Best Discord Bots – List of 4 Most Used Bots

Best Discord Bots


The list of these best discord bots is an excellent way for you to boost your servers’ productivity. It helps you in collecting relevant data, delivering notifications, planning events, moderating conversations, playing music for users in a server, etc. Its functionality can be categorized into: Automated Music Player and a Server Moderator.


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Test-To-Speech (TTS) Discord

Don’t we all in the gaming world fancy being robots someday! The TTS function will help you realize your wildest android dreams by reading what you type directly to your channel.

  • Sending TTS

TTS follows the recommended system settings of how Discord is being used. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox have a different TTS reading bot than Windows or Mac. So depending upon what browser you’re using, you’ll be hearing different bot voices.

To have your sentence read in TTS, all you have to do is add /tts before your sentence like this:

/tts Discord is fantastic!

If you want to edit who and what utilize tts on your channel and want to stop those trolls spamming your channel, we have two ways for you:


Here goes the first setting

User Settings -> Notifications -> Text-to-Speech

Best discord bots

  • For all channels: This option allows all channels across all servers to have messages be read in TTS, if or not they use the /tts command. You’ll be hearing a lot of TTS across all of your channels if you have this enabled. So, you ought to use it with care!
  • For the currently selected channel: This option means the selected channel will have messages read in TTS.
  • Never: No matter how much your friends try, you won’t ever hear the exquisite sounds of the TTS bot anywhere within Discord. (But unless you engage it yourself.)


The second TTS toggle setting is this:

User Settings -> Text & Images -> Text-to-Speech

Best discord bots

This setting here allows you to enable or disable you /tts command. If you leave this option unselected, and type a sentence with the command /tts, your bot will not read it out loud! Sad feels true!

So, be sure which options you enable and disable before setting up.


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Dyno one of the best Discord Bots & bot commands

Dyno is an entirely personalized bot for your server. It comes with a web dashboard, moderation, music, auto-moderation, auto roles, and much more. The platform gives a list of services that offer a fair and unbiased list of servers for you to choose from and join!

How To Use Dyno Bots

First login. Use this link to login

Now you can build your own modules, command, etc. List of Commands is available here. Some of them include:

  1. addrank (add a new rank for members to join. Works for new and existing roles.)
  2. rank (leave a rank or join it)
  • delrank (deletes an existing rank but does not remove the role)
  1. roleinfo (gets information about a role)
  2. roles (receives a list of server roles and members count)

Dyno is also one of the best discord bots does everything for you automatically. The dyno web dashboard is easy to use and just became even more intuitive, making server management a whole lot easier for you.


Salient features include:

  1. 99.99% Uptime, 24/7/365
  2. Web Dashboard – Fully configurable and effortless.
  • Announcements – Customizable join/leave/ban, optional PM.
  1. Music – High performance and good quality music streaming by serious hardware.
  2. Moderation – Moderation with Mod log, warnings, timed mutes/bans.
  3. Auto Moderation – Advanced and fully configurable automod for incredible spam/raid prevention.
  • Server Log – An in-depth server event log.
  • Mass Mention spam/raid detection and ban.
  1. Auto Roles – Give roles to join and timed roles.
  2. Joinable Ranks – Let members self-assign roles.
  3. Custom Commands – Easy to use custom commands.
  • AFK – Post an AFK status when mentioned in chat.
  • Cleverbot – Because everyone loves Cleverbot.


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Spotify one of Best Discord Bots

These best discord bots allow you to play your favorite songs, music, artists, and albums straight to your discord server using Spotify Commands. Spotify and Discord have now teamed up, and this means gamers can listen to their fav tracks on the server while gaming. You can also share and add Spotify music with fellow players and friends within the Discord app.

To add Spotify bot to your Discord, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the website Groovy and click Add to Discord
  2. Click Select a server
  3. From the dropdown menu, click on the name of the Discord server you want to install the Spotify Discord bot on.
  4. Click Authorize.
  5. Finally, do not forget to click, “I’m not a robot.”

How to play music in Discord with Spotify:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official discord website
  2. Click User Settings in the lower-left corner
  3. Click Connections from the menu
  4. Click Spotify icon
  5. A small window pops up. Login to your Spotify account
  6. After logging in, Spotify will appear connected
  7. Click X in the upper-right corner to go back to the main Spotify screen
  8. Once the Discord Spotify connection has been made, the track you’re listening to on Spotify will automatically appear on your Discord profile.

The following image shows what the screen should look like before clicking X and returning to the main Spotify screen.

Best Discord Bots


Nadeko Commands

It is straightforward to make Nadeko join your server. All you do is, send a direct message to Nadeko with .h and follow the link. Or, you can click here and add Nadeko to your server.

Although it is essential to know, users having ‘Manage Server Permission’ can only add bots to their server.

The following are a few essential Nadeko commands we can use for the list of best discord bots.


Command Name


Description Usage
.delmsgoncmd Switches on/off, the automatic deletion of the user’s successful command message to eliminate chat flood. Requires Administrator server permission. .delmsgoncmd
.setrole .sr Sets a title for a given user. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .sr @User Guest
.removerole .rr Removes a title from a given user. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .rr @User Admin
.renamerole .renr Renames a title. The title you are renaming must be lower than bot’s highest title. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .renr “First role” SecondRole
.removeallroles .rar Removes all titles from a specified user. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .rar @User
.createrole .cr Creates a title with the said name. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .cr Awesome Role
.rolehoist .rh Toggles whether this title is displayed in the sidebar or not. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .rh Guests or .rh “Space Wizards”
.rolecolor .roleclr Set a title’s color to the hex or 0-255 rgb color value provided. Requires ManageRoles server permission. .roleclr Admin 255 200 100 or .roleclr Admin ffba55
.deafen .deaf Deafens mentioned users. Requires DeafenMembers server permission. .deaf “@Someguy” or .deaf “@Someguy” “@Someguy”
.undeafen .undef Undeafens mentioned users. Requires DeafenMembers server permission. .undef “@Someguy” or .undef “@Someguy” “@Someguy”
.delvoichanl .dvch Deletes a voice channel with the said name. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .dvch VoiceChannelName
.creatvoichanl .cvch Creates a new voice channel with the said name. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .cvch VoiceChannelName
.deltxtchanl .dtch Deletes a text channel with the said name. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .dtch TextChannelName
.creatxtchanl .ctch Creates a new text channel with the said name. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .ctch TextChannelName
.settopic .st Assigns a topic on the current channel. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .st My new topic
.setchanlname .schn Changes the name of the current channel. Requires ManageChannels server permission. .schn NewName
.antispam Prevents people from repeating the same message X times in a row. You can specify to either mute/ kick/ ban the offenders. It requires Administrator server approval. .antispam 3 Mute or .antispam 4 Kick or .antispam 6 Ban
.antiraid Sets anti-raid protection on the server. The first argument is the number of people that will prompt protection. The second one is a time interruption in which that quantity of people needs to join in order to prompt the protection, and the third argument is punishment for those people (Kick, Ban, Mute) Requires Administrator server permission. .antiraid 5 20 Kick


Remaining Nadeko Commands can be found here.

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