8 Powerful Apps on how to download music on Android

8 Powerful Apps on how to download music on Android


In this article, we will be discussing on how to download music on android. It can get difficult for people to find the music they love online and with these apps, we make it easier for you.

Listening to music is ever trending. It plays a vital role in many fields that include:

Music In Growth

Music In Growth

Music is not just for entertainment; it is also essential for growth as Plato once said that music “is a more potent instrument than any other for education.” You will find many teachers of young children who would agree with him. Recent research has found that music uses both sides of the brain, a fact that makes it valuable in all areas of development. Music affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.



Medical Importance Of Music

how to download music on Android

Overall, music does have positive effects on pain management. Music can help reduce the feelings and stress that happen because of chronic pain and postoperative pain. Listening to music can also reduce chronic pain from many painful conditions. Music can act as a distractor, music may give the patient a sense of control, music causes the body to release endorphins to fight pain, and slow music relaxes the person by slowing their breathing and heartbeat.

Music As A Source Of Entertainment

Music As A Source Of Entertainment

Listening to music is a popular activity in every age group. Everyone has owned a choice of songs they choose to listen to alone or with family or friends. Music is used in almost every function and the daily routine of every age group.

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Ways Of Listening And Downloading Music

Ways Of Listening And Downloading Music

With time only the habit of listening to music is altered. In the past, people use to listen to music on the radio or decks by buying DVDs and albums. With the improvement in technology, listening to music is made simple. Now in the present era, you can overhear to music anywhere anytime on your android phones. After so many years, the trend of listening to music has not diminished. The only thing altered is the way of listening to music. Nowadays, people listen to music online.

Listening to songs online with a weak internet ruins your mood. So why not download it before time? You must be stressed about the troubling method of downloading songs on your phone. It is no more a reason to worry now because these android apps are here to help you download music on the go. These apps will be your side when you are alone, enjoying with family or friends during music parties.

These are not just only unusual and accessible but also free. Are you eager to know about the 8 must-have android apps for downloading music? Then let us have a look at some astounding free android apps for downloading music.


List of apps on How to Download Music on Android

Gtunes Apps for Downloading Music

Gtunes Music Downloader App

The idiom old is gold suits apps for downloading music ’Gtunes Music Downloader’. Gtunes app allows you to search for music and download it using prominent domains in a very convenient way. It is very user-friendly and easily accessible. All you need to do is to write the song name you want to download in the search bar and download it. You don’t need to go on different sites to download your favorite songs. This app is a full package of listening and downloading songs on the go.

Plus Points Of Gtunes Music Downloader App:

  • It provides you with a built-in player to listen to songs.
  • It facilitates you with the option to trim the song as required.
  • It also allows you to set the songs from the app as ringtones.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • It is free of cost.

YMusic App

YMusic App

As per the reviews, YMusic is the most elegant apps for downloading music. Its UI is very official looking and user-friendly. It facilities you by allowing you to play YouTube videos as audios. The most striking characteristics are that it enables you to change YouTube videos into audio files in the background. You must download it manually because it is not available on the play store.

Plus Points Of YMusic App:

  • It gives you the option to download the file either in MP3 format or M4 format.
  • It has a vast library of songs and helps you maintain your playlist easily.
  • It is a very convenient app for downloading music.
  • You can listen to music as well as can also download videos as audio files using YMusic App.
  • Its user interface is very user-friendly.
  • It is free of cost.


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SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader App

Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader App

SuperCloud Song apps for downloading music has one of the best music collection libraries. Although it is not available on the Google play store but does not make it less wanted. You can find all kinds of music here that includes pop and techno sets etc. To download it in your android device, you need to enable unknown sources. You can easily download it manually.

Plus Points Of SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader App:

  • It is a very user-friendly app.
  • It has the best music library.
  • You can access this app without paying a penny.

Songily App

Songily App

There are two versions of SONGily, a free version, and a paid version. The free version of SONGily is very convenient. It is ad-supported. It has a good collection of old and new songs. It also contains a variety of songs that are not available on other music downloading sites. You can download this app through the Google store. If it is not available there download it manually because it is worth it.

Plus Points Of SONGily App:

  • It gives you the option to listen as well as download your preferred music on the go.
  • It allows you to download any video you like.
  • It contains both old and new, popular and unpopular songs.
  • You can use this app free of cost.

Tube Mate App

Tube Mate App

Tube Mate is not purely an app for downloading music. It has many other features, including the characteristic to allow download audios into different formats. It gives you the option to download YouTube videos as audio files. It is not available on Google for downloading, but you can download it manually.

Plus Points Of Tube Mate App:

  • It is one of the best apps for downloading music.
  • It enables you to download video files into different audio formats.
  • You can listen as well as download music using Tube Mate.
  • The app is accessible without any charges.

4Shared App

4Shared App

At the start, 4Shared was famous only for Pc use, but later on, it got famous for the android phone. 4Shared App is not a music sharing app. It allows you to share different files online. Although the features of finding music and downloading it are very convenient. It can be easily downloaded from the Google store.

Plus Points Of 4Shared App:

  • It provides you a separate option for finding music.
  • It also allows updates of different types of files.
  • Its user interface is very user-friendly.
  • 4Shared App is free of cost.

KeepVid App

KeepVid App

KeepVid app can be used as an alternative to the Tube mate App. As compared to Tube mate, KeepVid UI is much convenient. KeepVid does not allow downloading audio in MP4 format, but Tube Mate App does. It will enable the user to download music from different sources. It has an excellent variety of songs available.

Plus Points Of KeepVid App:

  • It is a very user-friendly app.
  • It let you download music from different sources.
  • It is the best free app for downloading music.

Audio Mack App

how to download music on android

Audio Mack is one of the must-have Android apps if you are a Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Reggae arenas fan. You can find some fantastic sound quality stuff on Audio Mack App.

Plus Points Of Audio Mack App:

  • It is a very user-friendly app.
  • It provides you with a wide variety of songs.
  • You can access the app free of cost.


Listening to music online is fascinating, but having them on your phone is a plus. There are so many free apps obtainable on the Google store for Android users to download music. All the available apps for downloading music are not worth your time. Before downloading, you need to identify which app is best to go with.

You should know the pro and cons of every app. There are so many apps that are very useful and convenient. You can easily judge which app is best for you by knowing about its features.

People think that only paid apps are excellent and worth it. However, this concept is wrong. There are many free apps out there for android phones that are a must-try. Readout this article about must have android apps for downloading music to enjoy your time.

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