Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa

Today, we will look into the Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa you can buy on Amazon. Do you abhor getting out of your comfort zone just to turn the lights off? Are you in search of something that switches lights on and off on your behalf when you lye lazily on your sofa? 

Well, there are many Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa available in the market and they have changed the internal home environment. It is a replacement to your conventional light switch that is responsible for turning multiple lights on and off at once. You can program it according to your needs, and since its “smart,” it will read your schedule and work accordingly. 

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa

Since there are different brands available in the market, and you never know which one should you buy or work best for you, there should be something to guide you. Therefore, I have listed down some of the best smart switches for Alexa I have come across during my survey. Remember, these are compatible to work best with Alexa and listen to her the most carefully. They may or may not listen to other software including Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. 

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How Do Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa Work?

Well, I have already given a brief intro about the Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa, but before moving on to the product reviews, let’s dig a bit deeper into how Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa work! They are capable of smartly replacing the old built-in light switches in your home. They can be installed in the back boxes already there on the wall. They work as a regular switch, but takes you many steps ahead and allow you to control all the lights and some other devices. 

They work through the apps installed on your phone and connect via your home wifi. Therefore, you can access them from anywhere and anytime, and you don’t have to worry about turning lights on and off before leaving your home. Leave them all open and go wherever you want. Sit in your car and then turn all of them off via your Smartphone. They are audio-controlled and you just have to give them commands through voice assistance such as Alexa or Amazon Echo. 

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa

I planned to install the Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa a year ago, and while researching, I came across some voice assistance. Out of them, I found Alexa the most convenient to use. That’s why, I searched more about it than others, and installed one of them in my home. Now, lets come to the topic and see which are the best smart switches for Alexa. 

Treatlife Smart Light Switch

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 1Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 2


I saw this smart light switches that works with Alexa at one of my colleague’s place. I went there specially to see how it works, and I was amazed to see it functioning. He didn’t have to do a thing, as the switch did everything on its own. I went there in the evening right before the sunset, and as soon it began to get dark, treatlife came into action when both of us were talking to each other.

I was even more surprised when he told me he hasn’t done any programming, and it did it on its own after reading a week’s schedule. I asked him what he did when he was out on vacation a few weeks back, and he told me that he simply programmed it to make it look like he’s home. He further added that he controls the lights via the app on his phone and gives commands via Alexa. 


  • The installation is super easy through the neutral wires and screwless wall plates. 
  • Hands-free easiness for voice control through Alexa. 
  • Remote control via the smart life app that allows you to control lights from anywhere at all. You can also manage a group of lights (such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.) at once or even share devices. 
  • It’s a very budget-friendly thing to buy.


  • Some users complain about its disconnection issues sometimes. 
  • It is capable of connecting with only 2.4 GHz networks. 
  • The locator LED doesn’t fit for bedroom lightness. It should be a bit dimmer. 

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Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart Wi-Fi

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 3Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 4


I got to know about Leviton’s features at a store while searching for the best smart light switches with Alexa. Honestly, I didn’t find it as intriguing as its counterparts such as Lutron or Treatlife. The reason for this is it has lesser room for third-party integrations and connecting features. However, it isn’t as bad as I made it sound in the beginning only! 

Just like Treatlife, it utilizes the smart technology and schedules the opening and closing of lights by reading your routine itself. Your last day’s schedule lives inside, and then, it sets itself accordingly. However, you may make your own schedule, too, or let it work as per your given commands via Alexa. The most amazing feature I got to know about is it is capable of controlling up to 50 rooms and 50 activities that make around 20 houses and 99 smart devices. 


  • Simplicity in installing and mundane usage is the best feature it has. 
  • Other than its own Leviton app, the iPhone users can also use it via Apple iOS. 
  • Controls your home from anywhere. 


  • Lacks third-party integration and compatibility with other devices.
  • Expensive for the offered features.

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WeMo Dimmer Wifi Light Switch

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 5Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 6


Control the lights and bulbs of your home from anywhere at all via the WeMo app or the Apple HomeKit. It’s compatibility with IFTTT (IF This, Then That) is another worth-mentioning feature that forces a buyer to buy and install it in his home. The controlling features include turning on and off lights, bulbs, and even ceiling fans, scheduling and timing them according to sunrise and sunset, and late-night comfort (a dim mode). 

Another intriguing feature of the WeMo smart light switch is that it works with your lights. This means that it sets the diming range as per your installed lights and bulbs without any flickering. 


  • It’s an affordable device. 
  • Controllable from anywhere at all. 
  • The dimmer feature takes it to the next level. 
  • The randomized mode turns off the lights itself when there is no human presence for long. 
  • Compatibility with IFTTT is the next big thing. 


  • Not compatible with a three-way and works only with the one-way connection. 

Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit

Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 7Best Smart Light Switches for Alexa 8


Unlike its counterparts, Lutron is compatible with multiple voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Sonos One, Samsung SmartThings, Honeywell Wifi Thermostats, Wink, Nest, IFTTT, and ecobee Wifi thermostats. 

The reason why I preferred Lutron over others is the security mode that makes it look like you’re home when you are away on vacations and geofencing. I always want a living home with lights turned on when I enter the home after work, and that’s what its geofencing feature does.

Moreover, it was super easy for me to install it as the Smart Bridge required me only to plug into my wall outlet and router. I left the rest to the app and it was good to go. 


  • Super easy installation.
  • Compatible with a three-way switch. 
  • The app is most convenient out of all. 


  • Expensive device. 
  • It requires a small bridge to set it up. 

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The above mentioned are some of the best smart light switches for Alexa UK and each one is unique in its own way. However, if you want a budget-friendly device, then Treatlife and WeMo should be your preferences. However, Leviton is also affordable, but not as cheap as the other two.

On the other hand, Lutron, Leviton, and Treatlife offer an easy installation. I was personally confused in Lurton and WeMo to be honest because I loved the security and geofencing features of the former, and I liked dimmer features and randomized mode of the latter. However, I went for Lutron despite being more expensive than all because of the two mentioned qualities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smart light switches worth it?

Well, this is the most frequently asked question as smart homes aren’t very much common and one thinks too much before spending on it. But, I tell you that smart light switches are worth each penny as they are going to save you money (as one switch can control multiple lights at a time) in the long run and provide you with a smarter and more efficient home. 

How do I switch my smart wall light to Alexa?

It’s super easy! First, turn the power off and remove the plate. You will see some wires inside. Connect them to the new switch and place it in the box. The new plate is ready to be turned on. Turn both this and the power on. Now, you have to set it up in the app and also add the switch to the voice assistance (Alexa in this case). 

What if I don’t buy smart bulbs or lights?

It’s perfectly okay! A smart light switch or dimmer can control all the existing lights in your home, and it is also perfect to work with Alexa.

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