Amazing Phone Games to Play with Friends Online in 2020

Amazing Phone Games to Play with Friends Online in 2020

Playing games is a renowned hobby today. Phone Games to Play with Friends Online keep their due place thus today as the first choice.

Gaming is itself a viral leisure time activity today. As well as, many have acquired this activity as their professional habit. Yes, this is a profession today too. A professional business that earns millions of dollars every year.

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Multiplayer Android Games

Talking neutrally on Phone Games to Play with Friends Online today: There are so many genres of games for the people of different likes and dislikes. The most popular of which are RPG and Survival Games.

Besides the traditional way of playing games with one competitor, today’s multiplayer gaming is quite different. Today, you can compete with 3, 4, and even tens of people at a time. This turns multiplayer gaming into a real-world scenario. All were owing to the courtesy of live internet support to gaming.

People from around the world join together on a game, compete with each other. Many games support gaming in a way that many people connect like a team. Rather than competing with each other, they compete with a group, likewise. A quite fun indeed!

An In-depth View Of Phone Games to Play with Friends Online

Despite team gaming, the value of 2, 3, or 4 players gaming is not yet obsolete. There are still many advanced 2 player games which are liked by millions. Played by millions! Admired by millions! Some famous 2 player android games (in Phone Games to Play with Friends Online category) today are:

And many others.

Fireboy and Watergirl

This traditional cover of few best 2 player games does not lower the importance of 3 player games.

Three player games are essential in that they are more complex. They require more involvement and offer more responses; more moves. Three player games are not much available in a specific 3 number of players. Instead most of the games are multiplayer, which 3 players can also play.

Here are few famous games today with 3 players support:

And so on.

And here we come an extra mile – 4 player games. 4 player games, like 3 player games, are mostly ones belonging to Phone Games to Play with Friends Online. There are also a few specific to 4 players as well.

We are linking below a few 4 player games:

And many others.


These games are fantastic. Whether 2 player games, 3 player games, or 4 player games, each genre has its capacity of entertainment. And the engagement levels is another wow. Yet there lacks something. The friendly gaming that unifies a friendship tie.

To play games with friends, one needs more than just connectivity. There are many Phone Games to Play with Friends Online available that unify the friends on an ordinary deck. The games are characterized by the need for the involvement of players to move on.

Here are a few games which are recognized as friends-friendly:

And so many others.

Battle Tech

To play with friends, these games are real fantasy. But gaming is something pretty more than just a social activity. It is something that combines the individuality with an engaging event. If your friends are not there, then you should stay away from the games! But wait!! There are still ready-made friends as players on numerous other platforms. A name that sounds PVP!

In today’s world, you don’t need to have two game controllers to play against another human. No surprises that are playing against the computer is fun. But, pre-defined moves sometimes suck. And the repetition of steps by a computer under certain situations pre-dominate a human player on him too soon. This eliminates the curiosity of gaming. The solution is PVP!

In PVP gaming, you enjoy playing against a real human player. A player who can join from anywhere around the world. You just need an internet connection. And an intention to play. There are many Phone Games to Play with Friends Online available with PVP support.

Few of those, renowned, are:

And there are many with no end of the list.

These games are, no doubt, the best time consumers today. And in the best way of gaming. But, for the people who seek enjoyment in the bigger deck of socialism, there is much more. The term MMORPG is for such people. These games require each player to play a role in a vast arena.

Several players join together to make the team or compete against each other. This is the most significant action arena in today’s gaming world. It is unifying the players from the world as a whole. To play, To compete, To win And to lose.

Few best mobile MMORPG games are:

And there are many. To wonder you. If you search them out on Play Store.

MU Origin 2

Another engaging game category is RPG. These games may be multiplayer. Or be based on exclusive gameplay. RPG stands for ‘Role-Playing Game. ‘ As the name suggests, these games require the player to play a role in the plot of the game.

We are enlisting few best android RPG games:

And many others.


These games are best at their role-playing offerings. They are adventurous, action-filled, thrilled, graphically decorated, and best at their smooth running. Most of these games are based on the storyline. And the player has to pass through the stages defined in the story. As a character of the story. Fun indeed!!

As a sub-domain of RPG, here comes the Multiplayer Survival Games. Unlike playing a role to achieve something, these games are based differently. They demand to survive in a particular situation. Once the character survives, he moves on to the next stage.

This is another attention-moving genre of gaming today. Just simulate the character and pass on. We are going to enlist few best multiplayer survival games here:

And many many more multiplayer survival games await you.

Concluding this full of gaming article, I would talk a few lines on the best android strategy games of 2020. Unlike the games described above, this genre is different in basics. In all games suggested above, the player plays on a set strategy. In strategy games, the player has to place its characters to strategize the situation.

Looks terrific, huh! It is in your hands where you place your characters. And how to compete in a set platform of competition.

Try these games to capitalize on what I told above fully:

And endless more.

Phone Games to Play with Friends Online

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