20 Best Screen Recording Apps

Best Screen Recording Apps


There comes a time when you want to record your PC screen or macOS screen. Whether that is for educational purposes or for other matters. For example you receive a call from someone on having a problem with their device and instead of explaining everything, you prefer to record all the steps to solve the problem. Here, this article will provide you with the list of Best screen recording apps in 2019.

Best Screen recording apps for Windows:

  • Screenrec
  • iSpring Free Cam
  • CamStudio
  • Ezvid
  • TinyTake

Best Screen recording apps for macOS:

  • Screen Flow
  • Snagit
  • Camtasia
  • Movavi Screen Capture Studio
  • QuickTime

Screen recording software for Android:

  • ScreenCam
  • YouTube Gaming
  • RecMe
  • DU recorder
  • Mobizen

Screen recording software for iOS:

  • TechSmith Capture
  • ScreenFlow
  • BB rec
  • Record it!
  • AirShou


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Screen Recording Apps for Windows in 2019

Screen recording on Microsoft Windows is straightforward to find. Here we will give you the list of best screen recording software in 2019.



Download Now: Windows



Screenrec is the best recording software for windows in 2019. Easy to use and understandable by the user. Users can record the screen quickly and can share with others as well.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Record computer audio
  • The record computer screen in HD.
  • Capture screenshot and add notes with them
  • Get a private link to share with your friends
  • No ads
  • Unlimited recording times
  • Can’t record webcam
  • There are no video editing tools.



iSpring Free Cam:

Download Now: Windows



When you record the screen of your PC, it become easy to use and capture the screen along with the video editing tool without ads and limited screen recording. But this app is just for windows.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Record your microphone and system sounds
  • Highlight your mouse
  • Essential video editing tools, e.g. delete, selection, remove background noise
  • Can upload on YouTube
  • No ads
  • Can’t take screenshots
  • Screen captures saved in wmv format.
  • Long recording takes time because there is no cloud recording
  • High CPU usage





Download: Windows



Do you want some free software to record your work? Then CamStudio is free recording software to create AVI videos. It also converts AVI to SWFs. One can easily use it by reading its build-in files.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Add screen caption to your video
  • Built-in help files
  • 100% free to use
  • Website admit there are bugs in old versions




Download: Windows



Ezvid is the free software to record the screen of your PC. Its website claims that using more processor of CPU increase the speed of recording of the screen.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Include video editor
  • Professional looking video
  • Need 10 GB free hard drive




Download: Windows



TinyTake claims that it is the best software of recording for windows. It contains many features with paid options. It records your screen and having additional opportunity to make changes and edit the video and also the option to share the video with your friends and family.

Advantages Disadvantages:
  • Can use features
  • Can add graphics from your device
  • Built-in viewer for mobile devices
  • The free version is limited
  • You have to Pay for extra features.



Best Screen Recording Apps for macOS in 2019

Are you interested in making tutorials for others and couldn’t find a way to do that? This list provides you with the best screen recording for macOS in 2019. You can use screen recording software to record your tutorials which are as follows:


Screen Flow:

Download: macOS



One can record the video from multiple monitors but they can also record from webcam and iOS device as well.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Record media from all sources
  • Annotations, video calls are at your fingertips.
  • Easy to use
  • Limited features in free version




Download: macOS



Snagit is the one to provide the facility to record the screen for macOS. It is paid to have more features than others. Snagit allows to add a comment with screenshots that one take while recording.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Allow adding a comment with screenshots
  • Can add visual to screenshots
  • Can help to capture everything
  • It is not free



Download: macOS



Camtasia is ancient from 2002 and uses for screen recording. Snagit focuses on quickly recording and importing, whereas Camtasia works on the brief recording of the screen in macOS.

Camtasia interface is over elaborated but it is easy to use.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • It provides drag and drops
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to add click, keystrokes and zoom in the facility to user.
  • It is not free.
  • Only trial is free available.



Movavi Screen Capture Studio:

Download: macOS



Movavi is the best recorder among all recording software. It has all functionality with a full range of editing tools as well. Movavi has an interface that is easy to use and has a broad functionality. It has to export order available in it.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Provide transitions for video
  • Allow uploading directly to YouTube
  • Excellent filters, transition and titles
  • Only trial is available for free
  • Paid full version.



5. QuickTime:

Download: macOS



If you don’t want complex editing and give a professional look to your video use QuickTime.It is reliable and easy to use for people and easily understandable. it has many features such as rotating, trimming and editing a video.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Provide rotation trimming and splitting
  • Can add clips to the videos.
  • Provide to add annotations and filters
  • None



Best Screen Recording Apps for Android


Here is the best screen recording software in 2019, which is available for android apps, These apps are as follows. and everyone should know about these apps who are using android mobile phones.



Download: Android



Lightweight screen recorder app for android without ads. It is not like other recorders but it provides essentials things for recording such as screen rate, frame rate which you can select according to your need.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Having a resolution option
  • Allow changing bit-rate, frame rate, and resolution as well.
  • It is free of cost


  • No front camera recording
  • Lack of picture-in-picture mode



YouTube Gaming:

Download: Android



For those who want to upload their videos on YouTube. This app lacks in many other features but provides the facility of recording videos and uploading on YouTube.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • You can use YouTube Gaming to record your online gaming but also use it to record standalone videos.
  • Inform the user about storage as well.
  • Direct integration with YouTube.
  • Limited resolution.
  • Basic editing feature.




Download: Android



This app can be used to record videos and if you want to record audio as well, it is better for you to have your mobile rooted. 

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Front and back camera
  • Recording audio facility available
  • Friendly interface.
  • Freely available.
  • The User has to root the mobile device for this app to work.



DU recorder:

Download: Android


Best screen recording apps

It is the top-rated app among all the apps. The Best quality and more versatile app among all other apps in the play store.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Can record game as well
  • Provide various resolution options
  • Can record voice
  • Can add music and background images as well.
  • None




Download: Android


Best screen recording apps

Mobizen is known as the best for screen recording among all the screen recording apps on play store. You can record your own intros, add background images and even add music according to your liking.


Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Best for game recording.
  • One can add background music as well.
  • It is easier to record your own face while you record the video games walk-through.
  •  None



Best Screen recording apps for iOS

All the iPhone and iPad users, we also get you covered for the best screen recording apps. Here is the list for the Best Screen recording apps in 2019, which you can use to record videos and save your precious time.


TechSmith Capture:

Download: iOS


Best screen recording apps

It is the best screen recorder for iOS phones and iPad as well. This app records the screen and audio as well. Audio is captured by adding the narrator in it. It provides a well-organized library as well to its users. 

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Organized files
  • Count down is provided to alert the user.
  • Recording can directly share through WiFi.
  • None




Download: iOS


Best screen recording apps

Airshou is free of cost app and suitable for iPad and iPhone as well. It has a simple interface, and a new user can use it comfortably. You can save the file with the desired name and start recording.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Built-in microphone to record the voice along with the video recording.
  • High-quality screen-casts.
  • It can handle games as well.
  • None



Record it!:

Download: iOS


Best screen recording apps

Through this app, you can easily record video games, app demos, troubleshooting walk-through, and app reviews. As you can record the screen, you can add reaction using FaceCam, which is useful in making videos for YouTube.

Advantages: Disadvantages:
  • Provide facility of trimming, filters, adjustable playback speed.
  • It gives you the option to change your Canvas.
  • Change background color.
  • Well organized library.
  • None


I hope this article will help you to find the best screen recording apps for your desired Operating System.

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