Oneplus 8 Pro VS Oneplus 8 – The Fastest Phones of 2020

Oneplus 8 Pro VS Oneplus 8

OnePlus was founded in 2013 in China. It is the subsidiary of OPPO electronics, and it went through many tragedies during the first four years. The theme of Smash The Past did not pay off as expected in 2014. Later in 2014, they introduced The Invite System for providing mobile phones only through invites, which makes it complicated, and it became miserable for the company.

The OnePlus was launched in 2014, and it had issues with the screen that it gets yellow. The company reputation fell as the company claimed that it was not the quality and did not cover it in warranty.

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Oneplus 8 Pro VS Oneplus 8

The lady's first campaign and Cyanogen Woes made 2014 even more miserable. OnePlus launched its second mobile OnePlus 2 along with Invite System, and it went the same as the previous year. The company went out to make accessories, and the cables introduced by the company, i.e., C type and Micro-USB adapters, were declared as non-compliance by Google.


The misery for the company lasts long till 2018, which includes many mistakes. The company learned from the mistakes of the first 4 years and then started acting like the mature one. The most recommendable work was the introduction of Oxygen OS, which change the reputation of the company.

The company is now renowned amongst the best android making mobile phone companies. OnePlus now is the name of quality, and it provides a great experience of mobile usage, which has no comparison to other android mobiles.

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OnePlus 8 Pro VS OnePlus 8

OnePlus has announced the release of its latest model Oneplus 8 Pro VS Oneplus 8. The company has claimed high power performance at a reasonable price. These are called the model for 2020 and with the theme of “Never Settle.”

The company rate both phones at their top brand than the question arise here is, “what is the difference between the two?”. We will provide you with a comparison between OnePlus 8 and OnPlus 8 Pro.


General Specs

The ram and storage for both mobiles are the same that is 8 GB and 128 GB, respectively. OnPlus Pro has a better back camera combination with 48+48+8+5 Megapixels, and OnePlus 8 has a mix of 48+16+2 Megapixels. The front cam, however, is 16 MP for both models. OnePlus has empowered both its phone with processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.


Another difference in OnePlus 8 VS OnePlus 8 Pro is off battery as Pro has a 4510 mAh battery, and OnePlus 8 has got 4300 mAh battery. The OnePlus 8 Pro has an extra sensor RGBW. The RGBW means red, green, blue, and white, which provides more brightness and less noise than the current RGB sensor. 

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Both cellphones have android 10 and Oxygen OS. The phones come with dual sim and 4G supported. OnePlus 8 pro is a little heavier than 8 that is only 19 grams, but it's due to its size, which is more significant than 8. The aspect ratio of OnePlus 8 Pro is 19.8:9, while OnePlus 8 has 20:9.


The pixel density of OnePlus 8 is 402 PPI, while Pro has 513 PPI, which means a more efficient display. The screen size of OnePlus 8 VS OnePlus 8 pro is 6.55 inches and 6.78 inches, respectively. In the autofocus category, OnePlus 8 Pro has got an advantage with laser autofocus.

Apart from these small differences, there is no more significant difference between the two. These two models will have a 120 Hz display along with 5G.

OnePlus has created these a lot of confusion in the mind of their user b launching these two models simultaneously. The expected price difference between the two models will be $100 to $200, and with such small differences, it will be challenging to choose one.

We suggest that you should choose according to your budget, and if budget is no problem, then go for OnePlus 8 Pro as these small differences gathered to make all new different experiences. We recommend that you should buy OnePlus 8 Pro and take your knowledge of android to a high level, which you have not seen yet.



Oxygen OS 10 features

Oxygen Os is the system of OnePlus, which works in alignment with android and does enhance the value of android. Oxygen Os helps cover the deficiencies in android and make the user experience even better. It helps in faster boasts updates, along with customization options for its users. The main features of Oxygen OS are as follows:




The shelf is the most beautiful feature of Oxygen OS 10 as it provides you with many features and with customization. You can swipe on the right side of your home screen to access it. The shelf offers you a list of recently open programs, widgets, contacts, notes, and many other options. You can add live widgets to the shelf to get easy access to these.


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Fingerprint Gesture 

Oxygen OS 10 has got the extremely fantastic feature of launching apps using your fingerprint. You can now open your frequently used application without unlocking mobile. You can add and remove applications in this feature according to your requirements. This feature is easily accessible in utility option in settings.


Integrated Google Lens

This is another excellent addition by OnePlus in Oxygen OS 10, and it works great for those who like to google things for information. This feature can be enabled in a device camera, and with one click, this feature will analyze the object to provide detailed information.



This feature is not as unique as those mentioned above, but it's a quick way of sharing files between the OnePlus devices. The good thing is that you can share the data with other android devices as well, without any hassle.



RAM Booster 

We all need a smartphone with a quick launching of apps, and that is why every company is focusing on increasing the Ram of their devices. OnePlus, on the other hand, added the feature of Ram booster in Oxygen OS 10, which works smartly on a routine basis.

Ram booster recognizes the apps which you use frequently and therefore keeps those apps in Ram so that launching can be made quickly.


Fnatic mode

OnePlus offers an exciting feature in Oxygen OS 10 named as Fnatic mode for gamers. Fnatic mode turns off the notifications and improvises the network for enhancing the game experience. You can enable it from utilities in settings.


Hidden Space

We all have some applications which we do not want to be seen on our mobile and, at the same, do not want to uninstall. Oxygen OS 10 provides you with hidden space where you can store all apps which you do not want to be seen. You can set up a password to avoid access from anyone else.


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OnePlus 120 Hz

OnePlus announced it earlier than their major upcoming phones will have 120 Hz display, and they have kept their words by adding it in OnePlus 8 VS OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus 120 Hz means that the screen will refresh twice quicker than the earlier model, and the user will have a display without breaking, especially during playing games.


Release Date 


Oneplus 8 release date

Oneplus 8 expected to be released in June 2020. These beautiful mobile series have a change that they are introducing 5G, which makes it a little expensive, but those who are waiting to buy it will rush to purchase it.



How much is OnePlus 8?

The advantages like 5G, 120 Hz display, and Oxygen OS 10 everyone has one question in mind “how much is OnePlus 8?”. The company has not announced the price of this beautiful device, but the speculated price of this mobile will start from $699. The price for OnePlus 8 Pro is also in discussion and is expected to be started from $799.


When will OnePlus 8 Pro be released?

OnePlus 8 Pro has gained a lot of popularity before launching, and everyone is waiting anxiously for this smartphone to be launched. The rumors are that OnePlus will release OnePlus 8 Pro in June 2020.


When is OnePlus 8 Pro launching?

OnePlus officially launched its OnePlus 8 pro on 14th April and confirms that this mobile will be equipped with 5G. OnePlus 8 Pro will be released for sale in mid of 2020 expectedly.


When is OnePlus 8 launching date?

This mobile launched on 14th April officially, and it has all the features as were promised by OnePlus. The smartphone will start the new era of technology with 5G.

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