22 Best Productivity Chrome Browser Plugins in 2020

22 Best Chrome Browser Plugins in 2020


Just like Internet Explorer, nowadays, Chrome is the default browser for all the devices. It just wouldn't stop there. One can customize it according to one's desire. Whether you are an Engineer, Writer, Banker, or a Doctor, you can enhance its functionality according to your profession by using Chrome browser Plugins.

Do you know the extension definition? Small software programs that increase the productivity of the browser. These types of software enable the users to make their chrome browser according to their requirements. These software programs are built on HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


Why choose these Chrome Browser Plugins?


These Chrome browser Plugins mentioned plugins below can be used by anyone and every time. Even though installing too many of these browser utilities can cause a dramatic drop in the performance of your browser.

That's why in this article we have mentioned few Chrome browser Plugins which can be helpful while you have opened too many tabs, need time management through the browser, record some data or block many ads on the websites.


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Google Keep

Download: Google Keep


Chrome browser plugins


One of the best Chrome browser Plugins is part of the Google ecosystem. If you forget something or any important work? Users can save notes, images, texts, lists, voice memos, and even images. You can save your personal information, important passwords, and access them on different devices. It can be used to set reminders, which are integrated with Google Now which enables Users to put time and location.  

It is the saving of note service provides by Google on March 20, 2013.  Users can use it in Windows 10 by using a web app as well as on macOS.

Clockify Time Tracker

Download: Clockify Time Tracker




If you are a freelancer or want to find how much time you spend on one app or on one work? Then Clockify is best for freelancers in order to measure the time of user that how much time consumed by the user. You can set the timer for specified days and on a particular time of the day.

Clockify is for both Windows 10 and macOS that allow efficient time tracking.


Download: Todoist




It is a simple but useful task manager. It helps the user to manage the tasks and keep track of their work and manage them as well. It is useful for the one who has much work to do and keep an eye on deadlines of projects. Users can also do projects in parts as well.

The version of Windows 10 contains a time-saver feature, as well. It is also for macOS.

AdGuard AdBlocker

Download: AdGuard AdBlocker


chrome plugins


This is one of my goto Google plugins. It will stop any popups on the website and will also provide the facility to block the unwanted Ads from your screen so you can save your time. It also blocks un-stoppable ads so the user can focus on work and will not distract from work.

For macOS, there is AdGuard for a safari that is useful for MacOS. It is also available for windows 10.


Download:  Airstory




Airstory is very similar to Evernote if you have used that software. You can copy any image of text from the web and use it in your work. It is very easy to integrate it with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or any other Cloud service. It can also integrate with Evernote.


Download: Noisli




In order to boost chrome productivity, Noisli is used to avoid noise from the surrounding. If the surrounding is noisy, you can play your own choice of music at the background and focus on your work. The sound includes the sound of rain, air, and storm, as well.

Noisli is available for windows 10, and for macOS, Nozio is used, which is similar to Noisli.


Download: StayFocusd



If you lack the willpower to stay away from YouTube and Facebook, then this will be useful for you because it will restrict you away from Facebook and social media and save your precious time. Another feature for this is the nuclear feature, which gives the user the ability to restrict users for an hour to open social media. SelfControl is used for MacOS while for windows 10, stay focused is used.


Download: Boomerang




One of the best Gmail extensions you can use in scheduling your emails to be sent in the future dates. It's feature Boomerang Respondable can also be used to check the readability, positivity, politeness, and many other components you can use to check the scope of your email. In order to save the time of users by replying to them automatic reply, this can be done by boomerang that is developed by Google. One can also track their activities, as well. You can also know that whether the recipient opens the mail or not? It is also for macOS.


Download: Papier




If someone wants to make the notes and for research purposes, they need to write their ideas after installing this extension and write their thoughts on the new tab and save the notes in the best format as well. The interface is not good, but the user can change the color as well. It is available for both Windows 10 and macOS.

Win the Day

Download: Win the Day




It is the feature that changes Chrome into the goal-setting tool. In this, you can set your goal by setting the task and the deadlines in weeks and days as well. In a big goal, the user can divide the goal into sub-goals as well. Users can also introduce new habits as well by introducing them to the goal. 

Save to Pocket

Download: Save Pocket




In this Chrome Plugin, if a user wants to read the article later and having no time user can easily save it after installing it in the browser and save the document and read it later on mobile phones. All the articles you save can access when you are offline. It can be used on macOS and Windows 10, as well.

Productivity Tracker

Download: Productivity Tracker




It helps the user to see the productivity of users that show how much clicks and keystroke users make on the web. It displays data in the graph so the user can easily see that it's working on how much the user uses Chrome. It is important in terms of YouTube if a person spends too much time on YouTube, then the clicks and keystrokes are very low. It is not used in windows 10 and macOS, as well. It is available for Windows 10 and macOS, as well.

Session Buddy

Download: Session Buddy


session buddy


Session Buddy helps you to manage the several tabs open by the user. While switching between the tabs, the user may lose data and couldn't keep track of it. So this enables the user to save the data.

Text Mode

Download: Text Mode




It is more often seen that the videos and images distract us and consume our time. This extension is used to enable text mode only so the user can work easily and efficiently as well.

It is available for window 10 and macOS.


Download: Toggl




It is the extension that lets the user know about the time he spends on the web. If the user leaves the todoist than the Toggl starts work after that and provides a facility to manage the time as well. If you are spending a lot of time using the web, this will show the user. It is also available for Windows 10 and macOS.


Download: Buffer




Social media is a powerful tool in order to create an audience for user's posts on Twitter and on Facebook pages as well. It will generate the audience to queue up the user's post. It is available for macOS and also for windows 10.

Newsfeed Eradicator For Facebook

Download: Facebook Newsfeed




It is the best feature to get rid of the news on Facebook and spend time on useful things. If someone becomes lazy and dull due to news feed on Facebook, so this is very useful for the user that wants to get rid of such useless newsfeed.

It is also available for Windows and macOS.


Download: Momentum




This extension makes users Chrome wonderful in a sense if someone likes colors, they can add to Chrome by using this extension. Besides using the colorless screen of the web, one can also use this extension to make the browser colorful by adding images in it. It will add an inspirational quotation on the web browser, as well. This plugin is not available for the macOS, and it is available for Windows 10.


Download: Grammarly




One of the best Chrome browser Plugins you can use for writing articles or finding mistakes. If someone makes spelling mistakes?  Google provides the facility to the user that they can correct their spelling and make the post more effective and amazing. Grammarly is used for this purpose. It is not available for macOS but available for windows 10.


Download: LastPass




One of the most used Chrome browser Plugins if you want to remember the password and forget due to a busy schedule and couldn't remember the password, then no worries user can save the password by using LastPass extension. It is available for macOS on the safari app and also for windows 10.

Great Suspender

Download: Great Suspender


the great suspender


Do you face a problem that Chrome browser Plugins take too much memory on Windows PC? This is because one might open too many tabs which consumes much memory. Sometimes we left too many tabs open in the browser and forget to close them than those tabs consume too many memory of browser and make Chrome unresponsive. So that's why one should use Great suspender to make Chrome responsive.

Tab Cloud

Download: Tab Cloud




It is one of the great Google Plugins, you can use this to open as many tabs in the Chrome browser as you want and if for some reason you want to change the browser from Chrome to Firefox, Opera or any other of your choice, You just have to install this Tab Cloud as a Browser utility and you can load the same tabs you were using in the Chrome browser.

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