How To Save Snapchat Videos – Top 2020 Review

How To Save Snapchat Videos


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Saving Snapchat videos is fun to some. And many find it puzzling, ‘how to save Snapchat videos.'

Before proceeding on to how Snapchat videos may be saved, we will look into the background of Snapchat itself.

This app was the development of students at Stanford University. Later, Snap Inc. (Snapchat Inc. in original) owned the further development of this app.

It is a multimedia messaging app that is used across the globe and is liked by millions today.

Using this app, users can chat, share videos, and pictures. The essential purpose of this app was to give a peer-to-peer sharing platform.


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Another feature of this app is the appearance of shared content for a brief period. After this predefined period is passed, the material becomes inaccessible to the recipients.

Today, users can share content with their followers in the form of stories. These stories remain visible for 24 hours. After a complete day cycle, the stories become invisible.

Another attractive feature of this app is named as ‘Discover.' by using this feature, the ad-supported content can be created and published. It is mostly used by the brands for the advertisement of their products.

With the option of ‘my eyes only,' the user can save content with viewability only for himself. This may be called a protected vault inaccessible to anyone else.


How To Save Snapchat Videos


This was the basic introduction. Now, we will move on to a few essential hacks of Snapchat.

The very first of which answer the fundamental question of this article, ‘how to save Snapchat videos.'

Saving Snapchat video is fun, as said earlier. This allows you to view the videos even when you are offline. Or are entirely out of data bucket.

To understand more clearly, we are answering the question ‘how to save Snapchat videos' under various heads:

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Below is the list of How To Save Snapchat Videos:

How to save Snapchat videos: Save Snapchat Videos Before Upload:

Follow these steps to save videos before they are finished with uploading.

  • Go ahead & record the video.
  • Click on the down arrow you see right at the bottom of the screen.
  • The very next moment, your Snapchat video is saved.
  • Go to file manager, or video explorer and watch it!!


Unless you choose to delete, the video is saved offline and would stream without any internet connection.

How To Save Snapchat Videos


How to save Snapchat videos: Save Video from Snapchat Story:

If the video is already uploaded, it can be downloaded easily from the Snapchat Stories.

Follow these steps to go through saving a Snapchat video from the story:

  • Just move on stories archive. Preview a story you want to save video from.
  • Click the down arrow next to your story.
  • This will save the Snapchat video from the story.
  • Go to file manager, or video explorer and watch it!!


You can also save multiple videos from your story. Once you click the down arrow, it asks you to choose videos you want to save. Just select the option that suits you best. And you are done!

Snapchat Video


How to save Snapchat videos: Save Snapchat videos of others:

By default, Snapchat doesn't offer an option to save videos of others. The purpose of Snapchat videos is to provide to share memories in a shorter frame of time. Sharing of each span of time as memory. If the saving option is allowed, the purpose of Snapchat dies.

This endorses that Snapchat should not provide any download option of others' stories.

The only way to save others' stories is through a screen recorder. There are many screen recorders available for Android. These recorders record videos with audio. Almost all of them are free of charge. Here are few:

The ways we described above are few most sophisticated ways to save Snapchat Videos. And we can hope you have found all comprehensive answers to the question ‘how to save Snapchat videos.'


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Besides recording videos, you also may want to take a screenshot. Taking a screenshot without another guy knowing isn't that easy. But there are ways you can do it.


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Use Another Device

This is a fundamental way. You don't need any unique app to do it. Nor does it require any technical expertise.

You simply need to focus on the phone, which is running Snapchat. Meantime, another device would capture the screen of it.

This might not give you an excellent resolution of the image. The details of the screen might not be distinct to that enough extent. But you will still be able to have a screenshot in another device.


Airplane Mode Screenshot Through Clearing Cache

You want to take a single picture, you have come to the correct option.

Let's introduce you to the handiest method of taking a single screenshot. Follow these steps:

  • Connect with the internet using WiFi or Mobile Data.
  • Open the Snapchat app. Wait till it completes loads.
  • Let the app load all the Snaps.
  • While the app is opened, navigate away from it, so the screen loses focus on it.
  • Turn down the internet connection. You can do it by simply turning off WiFi or Mobile Data. Another most straightforward way to do it by turning on the Airplane Mode.
  • Go back to Snapchat and open the Snap you want to save Snap.
  • Take your screenshot.
  • Go back to your profile now.
  • Click on the cog. You may find it at the top right. It will open up the settings.
  • Go to Clear Cache and click Clear All.
  • You are done now!


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Use A Screen Recorder

The other way round to do it, like saving video, is by using Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder not only records videos, but it also saves screenshots at a given time. There are many screen recorders available on the Play Store. Few have been mentioned with download links above.

In an iPhone, there is a built-in screen recorder. But on an Android Phone, you will need to download a screen recorder from Play Store.


Use Google Assistant

There are many mobiles supported by Google Assistant. Many do not have yet, but there are still many who have this option.

While the Snap is running, do the following:

  • Activate Google Assistant. You can do it by keeping the home button pressed. Or simply say ‘OK Google' to activate it.
  • Say ‘Take a screenshot' or ‘What's on my screen?'
  • This will save the screenshot in your hard disk. If the video is not looped to play multiple times, you will need to be quick to do it.


Besides the options described above, there are many Snapchat Savers available. You can install them to save any Snapchat at your will.

We are linking few of those Snapchat savers here below:

And there are many others.


Snapchat Story Games

Snapchat Story Games are word games on Snapchat Stories. If you are an existing user of Snapchat, and you are enjoying using Snapchat too, you would love these games also.


How To Save Snapchat Videos


How To Save Snapchat Videos


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The fun of these games increases, especially when you have a fleet of friends on Snapchat. And your friends are following you on Snapchat.

The format of all these games is standard. You will ask a simple question to your followers. Your friends, or followers, will respond to that question. The problem may be of either kind. It may be very personal even. Where your followers meet is at their own will. They have the option to respond to your question:

  • By replying to your story
  • Posting the answers on their wall. They may tag you in their solutions, though.

The most popular way of responses has been seen in reply to stories.

We are sharing here a few most popular Snapchat Story Games questions.


The most popular type of Snapchat Story games is a closed question that allows answers to only two options as answers. You have the choice to offer options as answers. Or you may ask questions that require an explanation as Yes or No only.

Few most popular and asked questions are below:

  • Cute or Fine? (Participants has to say whether you are attractive or OKayish)
  • Date or Talk?
  • Would you take me back?
  • If I wanted you, can I have you?
  • Do you regret meeting me?
  • Do you miss me?
  • Ever hated me?
  • Ever Made you mad?
  • Ever had a crush on me?


The other type of question is a little more demanding. They may require little elaboration with answers.

  • Have you ever wanted me?
  • Want me now?
  • Ever had me?
  • Advertisements
  • Think you can pull me?
  • Wanna be friends?
  • Wanna text?
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