Rabbit Screen Share – A Comprehensive Guide in 2020

Rabbit Screen Share


In this article, we will discuss Rabbit Screen Share. In the present world, we have so many options for entertainment, and all these start with mobile apps and end there as well. Even if it is not possible for a group of friends to get together and have a movie night, they can watch together at many watch parties. By staying at their places, all friends can enjoy the best time movies using multiple apps.

Rabbit Screen Share

Download Rabbit Screen Share

It is not just about sharing the movie screen but many others. You can also share all the business meetings, presentations, lectures, assignments, tutorials, and much more an easier now. It is just one app that lets you connect multiple devices in one loop and share the same screen.

What is the Rabbit screen share?

Rabbit screen share is an application that lets you connect many devices at once and play the same screen. No matter if you are watching something, playing the game, working on the project, sharing a presentation, or tutorial. You can have everything shared with your friends, followers, colleagues, business partners, and more. The app is one of the most exceptional options that you can pick up for screen sharing.

It is fast, quick, and safe. The Rabbit screen share lets you connect to only authorize devices that you will choose as per choice. Moreover, you can set the limit for further connections. The app supports many other entertainments, sport, news, and lifestyle apps for screen share.


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How to get Rabbit screen share

Getting the rabbit screen share is no so difficult; you just have to access the rabb.it site. You do not need to visit the app store or play store for the app version. When you will set-up the account on the website, you will get the app version of the Rabbit for the phone. By following the simple steps, you will get able to get started with the screen share:

Step1 – go to the website and sign up for the account

Step two – you can pick up the signup options from Facebook or registering your email. Make sure to enter your credentials carefully

Step three – when entering your details on site, you will get an email verification mail in your inbox. Check your inbox and access the link to confirm your identity and further set-up the account.

Step 4 – after confirming the identity, you will get a private room on Rabbit. Here you can see the Rabbitcast Launchpad with different shortcuts such as Netflix and YouTube. You will be able to smartly access these sites from the account. Moreover, you can search for the desired URL or paste it if you know what you want to watch.

Step 5 – you do have a complete control system on the screen that lets you change the screen resolution for a better experience. Moreover, you can switch to full screen to crop screen as per your requirement. Furthermore, you can attach any screen-recording app with it to records your tutorials as well.

How to screen share on Rabbit

The sharing screen on Rabbit is quite simple and easy. You have a complete control panel available; all you need is to click the right places. Here are a few steps that can help you to connect to other devices fast:

Steps 1 – On the Launchpad, you will have the option to share the screen. By click on the option, you will have to add devices with the registered ids.

Step 2 – add the ids of the other accounts, and it will search for these screens.

Step 3 – Alternatively, you can host a watch party and send invites to your friends for that. They can accept the invite, and only the invited member can be part of your watch party.

Step 4 – you are able to add up to 10 screens at one time stream so you can have a considerable group joining you for a watch session.

Step5 – take the back seat and now enjoy your content or start the meeting.

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Rabbit troubleshooting

Just like the other apps and software, Rabbit does have some of the issues with the server and connectivity. You may face some problems with working. It is not a danger; in fact, you can use the easy troubleshooting. For an ultimate screen share experience, it is necessary to know some of the underlying issues you may face with Rabbit.

Here are the solutions to significant problems you may face while using the app.

Rabbit app is not working:

You may find issues with the rabbit app on your device as it is not working or taking it too long to connect to other devices. It is such a time waste and will make you feel uneasy. There can be server issues at the back end sometimes, and sometimes you just need an update. At first, check out if there is an update pending with the app.

If there is no pending update, then you can check out the official site to find out anything about an outrage. Mostly, the official website updates the outrage alert in case there is a breakthrough. If everything is fine there as well, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

It is one of the most common and familiar ways to get your app working back again. Remember, you have the account login password, so you will not forget it. In case you forgot the password, then change it first and then uninstall the app so you can login back to the app quickly.

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Can’t play Netflix on it:

Many people use apps like Rabbit to use entertainment apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and others. It lets a group watch specific content together by saving money. You do not have to take the multi-screen membership; in fact, you can have the one screen access and use the screen share to view it on multiple screens.

If you are facing the issues with playing Netflix, then you need to know a few things:

  • You are caught
  • Rabbit needs and update
  • Netflix blocked Rabbit

All these three conditions are possible in this case. The apps like Netflix keep a closer look at the use of other apps. They make sure to avoid any fraud with the app and take action against it. There is a possibility that the platform blocked the Rabbit or identified your account as violating terms. On the other hand, you may need to update the rabbit app on the device.

To avoid such a situation, make sure to browse the content first on the device and then open the screen share feature of your device. Moreover, you can download the content offline and later play it using a screen share. It will help you to make any difference.

Rabbit chrome extension is not working:

It sometimes happens that your app and other sites are working fine, but the Chrome extension is not working. There can be different reasons involved in it. Sometimes, the chrome server is down, so it does not run the extensions. You can simply make a difference by opening the site at first and then enable the extension. It will make it possible for you to access the screen share with the website easily. It is the shortest troubleshooting that you can do.


Is it safe to screen share on Rabbit?

As far as the screen share permissions are concerned, then Rabbit lets you select the connections. You can pick up the connected devices as per your selection. It is not an open link server that connects you to all the available devices. On the other hand, there is no safety restriction with the connected device. When you are in the screen-sharing mode, you cannot restrict the views or keep the screen share to a specific app. The other devices and people can sneak into your stuff easily.

Is using Rabbit legal?

There are individual reservations people have about the legal status if Rabbit. Sharing a screen with any other individual is a personal choice, and it is not a forceful act. Therefore, it seems legitimate to share the screen with others. However, in the case of user restricted apps such as Netflix, there are restrictions on screen sharing. If a person uses the rabbit screen share for apps like Netflix, then it can be illegal.

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Can I get Rabbit extension free?

Yes, the chrome extension for the desktop version is free and accessible. You just have to sign in to chrome and get the extension. By logging in to Rabbit via extension, you will be all set to access the account. It makes your life easy and smart.

Is Rabbit free?

No, you can have the Rabbit plus subscription to access more of the content that you cannot watch in the free version. However, it seems a little too early to get started with the paid version of the app.

Is there any registration limit?

For the free version, there is no registration limit. As far as you are using the platform, you can use it. Long weeks of inactivity can lead your account to the dead, and you may have to sign up again.

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