Gacha Games – Best Digital Being of Capsule Machines – 2020



The history of Gacha Games is linked to Capsule Machines. These machines originated in Japan. These machines held the objects which cannot be gained by a control mechanism. These machines were considered as toys for people of any age. These machines were so appealing and attractive that both the adults and children were forced to go towards them.

Gacha games

The term Gacha, a Japanese word, comes from these machines. This word was used for these machines in Japan. Although the whole world has moved to the digital flow of interests, these machines still exist in Japan. Not only they live, but they are used and enjoyed on a full scale.


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The Gacha Games, inspired by Japanese toy machines, initiated actually in 2012. This genre of games grew and attained a desirable level of popularity in no time. The credit for the popularity of these games goes to Japanese game developers. They developed beautiful and engaging games and reached western markets, including the US, in a minimal period.

Gacha Games, also coined as Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPGs), characterize the digitally created characters. You are the controller of these characters. The inclusion of earning through these games added more attraction to gamers. It becomes more fun when you are paid for what you like to do. So, instead of spending money on playing games, you are earning money for playing games.

The very first Gacha mobile game was Puzzle & Dragons. It was a match-three game with a revenue of more than a billion dollars to the date. This game features Final Fantasy characters.

Besides games, it is essential to elucidate that there is a platform where Gacha Games are most discussed. It is called Reddit (

Reddit is based in the United States Of America, and it offers:

  • Web content rating
  • Games discussion
  • Social new aggregation
  • Posts of texts, images, and links

To use this discussion platform, first of all, you need to register your account. Then, you can move on to pots or download posts.

Here are few most discussed topics on Gacha Games at Reddit:

Bleach: Brave Souls (Gacha Games)

It’s free and one of the best Gacha Games. It was published by KLab Games and offered released on Android and iOS platforms. So for now, it has been downloaded over 40 million times worldwide by mid-2019.

One Piece Treasure Cruise (Gacha Games)

Like the above one, it also belongs to the category of free Gacha Games. It is available on both Android and iOS. It has exceeded the benchmark of 100 million downloads by the end of 2019. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs)

It is another most discussed topic on Reddit related to Gacha games. MMORPGs category also represents the role-playing video games category. And the words ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Games’ means a lot many numbers of players can connect and play these games online. The scene setup of these games is in an open virtual world.


When we come to Gacha Games playing, the name RPG animes stands above all. This is the most popular genre of games today. These games are role-playing ones just like others, with two basic types:

  • In type 1, the player is controlling the character
  • In type 2, the figure is stuck inside a world, from where you are playing just like an idle game

The anime games are developed to let you play a role inside a setup. They may or may not be like familiar RPG games. In such games, you are controlling a character that levels up, advances to new scenes, purchases, sell, etc.

Here, we are giving a list of a few most famous anime games from ancient ones, starting from the 90s to the latest ones of the current age.

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Gacha games

Besides, there are games featuring dragons as a character, whether hero or villain.


No matter how popular this genre of games is today. But, indeed, there are games of this genre that overshadow all other sports.

We are describing a few of such games here:

Final Fantasy – Brave Frontier

It’s an RPG game and available free. You can enjoy this game on Android and iOS devices. This game was developed by A-Lim. The same developer who developed Square Enix and Brave Frontier.

It is a part of a series of games under the title’ Final Fantasy’.

Download: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Other games like Brave Frontier are:


Summoners War

It is a mobile turn-based game. It is a strategy game with massively multiplayer online support.

This game was developed by Com2uS – a South Korean game developer. And it was released on Jun 12, 2014, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

By the end of 2019, this game has exceeded the download history of 150 million in numbers. A giant history of downloads ever.

Download: Summoners War

Here are few other games like Summoners War with download links:


Monster Strike

This game is a strategy game with role-playing and multiplayer support. In this game, players do not compete, and rather they play a supportive role for each other. This game can be considered as a consolidation of Capcom’s Metal Walker and Nintendo’s Pokemon. Because in this game, you are collecting monsters as well as fighting battles using catapult mechanics.

This game was developed by Mixi and was co-created by Yoshiki Okamoto. In Japan, people call this game as ‘MonSt ‘, just a short term to replace the long name.

This game is available for Android and iOS platforms.


Few other games just like Monster Strike:



This game features the Super Heroes and a part of the Gacha Games genre.

This is a strategy game basically, as you are controlling the superheroes and devising a strategy to fight with supervillains.

Control the superheroes and save the world from the worst villains of all time.

Here are few games like DC Legends with download link:


Here, we would address a few more dimensions of the Gacha Games. They are less popular than Anime games, with less download history to the date.


Best Idle Games Android

Idle games are straightforward tap games. These games are based on a direct mechanism of taping, moving, waiting, upgrading, and just so. If you do not tap, the game doesn’t move on. Thus, the name was coined as Idle Games.

Few of best idle games for Android are as under with download links:

Game Loot Network

Game Loot Network is a digital platform for gamers that distributes games and offers rewards for playing. The awards this network offers are called Loot, so named Game Loot Network.

You can play games via this network and monetize your time and game playing. The monetization comes in the form of cryptocurrency, as stated earlier, called Loot.


Ultimate Ninja Blazing

This is a card game that offers collectible cards. Against a certain number of and a specific type of cards, you get to the ability to unlock videos. This is a fun card game app that is defined as a must-have app in Gacha Games world.

Download: Ultimate Ninja Blazing


Roulette Wheel App

This is a Wheel of Luck. It offers you a straightforward way to make your decisions.

You simply need to spin a wheel and decide whatever comes has to be followed. This way, you hand over the decision in the hands of your fate.

Every time you spin a wheel, you get a random result.

You can play with or challenge your friends on it. Whatever you do, it is sheer fun!

Download: Roulette Wheel App


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