Noroot Firewall Apps for Android – The Best Security 24/7

Noroot Firewall Apps for Android


In this article, we will discuss Noroot Firewall Apps for Android for the safety of your device. It serves as a security filter between your equipment and the data you are surfing. So, all your communication through the firewall enabled android device peeks through the android firewall. Here, it is filtered to ensure you do not get any threat to your device.

Besides Noroot Firewall Apps for Android, such software and applications are available for every device which is used for communication today. Whether it is a personal computer, iPhone, Mac PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other device, through Android Firewall, you can control which app accesses the internet and which does not.


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Extending the above statements, we can say, having Android Firewall in the device is just more than blocking or unblocking. Here are few of those uses which Android Firewall serves:

  • It saves internet data by disabling apps running in the background
  • It blocks in-app ads and pop-ups
  • It restricts apps from updating automatically
  • It allows the apps to evade online validity checking for licenses


How To Install An Android Firewall

There is indeed a manual control in Android devices to block apps using the internet (we will explain the manual method later in this article). However, as just stated above, if you want to go beyond just blocking and unblocking, you need a specified app for this purpose.

In the installation of Noroot Firewall Apps for Android, there are two aspects. Either you may install with root access or without root access. We are explaining both here separately.


Installing An Android Firewall With Root Access

The excellent news with installing a Noroot Firewall Apps for Android with root access is that it is compatible with doing with any device and any android version. You simply need to go to play store, select your desired app, and tap install to begin. A list of many renowned apps and their download links are available at the end of this article.

Once the app is installed, it is straightforward to operate and control the functions. In most of the apps, you will get only one page. This page enlists the installed apps with an option of blocking or unblocking right in front.

Once you block an app, it cannot connect the internet. This single option prevents the app from using the internet through Data or WiFi. The internet is blocked for the selected app, whether it is running or it goes through background attempt.

To enable the app again for using the internet, simply go to the same list and select unblock action right there.


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Installing a Noroot Firewall Apps for Android

There is even the case that root access is not allowed to certain apps or in specific devices or specific android versions. The use of a VPN here activates the firewall, no matter with not having the root access permission. Usually, the apps with no root access come with an in-built VPN system.

Running Noroot Firewall Apps for Android with root permissions seems handy, but it doubles the internet consumption. All the connections you try to make, go to the app. The app checks approve, and finally regenerates the links from the app. Thus, internet consumption doubles as compared with routine connections.

If we talk about the functionality of the app, there is no doubt that it works. Its feature is similar to those apps which are installed with root access. You get a list of installed apps on a page.

There you have the option to select either block or unblock option. Block option restricts the app from using the internet. The unblock option turns internet access ON for the particular app.

Here is a link to the most renowned NoRoot Firewall App. It is an android firewall app that doesn’t get root access.

Download NoRoot Firewall App


android firewall


NoRoot Firewall App Review:

From the data of reviews on Google Play Store, we find that the app carries a vast number of satisfied users. Many were claiming few glitches in the app, but overall, the general idea turns into positive feedback on it.

There is a massive following of users discussing the uses and functions of this app. Just like its functionality to allow or disallow internet traffic without root. Further, it uses a local VPN to give a pathway to network flow. Asks permission for startup and network access.

And many users have claimed that, even if you do not allow this app to use the internet, it still functions well without any glitch. That’s funny!

The app isn’t open-source, and it hasn’t been audited for security flaws for months. It was once reviewed by a German blog for half an hour using Wire Shark and Network Analysis. The result was satisfactory as no unusual traffic or manipulations were observed during this test.


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Many other apps function as a firewall with and without root permissions. Here we are giving away a list of such apps with their download links:


Also, here are a couple of tips & tricks for our readers:


How To Block An App From Accessing The Internet In Android

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Wireless & Networks

android firewalls

  • Go deeper into Android Settings For Networks And WiFi
  • Tap on Data Usage

android firewalls

  • Tap on Network Access to get to the list of all the installed apps

Noroot Firewall Apps for Android - The Best Security 24/7 1

  • Very next to any app, you see a box to check or uncheck to allow or disallow internet access, respectively.

Network access

  • You can even block internet access for system apps. But, system apps are restricted from using mobile data only. They can still access the WiFi.

network access

  • You are done with blocking.

overview techloner

  • To unblock internet access for any app, go through to same steps, but this time, check the box to allow internet access.


How To Disable School Firewall

There are many ways to disable the school firewall to access your desired website. It may be harmful to you. As it may lead to the stealing of your personal information or get you a virus. Yet it is handy for many to know how they may disable the school firewall.

We are explaining a few of these ways under separate heads as follows:

By The Use Of VPN Encryption To Your Data Traffic

VPNs encrypt the data you surf. This hides the blacklisted tags on the websites. Thus, banned & restricted websites are allowed to you by VPN.

Noroot Firewall Apps for Android


By The Use Of A Proxy Site

By the use of a proxy site, you are not visiting the actual website. Instead, you are visiting the proxy website and asking it to visit your desired website. The firewall restrictions apply only to you and not on the proxy website. Thus, you can visit the restricted sites this way.

Noroot Firewall Apps for Android


Use IP Address Of The Website Instead Of URL

In many firewalls, the restrictions are applied to the URLs. As firewalls are not converting the URLs into IP addresses. But if you put in the IP address instead, there are chances that the firewall doesn’t know it already.

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