NOVA Launcher Themes – Best Screen Customization in 2020



Nova Launcher Themes are one of the most adorable ways to customize your android device. Today, when talking about the customization of android phones, Nova Launcher Themes stands above all other options. The reason is its vast library of customization options, including wallpapers and icon packs.

The customizability of Android devices is the main reason leading people to compromise Apple devices. In Android phones, you can customize every part of the operating system. The result is the look as per your will and ease.


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When it comes to customization, the launcher themes play a crucial role in letting you do it. Themes are specific apps or files packs that may contain wallpapers, icons, widgets, animations, and so many other aspects likewise. This customizability not only makes Android fun, but it also lets you create your device unique just as it is designed exclusively for you.

And Nova Launcher Themes come on top, in this debate. Here are few most downloaded and demanded Nova Launcher Themes of all times:



This theme comes with 4148 icons and over 200 HD wallpapers. It is overall dark, with icons formalized way differently. It offers you the option of downloading wallpapers and icon packs of your choice.

It is available free on the Google Play Store.

Download Viral



This theme offers over 800 icons designed in line work. They are unique, stylized, and designed to make your phone super stylish.


This theme has crossed a million downloads on Google Play Store. And is rated is most demanded Nova Launcher Themes to the date.

After 2018, this theme is available in APK formats on the sources other than the Google Play Store because its developers have removed it from there.

Download Polycon



Like Polycon, this theme has also crossed a one million downloads benchmark.


It offers over 2000 icons in two capacities:

  • High contrast
  • Low contrast

Besides being on the list of Nova Launcher Themes, Delta is supported in over 15 other launchers. This makes it a choice for a more extended list of audiences.

Download Delta




If you are an avid Samsung user, you will love UX S9 too. This theme comes with Samsung Icons and is a perfect choice to give your phone Samsung’s look. No matter which brand you use, with this theme, you will turn your phone into Samsung.

Download UX S9


As the name suggests, this theme is a representation of the most auspicious event of the day, the Dawn. In this theme, you will find the colors with moonlight tone and the Dawn.


This theme comes with over 1000 icon packs and with more than 70 wallpapers.

Download Moonrise


Revolution Icon Pack

Are you a circle shape addict? If you are, then the Revolution Icon Pack must have hovered over your brain as a choice. This theme comes with over 1.5Ks HD icons in HD quality. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t provide any cloud downloading option of wallpapers.

But, the good news is, there are no ads in this theme.

Download Revolution Icon Pack




This is one of the latest Nova Launcher Themes. It joined the fleet of launcher themes just a few months ago. Its library of icons and wallpapers is, thus, a bit small. But, to balance the less quantity, the quality of over 700 icon packs is there.

It offers black icons with an outside stroke and gray base color.

Download Minma



PixBit is a modern representation of pixelated video games in the 80s and 90s. If you ever loved those games, you will surely love this theme.


This theme offers 8-bit icons, totally pixelated. This theme features more than a dozen wallpapers with pixel art. And over 2000 icon packs.

Download PixBit



CandyCons features the icons and wallpapers with even little details and textures. This is the feature that makes this theme pretty different from others.


This theme offers over 20 wallpapers in HD quality. These wallpapers do not pixelate even on high-resolution devices.

This theme is available free on the Google Play Store. Its advance version, namely CandyCons Unwrapped, is, however, available for $1.49. It features more icon packs to select from.

Download CandyCons



This theme is a true picturization of paper art. All the icons and wallpapers are designed, just like they have been crafted from paper.


This theme offers over 5000 icons—all in high definition quality. A lot of HD wallpapers are also available with this theme.

Download Paper


Pix UI 2

Like PixBit, Pix UI 2 features icons and wallpapers with the pixel-based look.

Pix UI 2

This theme features around 7000 icons. All come in resolution of 192px x 192px. The icon packs also accompany the HD wallpapers library, where you can find a massive number of wallpapers in super HD quality.

Download Pix UI 2


These were few most demanded and ever-adorable Nova Launcher Themes. These are loved and used over and over. With download history in millions, these themes are enough to let you feel how you want. Only by allowing you to customize your device on the go.

Besides Nova Launcher Themes, we would address here a few other launcher themes, which are widely downloaded, used, and admired by many.

Apex Launcher Themes


Apex launcher themes have been another mind-changing experience for android users. Apex launcher offers a lot many themes to its users. And needless to say, this is another one of the best screen-changing instruments of the time.

In Apex launcher themes, there are many customizable options for wallpapers, icons, animations, and widgets. You can choose from a wide array of unique looking options in Apex Launcher Themes.

Another unique feature of Apex Launcher Themes is the dock over apps. It’s a floating tray with placed options or apps. The dock is floating over apps.

Here are the links of a few Apex Launcher Themes:

And many others.

Anime Go Launcher Themes

Anime Girl 11

Naruto 14

Death Note 670

Avatar 2016

Kakashi Hatake 01

And many others.


iOS Theme For Android

iOS Theme For Android

if you have been using the iPhone and do not feel comfortable with Android looks, you can choose to set the iOS theme on your android phone. This will give your android phone the same look you have been experiencing on the iPhone.

Download iOS Theme For Android

Marvel Themes For Android

Marvel themes are based on the setup created by Marvel in its sci-fi movies and cartoon characters.

Here are few most renowned Marvel Themes today:


Jarvis Arc Theme

Jarvis Arc

As the name suggests, you will experience your favorite Marvel character, the Iron Man in this theme. This theme contains several wallpapers and icon packs. You can select a wide range of options to customize your phone accordingly.

You can choose from wallpapers, icons, widgets, and animations.

Download Jarvis Arc Theme

Purple Panther Theme

Purple Panther Theme

In addition to the necessary customization in the Android interface, this theme also modifies the looks of third-party apps. This is the most appealing aspect of this theme. Its color schemes are different from all other themes, which give it a unique look.

It is supported on every device running android operating system. It runs only on CM launcher. But, it is easy to install and use.

Download Purple Panther Theme

3D Thunder God Hammer Theme


This theme presents the famous superhero Thor and its hammer. It is 3D, so this makes it quite different from all the themes stated above. It offers many wallpapers, icon packs, and animations. This theme is a perfect duo of technology and mind.

Download 3D Thunder God Hammer Theme

Glass Themes For Android

There are a lot many glass themes available on the Google Play Store. These themes give your phone a transparent sort of look.

Few popular glass themes are here:

And many more.

3D Themes For Android Mobile Free Download

The three-dimensional view of the elements is attractive. It gives your device a realistic and interactive look.

Few 3D themes are below:

And many more.

Google Christmas Themes

Christmas themes feature Santa Claus and the surrounding, just like at Christmas.

Few Google Christmas Themes are here as under:

And many more.


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