7 Best Android Launchers in 2019

Best Android Launchers


The superiority of Android and its dominance over other mobile Operating Systems (OS) is primarily due to its countless personal customization settings with uncomplicated functions. We have compiled this list of 7 best android launchers in 2019 so you don't have to test and delete. To find the best android launcher which you can customize to your heart's content is very common nowadays especially with the kind of features and widgets you can have on your title screen. All android phones come with their default operating systems with launchers which is usually pre-installed by the cellular manufacturers. 

Everyone has their own favorite android launchers, they can be used to make phone interface easier to use, and according to your preference. Every Android phone can be customized with additional widgets, icons, gestures, and other feeds that can be linked.

7 Best Android Launchers in 2019 List:

Below is the list of 7 best android launchers in 2019 which we have arranged from customer reviews to the description. All of them can easily be accessed on Google Play, easily installed or uninstalled and most take minimum space. Most of them are free on the store thus easily accessible.


  1. Evie Launcher
  2. Yandex launcher
  3. Microsoft Launcher
  4. POCO Launcher
  5. Action Launcher
  6. Lawnchair 2 Launcher
  7. Niagara Launcher


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Evie Launcher


 Evie Android Launcher     

Evie Launcher is one of the Best Free Android Launcher available at Google Play and is specifically designed for high-quality performance and uses its gestures in an efficient way. It is one of the Lightest Android Launcher available and is extremely smooth on the run.

Its wide range of screen layouts and personal customization settings, along with easy accessibility of applications via Universal Search feature makes it one of the 7 best android launchers in 2019. Evie Launcher is a quick and effective launcher that is a free and regular update is available. Evie’s blackout setting can also be backed up directly to Google Drive.

Most importantly, Evie launcher allows you to search from a search engine of your choice thus showing its effectiveness and user-friendliness. Its recent update has topped up its overall notification feature. This notification can be accessed by simply swiping down rather than searching. Evie launcher lacks the gestures to open the application, but hopefully, that'll be coming soon in future updates.


Even though Evie Launcher is totally free, updates can be slow to come at times however they always worth it. Overall, a lightweight launcher with effective speed and simplicity.

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Yandex Launcher


Yandex Android Launcher


Yandex launcher is again one of the 7 Best Android launchers in 2019 it is the smoothest and available at Google play store. It is highly capable of managing your applications, arranging your apps, and change the appearance of your smartphone. Most importantly, it will also recommend you interesting news, videos, and games, as well as make sure that your device is running as fast as possible.

Its key features include themed wallpapers collections, categorized, Discovery apps, Customized App drawer, and personally targeted interesting content and icon notifications. In addition to these basic functions, Yandex launcher also has a speed booster to release your cache data and free up phone space.


Even though Yandex is not a familiar name, but it comes packed with features and it comes with its own Voice Assistant named Alice that can only speak Russian. Highlighted app and smart widgets also enhance the credibility of the launcher. Overall,  a very effective and easy to use the launcher.


Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft Android Launcher



Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher) is one of the 7 Best Android launchers in 2019 and functions very elegantly with lots of customization from Microsoft itself. It updates new wallpaper from Bing on a daily basis.

The Microsoft Launcher can get synced with the Microsoft account, and you can get personalized feeds; see your search results, and much more. If you are looking for a phone that could run like your windows 10 or windows phone, this would be the best as it manages everything including applications  Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, and so on, to help make all your gadgets and applications sync up and work together.


It’s simple yet quite sophisticated in use and is completely free making it one of the Safest Android Launcher. However, the only negative point is that it doesn’t allow a wide customization setting as in rest.


POCO launcher


Poco Android Launcher


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POCO launcher is one of Amazing Android Launcher available with amazing specifications. The organization of the app is phenomenal and built with elegance. One of the best features of POCO launcher is its organization as it applies to your Android smartphone. You can easily organize these applications in-app boxes, and it is super fast to find apps with specific colors and specifications.


The launcher has all the latest features of android launcher including app shortcuts and rounded search bars with customized icons. In addition, it highly versatile and run very efficiently, therefore, it’s ideal for use along with making your android more appealing to eyes.


Action Launcher


Action Android Launcher



Action launcher is one of the most popular Android launchers and is extremely adaptive,  easy, and quick. The launcher comes with numerous appealing these and layouts with its own widgets including weather, date, and calendar appointments.

You can create circular-shaped color folders to get the best display of arranged apps. In addition, a shutter feature allows you to place shortcuts for widgets.


Action Launcher is also quick to support features from the newest versions of Android, including personalized themes. The Action Launcher has a paid version which is ad-free and comes with a lot more features, including additional customization, gestures, widgets any many more


Lawnchair 2


Lawnchair Android Launcher



Lawnchair is again one of the Smoothest Android Launcher 2019 available on Google play that is highly effective in performance. Lawnchair has all the features of the pixel launcher including Google feed along with efficient customization. 

Its distinctive feature includes Notification dot and improved shortcut UI, making it has all the major features of the Android OREO system. Icon size, label, rows, and columns are all adjustable making it among the top Android launchers.


Lawn Launcher has all the similar features as Pixel 3 with Google News Feed. It is also high customization and additional features are being added in every update. In addition, regular app updates keep on improving the performance of the launcher.


Niagara Launcher


best android launchers



Niagara launcher is one of the best Minimalist Android Launcher available on Google play. Since its lacks complex settings, it’s among the fastest android launcher available 

The best part about Niagara Launcher is that it even works on low-efficient devices due to its minimum size. Most importantly, as the launcher works specifically for de-cluttering your android space. he app comes clean with no bloatware or sponsored ads.


If you really want an effective and minimalist launcher, Niagara launcher would be best for you. Although it’s quite unsuitable for few who want complex launcher settings it still is one of the most Popular Android Launcher in 2019, available with a highly elegant display.



Conclusively, above were the most popular use 7 Best Android Mobile launcher of 2019. Each of them with its wide array of specifications and effectiveness and all of them are easily accessible for free from Google Play. The choice of the ultimate best Android launcher may differ from user to user based on their requirements from the launcher; however, all of them are highly efficient, with not just having customized settings but an adaptive and appealing display!!


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