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Jump desktop is a remote desktop application. Like other remote desktop applications, jump desktop connect you with other computers remotely. If lets you develop server farms, keep multiple computers connected all together, and stay connected with your computers no matter where you are traveling.

Jump desktop connect works on Microsoft, iOS, and Android Devices. It has all the options that a remote connection may require. And it offers every functionality you look for in a remote desktop connection application.

Jump Desktop

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Using jump desktop requires necessary preliminary actions. You simply need to install a Jump desktop connect on your Mac or any other device. Setup basic settings. And that's it!

You can even access Windows Remote Desktop or VNC through Jump Desktop connect. Just add the address of Windows Remote Desktop or VNC in it, and there you go.

It is effortless to configure Jump Desktop connect in your device. It takes only very little time to do it. The best part of Jump Desktop is, it ensures a secure connection. It encrypts the connections between computers and keeps your privacy under observation for any external intervention. The connections made automatically are encrypted automatically. This is a default function.

It supports various connection formats like NLA, SSH Tunneling, TLS/SSL encryption for RDP, and SSL/TLS encryption for VNC. Interconnect computers with simple steps. No complex operation. No waste of sweat.

There is a function, namely Live Previews. It connects multiple computers altogether at the same time as you may want. This allows you to preview and monitor all the sessions at the same time. Searching for any computer across a network is made very easy with the live search. Simply use connection details to search for a computer. Another way is using keywords to find a computer.

It is super fast, super easy, and vastly improved for productivity. Its fast operation is powered by one of the quickest RDP engines and VNC engines available today. It is optimized for various operating systems, including Windows, MacBook, and Android. If you already have RDP or VNC configured on your system, then there is no need for any third-party software. Simply use the IP address or hostname to connect your computer with others on the network, through Jump Desktop.


Besides generic operating specs, we would like to address technical specs as well for the understanding of our readers. It is backed with:

  • The support of RDP and VNC
  • The support of all international keyboards for RDP, VNC, and ARD.
  • Three different ways to pan and zoom in or zoom out the remote screen
  • SSH tunneling for RDP and VNC is built-in. No third-party intervention required.
  • The support of dictation for various languages.
  • The automatic configuration on PC or Mac. It fetches the router settings automatically. No manual settings required.

System requirements are also very common to the age. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It comes in the English language only.

Its paid version is available easily to everyone. It, however, comes with 30 days money-back trial policy.


Jump Desktop connect has everything a global traveler might need. You can not only a preview but control the sessions over the network from anywhere around the globe. That's genuinely a need filled with the fun.

Along with Jump Desktop connect, we would like to address a few more remote connection applications here in brief. These applications work in a similar capacity and are trusted worldwide.


As the name suggests, this application comes for PC. Its unique function is that you can control your computer from anywhere through a web browser. That means no software setup, no tedious settings, no complex trading. Simply open your browser and use remotepc to connect your computer across the network.

It supports connectivity to your PC from Mac, iOS, Android phone, or from another PC on the network. Its availability for multiple platforms and support to interconnect them makes it the right choice.


As explained earlier, jump clients are the easiest way to control computers through computers. This is possible even when you are not the ruling party over the network.

You simply need to install a jump client in each system and interconnect them using the IP addresses or hostnames. Bomgar jump client serves the purpose in a similar capacity. And offers you global inter-computer connections with complete control.


Are you fond of playing open-world games over the network? If you are, you must be a resident of liberty city in Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, you can play GTA V over the network through the fivem server. It is a modification for GTA V to enable you to enter a world controlled by multiple players across the globe.

FiveM lets you play GTA V with other players without interacting with Rockstar Online Services. The benefit is, you are bypassing the validation of game copy. Saving time and evading if you are running an illegal copy of the game.

When you connect with FiveM, it downloads a few files first, then enables you to play the game. The downloaded files do not modify the existing data of the game. Neither they alter the game's copy itself. Instead, these files are additional copies which are available only when you are playing online—and playing through the FiveM server.


Download fivem Server

Control MacBook using iPhone & Vice Versa

Being a little specific on iPhone and Mac, we would like to describe here your iPhone and MacBook can be interconnected. How you can control the MacBook using the iPhone and vice versa. Go through these steps to get there:

Turn on Screen Sharing

  • Open your MacBook
  • Open System Preferences
  • Click Sharing
  • Tick next Screen Sharing
  • Click Computer Settings
  • Tick VNC viewers may control screen with password
  • Click the box at side and enter password


Set up Remoter VNC

  • Download Remoter VNC from App Store on iPad or iPhone
  • Bring your device on the same network the Mac is at
  • Click the ‘+' icon at the top left. It will open the list of computers on the network.
  • Select your MacBook from the list


Provide login details

  • Usually, the app detects your intention of using VNC. If it doesn't select the Server Type and select VNC ScreenSharing.
  • Enter username and password down the screen
  • Enter administrator account name from Mac
  • Enter the VNC password that you used in the first step
  • Tap ‘Save'


Connect to your Mac

  • Tap Mac on Remote VNC's main screen
  • Click start
  • You will see remote control of Mac on the app

You are done!!!


Here is the summary of the Desktop Jump application features with specific attentions:

  • Most importantly, jump desktop connect applications are available for all operating systems. You can install them on the MacBook, Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • These applications support inter-platform support of connectivity. That is, you can get access to Windows devices from the Mac device. Or you control android devices from Windows devices. And so on.
  • The support of connectivity is global. There is no geographic restriction on connectivity.
  • Mass deployment of jump clients is possible on all operating systems.
  • You can add multiple computers to a single network. You can access and control them even.
  • Grouping of computers is possible. Comments can be added to a group of computers for better identification.
  • The remote access can be integrated for systems management platforms. This ultimately helps the organization keep the computer systems integrated to make a decentralized network.
  • The organizations can monitor the sessions through a central server. This helps them enhance productivity by identifying loopholes.
  • Files can be transferred, and meetings can be held, information can be shared. The benefits are endless.
  • Power costs can be reduced by turning computers off at the desired time.

Here are a few more Jump Desktop applications:

Jump Desktop Connect- Best Interconnectivity of Computers in 2020 1

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop App (Free: iOS & Android)

Jump Desktop Connect- Best Interconnectivity of Computers in 2020 2

Jump Desktop Connect- Best Interconnectivity of Computers in 2020 3

  • LogMeIn Pro ($349.99 per year: Android & iOS)

Jump Desktop Connect- Best Interconnectivity of Computers in 2020 4

  • VNC Viewer

Jump Desktop Connect- Best Interconnectivity of Computers in 2020 5

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