Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App – Extreme & Best 2020 Overview

Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App


Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App is an application to control the monitoring cameras in your premises. This app shows you the view of your premises and allows you various functions. But an app all alone is nothing. Its full functionality comes when it is connected with monitoring cameras at your premises and is centralized with a cloud-based security system.


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‘Cloud' is a term coined for centralized storage in today's advanced infrastructure of information technology. Unlike old school, when you used physical hard drives to store your data and save its back up in another hard drive, cloud storage gives you an option to store data to a centralized location and access it from anywhere in the world.

Today, there is no place where cloud data is not used. At the beginning of its invention, it was used to store important files, manage various software or apps through centralized control. But now it is used for multiple purposes, one of which is cloud control of premises monitoring cameras through a Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App. Which ultimately means, for security.


A cloud-based home security system, controlled through a Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App, is a cumulative package of various features. These features include wireless cameras, motion sensors, smart locks of different equipment, including door locks. All these features are accessible through a Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App. Y

ou can control equipment to turn them off or on, to capture the movements inside your premises, to watch over the security of your premises, and so on.

Advancing this control, there are many third-party security service providers. You can take them on contract. They will watch over your premises for you and will provide security to your assets.

This is a much-advanced age to control your premises remotely. The way you do, it sounds quite impressive. Yet, there are few positive as well as negative sides associated with it. We will enlist them separately below:

Positive Sides

  • The smart home appliances, equipment, and devices are easily integrable to this system.
  • Management of premises remotely is way easy.
  • You can view footages in real-time.
  • Data storage is the cloud, so it is accessible any time from anywhere.
  • Software programs are updated time by time to keep you with the pace of the world.
  • No additional licenses or bureaucratic work required for this.

Negative Sides

  • The advanced functions and many systems are paid. Which means you have to spend money to get this service with its full benefits.
  • Subscription is limited. So, it is not a single time investment.
  • Internet jerks may be faced because of permanent connectivity.
  • Privacy may be an issue because the data is stored at cloud servers.


Despite all these points of negative sides, the effectiveness of cloud controlling of security devices, using a Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App, cannot be denied. With these functions and apps, your children, pets, assets, and everything is safe. With motion detection devices, the chances of theft also reduce.

Here, we are giving an overview of a few pieces of notable Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App:

List of Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App.

Eye Cloud App

Cloud IP Camera App

This is an app for the IP cameras designed to run on a plug ‘n play basis. That means you don't need to install an IP camera to the app. No other in-depth settings to worry about.

Download Here

Home Security App

Cloud IP Camera App

It is an app that converts your smartphone into a security camera. After installing this app, you simply need to turn it on and leave. It uses your mobile's camera to detect movement. And, as there's any movement, it shouts like a siren, takes photos and sends you a notification.

Download Here

Floureon Security Camera App

Cloud IP Camera App

This app supports CCTV cameras, XVr, DVR, Floureon NVR, and Floureon IP cameras. It can be used to remotely control IP cameras, NVR equipment, and any other security devices you would like to control. It is available for both Android and iPhones.

Download Here

Going a little in-depth about this system, we find it essential to explain how this system works, how it stores videos online. And how it enables the remote control of security devices. The answer is FTP.

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that is used to transfer files between computers. Through the regular use of this protocol, you can transfer data to a server on a network, just like uploading a website.

Since this protocol uses a direct login to the server and is not much user-friendly, it is getting extinct day by day. The modern model of file transferring is through browsers and offline apps. They are much user-friendly.

Since FTP backups are not easily searchable, they tend to be more secure than any modern form. Using FTP protocol may be difficult generally, but it is yet handy to those who use it as daily chores.

Here, we are enlisting five top FTP back up service providers with their website links:

Live Drive

Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App





Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App




Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App



Defend Hosting

Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App

Defend Hosting


Drive HQ

Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App

Drive HQ

Foscam cloud services

It is another best Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App. Besides the services stated above, Foscam cloud service is another exceptional service that comes with a paid subscription. It is widely used with all functionalities of FTP backups.

Its subscriptions are available as annual and monthly plans:

Annual Plans:

$49.99             7-day video history for one year

$129.99           30-day video history for one year

Monthly Plans:

$4.99                7-day video history for one

$12.99             30-day video history for one month

DVR Cloud Backup

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is a device that records and stores the footages in local hard drives.

Using such devices is secure, but keeping data offline may not be that secure. The data can be stolen or destroyed by an intruder. If you want to keep data safe, it is necessary to save DVR footages to a cloud server. This way, the data will be secure. Additionally, you will get the option of accessing your data from anywhere around the globe.

If you want to keep DVR data secure to a cloud location, the process is quite simple. There may be three possibilities to do it:

  • Use FTP or SMTP if DVR supports these protocols. To do this, simply configure CameraFTP, and DVR recordings will upload automatically.


  • If DVR is provided with an IP camera and it supports FTP or SMTP protocols, simply configure the IP camera to do it.


  • The third possibility is the support of the RTSP protocol. For this purpose, CameraFTP VSS software can be connected to DVR. Then CameraFTP VSS uploads the recordings automatically.

iPad as a Security Camera

If you are using an iPad or if you have an iPad with no purpose of use, then no need to spend money on security cameras. You can turn your iPad into a security camera.

To make this happen, you will need an app for this purpose. There are many apps available. But here, we will explain a few apps which are widely used:



Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App

If you are planning to use your iPad with one camera, you can use this app for free. To use this app with multiple cameras, you will require its paid subscription. The paid subscription also adds the option of cloud storage of videos.

Download Here

Presence: Video Security

Mini Wireless Security Camera with Smartphone App

In addition to video capturing, this app supports motion detection, video calls, and compatible connectivity with smart home appliances. It can work with any sensor-enabled device. Also, it sends notifications as video alerts to selected devices. It also offers an automatic camera for Twitter.

Download Here

Alfred Camera

Cloud IP Camera App

Besides essential functions like other apps, Alfred Camera comes with an auto-adjustment of video quality. This is useful for varying connection speeds. Further, it uses P2P connections for a fast connection, allows you to remotely switch between selfie and back camera, and take snapshots.

Download Here

Security Software For PC

Talking of PC, like Android and Mac devices, there is much software that functions as great observers of your premises. We are giving download link of three most demanded software today:


IP Camera Viewer        |          Download Here

I Spy Connect              |          Download Here

Safire CCTV                 |          Download Here


All these security camera software offer standard functions:

  • You can connect your smart devices with this software to control their behavior
  • You can connect security cameras at your premises to this software to have a live view
  • You can capture images remotely
  • You can save the footages directly to a remote server through FTP
  • You can replay already saved videos
  • You can download videos or share them with anyone
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