Intriguing Free Online Photo Editors in 2019

Free Online Photo Editors


Photo editing has always been considered the job of Professionals. With the rise of free online photo editors, photos have taken an essential place in our private and social lives. Nowadays, the skill of photo editing is just a click away. All due to the courtesy of the free presence of several apps. These apps reside under the banner, namely ‘Free Online Photo Editors'.

You can now perform every kind of effect on these free online photo editors. No matter whether you need editing, retouching, modifying, or even changing the elements.. ‘Free Online Photo Editors’ is now a term widely used as every second person is now a master of his own when it comes to photo editing.

There are many renowned online photo editors available. Here you are going to see a few very famous free online photo editors with download history in millions.


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Picmonkey Online Photo Editor

A pretty interactive online photo editor. It is available on the web as well as in-app version. So, mobility is not the case to avoid Picmonkey as it is yet easily usable in your mobile devices.

There is a large variety of design templates. You may use them to create a design of your own choice. Or apply them just like background or so. So, with Picmonkey it is possible not only to edit but also to create a photo. The templates Picmonkey offers include:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Announcements
  • Thank you cards
  • Business cards and many more.

It offers all generic features as any other free online photo editor does, however, Picmonkey collage stands alone as its unique feature.

Many features of this free online photo editor are free and can be accessed openly. But, to flow through the entire designing and editing work with all the advanced options, paid membership can be attained. After paid membership, the user can avail of all the advanced options:

  • Can save the editable file
  • Can have access to cloud storage (namely HUB)
  • You can share the photos directly to social media accounts.

In 2013, Picmonkey claimed its place in the top 100 websites, featured by PC Magazine. In 2014, TIME Magazine listed this website as best April fools’ pranks.

For developers, Picmonkey offers API for integration into a website. Developers may avail of Picmonkey’s API.

Picmonkey is recognized as the most affordable online photo editor of all the times so far.

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Picmonkey Online Photo Editor



Lunapic Online Photo Editor

Lunapic offers easy editing tools, filters, and many effects including crop, resize, overlay, color histogram, color adjustment, and visualization. Thus, it is not wrong to say that Lunapic is a free online photo editor with features similar to other online photo editors. But, they are pretty handy and easy to use.

Using Lunapic, you can add transparent areas in your image. There are three ways to make the lunatic transparent areas in the image:

  • Use Menu -> Edit -> Transparent. Effective when you have a plain background.
  • That's Menu -> Edit -> Crop. If the background is not transparent, go through the stated command and use scissors to select areas for transparency.
  • Alpha transparency (clarity) is also available in the latest version of Lunapic. Go to: Menu -> Adjust -> Alpha Transparency

Remember to save the image as GIF or PNG to keep transparency.

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Lunapic Online Photo Editor



Befunky Online Photo Editor

The essential features of Befunky are free. However, the premium version costs you little money on a monthly or yearly basis. You can choose the subscription options as per your preferred choice. Usually, the charges are $6.99 and $9.88 for a monthly and annual subscription, respectively.

It has all basic and advanced features in both versions, i.e. the web and in its application for mobile devices. The essential elements of Befunky are:

  • You now have a bookmarking option to keep your most used feature in touch. So, no need to search it again and again.
  • You may define custom dimensions for your image, which will resize the image at the desired dimensions.
  • You may share your finished image directly on social media from Befunky.
  • Simultaneous editing of multiple images is possible now.
  • You can develop collage with multiple images.
  • There are numerous artistic features.

The mission and vision of Befunky are to make the use of this app more accessible.

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Befunky free Online Photo Editor


Ipiccy Online Photo Editor

Ipiccy offers many tools to make your efforts on the image look awesome. These tools are backed with essential but most demanded filters. These filters include blur, noise, emboss, and so.

Like any other online photo editor, Ipiccy also supports the making of collage. It has a specialized collage maker which enables a user to do so. With this tool, the background of the picture can be kept transparent. Further, any solid color may also be given to it. Also, there are many options available in the making of collage shapes.

Its inbuilt tool ‘Designer’ allows you to make vector images with the support of layers. IPiccy's advanced tools include curves, dodge, burn, levels, liquify, and clone tools.

There is a possibility to zoom the image in up to 800%. Other image editing tool includes: Equalize Image, Local Contrast, Light & Contrast, Converting the image to black and white, applying a sepia tone, editing color vibrancy, adding a color tint, balancing color levels, and converting colors are allowed.

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Ipiccy Online Photo Editor


Fotoflexer Free Online Photo Editors

FotoFlexer has effects, filters, retouching, and other usual picture editing tools. Its collage maker is its very unique feature. It enables you to share your photos directly to social media websites. You can use its tools to simplify, enhance, modify, or to give your images an appealing look.

You can edit and adjust photos according to your preference. Fotoflexer supports incorporation with popular photo-sharing websites. These websites include Facebook, Flicker, and MySpace through which you can share your image through these social media channels. 

The unique feature of FotoFlexer is its cartoon effect. It is also known as a comic poster effect. It allows you to turn your image directly into a comic poster view. It makes you able to share pictures directly to your social media accounts. You can apply 34 different effects to an image.

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Fotoflexer Online Photo Editor



Photoshop Express – Online Photo Editor

Photoshop online is an express version of Adobe Photoshop. Like a desktop version of Photoshop, Photoshop Express or Photoshop Online is not that effective. However, various generic and advanced options yet make it a choice. It offers multiple advanced features:

  • The image can be resized at the convenience
  • You may share furnished photos directly to social media and through other channels
  • The output image can be attained in different qualities
  • Watermark can be applied on image to brand it with your name or so
  • Saving options are multiple and easily controllable

Other editing options include rotation, cropping, straightening, red-eye, contrast, white balance, and so one. Currently, the online Photoshop takes in various image formats but outputs only JPEG files. The maximum you can have 18 megapixels in an output image.

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Pixlr Free Online Photo Editors

The main features of Pixlr are fundamental such as smudge, blur, crop, and fill. The most defining characteristic of Pixlr is its one-click editing options. They are mostly the filters with based commands. The one-click features include rotation, inversion, resizing, and so. Saturation, contrast, hue are a few effects that are also set on one click. Other tools include layers, lasso tool, brush controls, cloning, and filters.

If you choose to register with Pixlr by creating an account, a private Pixlr Library awaits there. This is a cloud storage place to store all your photos and imagery. Also, you are powered by sharing your pictures to social media websites. You may even save them on your google drive.

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Pixiz Online Photo Editor

Talking about animated GIFs and not speaking of Pixiz is pointless. Pixiz names its animated images as Montage, which is the feature that makes Pixiz unique against any other free online photo editors. This facility is supported with all basic editing features, in addition to the option of adding frames, stickers, various animations, and making an animated photo collage. All the photo frames, animations, and effects are free of charge.

Basic options include: crop, resize, rotate and add photo frame to pictures.

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Phixr Free Online Photo Editors

Phixr allows users access through a user account. Any visitor may get access to Phixr through a simple registration process. If you are a timely visitor, Phixr serves you as a guest through its guest account feature.

It has a common feature to upload and edit the photo from your desktop. Phixr also supports uploading images from different cloud images accounts. These accounts may be dropbox, Flickr, google photos, or Photobucket. Phixr is recommended to run only through the desktop-based browser because it has many diverse abilities.

Phixr has many features that can be available through the basic and advanced levels. Just like rotation, flipping, resizing, and trimming options are available. Other image enhancement options include various color effects, camera effect, clip-art, and memes. Adding text and setting up color tones and levels using brightness and contrast options are also supported. Mix photos, red eyes fixing, and teeth whitening filters add life to your photos.

With little advertisement material on its interface, overall Phixr is free.

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Editing Photos is much easier nowadays due to the fast internet and with the availability of many options online. Even though it is much more convenient to do the editing but we still recommend you to use proper safety precautions like the use of a good VPN app on any device you are using for editing.

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