruction

The future legends had played an essential role by grooming and enhancing the capabilities and way of thinking of girls by arranging the workshops. These workshops have helped the girls in the betterment of their leadership qualities and have empowered them. The future legends workshops have provided girls with the opportunity of rising in the community and competing in terms of technology with men.

The Future Legends Workshop aims to terminate the gender technology gap and empower the girls and women to design and develop efficient and innovative ideas to maintain equality in the globe. This workshop by future legends facilitate and make them aware of the technology and tools to have the access they need and want.

This workshop also comes up with a health initiative of the use of technology to address sufficient issues like safety, violence against girls, education, health care, and political empowerment. 


Every girl deserves an excellent platform to learn and a bright future, and the future legends workshops provide them the awareness and opportunity of the technology and tools that would be efficient for their need and want. In today's world, leadership qualities are necessary, and so is technology.

Everything now a day is operating with the help of technology. So in this era, an organization like Future Legends plays a very significant role in building up the future of the girls and provides them with the opportunity to terminate the gender gap in terms of technology. They get girls aware and let them practice their interests at a very young age.

This company helps a lot in shaping the future of girls. In this workshop of mobile app design, they not only learned how to make an app but also learned how to interact and work together in a group. They work on both the leadership as well as the technical skills of the girls.

Through this workshop, all the participants got updated about the latest android news and discoveries. Similarly, all the other seminars with Future legends keep participants updated about the latest technologies.

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