Free Android Emulator alternatives: Discover Features and Uses in 2020

Free Android Emulator Alternatives

It can be difficult to find the list of free Android emulator alternatives over the internet. In this article, we will explain what is emulation for novices and provide you with the list so you can explore yourself and see how many are widely used today.

Whether you are an efficient Programmer who is testing his app, a Gamer who wants to play Android games on their PC or Mac. Maybe you are one of those guys who wants to install the beta version of Android for testing, discovering bugs, and reviewing different new features.

In this article, we will discuss the use of these brilliant ways of using different Android Emulators what Android Emulators are, why we need to use them, what are the features and of-course list them down so it can be more comfortable for everyone to download and test them at their own risk. 

Free Android Emulator Alternatives


Here is the list of free Android Emulator alternatives that can be used for your desired purpose






Phoenix OS


Remix OS Player



Android Studio’s emulator


Bliss OS


Ko Player





What Is It? Its Features And Why It Is Used?

Smartphones – both android and iOS – have significantly impacted our lives. These portable, pocket-size phones have enabled us to do almost anything and everything – regardless of time and place! Be its communication, entertainment, catching up the current news, studying or doing your office work, the mobile phone helps us with all this.

Though innovative, portable, and useful, these smartphones can't be used for prolonged hours – like a pc or laptop. 

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With every passing day, new and better applications emerge on the app store and play store that we can't afford to test on our android devices. However, with the use of an android emulator, you can bridge the gap between android applications and your computer's powerful resources. Haven't heard or used an android emulator online?

Then you must read this informative article. In this article, we are going to debrief you all about the portable android emulator – its uses, different options, and its features. So without wasting any further minutes, let's start our discussion



Android Emulator and Emulation – An Overview:

Emulation is a process that enables you to use your computer's powerful resource and capabilities by converting it into some other device. Through emulation, you can emulate old operating systems, video-game consoles, and specific programs. The android emulator is mostly used by the developers to run and test various APK applications on their PC/laptops. 

In simple words, emulators are the imitation of one of your android devices so that you can run and test different android applications on the bigger screens (computer/laptops/tablets). You can enjoy all your phone capabilities on your computer, using the controls of the emulated device. 

Is Emulation Same As Virtualisation?

Most people confuse, emulation with virtualization. However, in reality, both emulation and virtualization are two different processes. When you emulate a device, it means that you are imitating both its software and hardware. The computer/laptop behaves precisely like the other device (android) using an android emulator. On the other hand, when it comes to virtualization – here only the specific parts of the hardware are imitated. 

Features Or Advantages Of An Online free Android Emulator alternatives:

When a developer creates a new application – most of those applications are intended for all types of mobile devices. While the variety of smartphones is an innovative technology, it creates multiple problems for programmers to test those applications on real devices. Furthermore, it would be very time consuming to run and test the app on all devices.



But with the use of an android emulator for iOS as well as other mobile types, the developers can not only save their precious time – they can also identify the problems, errors, or mistakes in the programming quite easily on the bigger screen. If you think that it's the only reason for someone to use a free android emulator, then hold your thought. We have listed several reasons or advantages of using an excellent online emulator for your devices, especially for the android video games. 


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Gives a Heads Up For The Bigger Screen!

No matter how bigger your mobile screen gets, nothing compares watching a video or playing a video-game on a bigger screen (computer). Moreover, when you consistently play video games or watch videos on your phone – it causes severe spine and neck pain. It is because you have to tilt your head down, which also affects your posture and eye-sight. 

But Microsoft Xbox android emulator not only relieves you from such inconvenience but also provides a much bigger and better display. This way, you can watch every angle better as compared to playing or watching on your small mobile screens. It offers more accurate clicking for the games like Vainglory. Furthermore, if you are playing online with your friends, you can chat efficiently with them quite easily, because of the keyboard. 

Improves Your Mobile's Battery Life!

Although the phone batteries offer quite an excellent battery time – these small, lightweight, and portable batteries can't last for longer hours. And if you are a professional video-gamer or an app developer, you would need the phone around the clock. However, charging the phone always damages the phone battery and reduces its battery hours.



Another risk of playing, watching, or using an application on your phone is the battery and device heat-up. Often the mobile devices shut down due to excessive heating. It gets worse when you put the always-on phone charging. By using an emulator for your devices, you can easily avoid all this hassle. The ultimate benefit of using emulation for your mobile device is low maintenance, repair, or replacement costs. 

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Check, Register, And Play Multiple Game Accounts – All At The Same Time!

Today, our smartphones are smart enough to run multiple applications at the same in the background. However, you still can't keep an eye on all of them while running – if you want to use an application, you need to switch between them. This gets frustrating at time. The simple, effective, and free of cost solution for this problem is an online free android emulator alternatives.

Though not all the android emulators offer these features, most of them enable you to use multiple android instances on your PC at the same time. There are some application-specific emulators as well, such as xeplayer android emulator, android emulator Reddit, pokemon go android emulator and visual studio android emulators.

Great Replacement For High-end Android Devices!

One of the most significant features of APK emulators is that you don't need the high-end smartphones/devices to enjoy the latest applications. The emulator, such as android emulators for windows phones, an android emulator for iPhone, etc., easily replaces the high-end smartphone devices with your computer. You can easily imitate the phone on your computer and use the applications as if you are enjoying them on your mobile devices, only with a better display and more powerful controls. 

Quick And Easy Access To All The APK and Mobile-only Apps!

If you are a blogger, content marketer, or running an e-commerce or any other business – then you would be familiar with the power of Instagram. However, applications like Instagram, Snapchat, or Reddit are the ‘mobile-only' applications. 

Though you can open the Reddit or Instagram apps on your computer screens, you can't enjoy all the buttons, features, and options of these applications on the web-browser. But if you have one of the best android emulators for pc Reddit, then you don't have to stick to your phones only to add those hashtags on your accounts.

The controls get better, the display gets more extensive, and you can access all the features of mobile-only or APK's on the PC without any inconvenience.  

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Different Range Of Emulators!

If you think that are only one or two types of emulators than suit yourself, as now we are going to list down all the different kinds of android emulators that you can use to imitate any device. 

  1. Computer-system emulators
  2. Full-system emulators
  3. Multi-system emulators
  4. Mobile or PADs Emulators
  5. Network Emulators
  6. Emulators for Operating System
  7. Video Game Console Emulators
  8. Other Technical and Printer Emulators

While these are almost all the different types of emulators, the most popular are the Mobile/PADs, Operating system, and video game console emulators. Yes, you are reading it correctly – some emulators are specifically developed to turn your computer into a retro console. 



Should You Use An Emulator?

Unless you are a programmer, developer, or professional gamer – you don't need to use android emulators. The emulators are incredibly fast, efficient, and, no doubt, highly user-friendly, but even the best of the innovations have their drawbacks – so does the android emulators. You must be scratching your head, why are we discouraging you from using this fantastic innovation. 

First, the emulators come with sever performance costs. Secondly, the primary issue, especially with the video game console emulators, is compatibility. It isn't straightforward to filter out the compatible emulators out of several different ones. Even if you are fortunate enough to get a compatible emulator for your console – you can never be sure it's going to work for the successor model/version of the OS, device, etc. 

Last but not least, reasoning to not use these emulation programs is legal issues. While the US authorities allow you to have your archival copies, you are not allowed to create your own. These emulators are still slower than the stimulators and incredibly challenging to configure. Only a person who has enough knowledge and skills in this field can use these emulators efficiently. 

To conclude this discussion, it is best to say that the free android emulator alternatives are indeed a great innovation. It has been helping the programmers and developers to detect the abnormal behavior in the applications effectively and efficiently. Moreover, people who prefer the traditional (PC) ways to run an application can benefit significantly from android emulation techniques.

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