Alexa Smart Light Switch | Complete Guide 2020

It is very annoying when you say, “Alexa turn on lights” but Alexa doesn’t respond. Or sometimes these Alexa Smart Light Switch suddenly gets activated, turns on the lights or ceiling fan when you didn’t even say a word to do so.

Smart Light Switch

If you are someone who has installed Alexa smart light switch but is now unable to integrate it into your Smart Home or the device started working but suddenly disconnected or whatever the issue you are going through, this might be one of the most useful posts for you to read.

Considering the nature of the product, it is evident that it may face connection problems, integration, or compatibility issues. So, no need to worry because this post will cover almost all the information about how to use an Alexa smart light switch.

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Why do you need an Alexa smart light switch?

Alexa Smart Light Switch

Alexa Smart light switches are a new addition to your Smart Home technology, which is being installed nowadays. They enable you to schedule the lighting routine of your house, turn the ceiling fans, lights, and bulbs off whether you are in your bed, at the office, or away from your home.

How to use Alexa Smart light Switch:

The point is that every smart device has a proper set of instructions to follow while installation. If those instructions are not followed properly, the device might not work correctly due to which people think that it’s not going to work at all. Therefore, before blaming the device, kindly check the following aspects described in this article. 

Connection problems:

Using a Smart Home device may offer many connection problems, either it is a Wi-Fi connection problem or Bluetooth, but don’t worry because all can be fixed. While installing and setting, you need to keep a check on many things. When you are integrating a new Smart device, be it LED light switchLeviton smart switchwireless ceiling light, or anything, you need to keep in mind the following points to avoid the failure of your device and wastage of time and money.

Smart Light

First of all, keep in mind that if a large number of devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, then it is possible that your new Smart device won’t work on it or would take much time to develop a connection. It’s better to disconnect or turn off the devices that you are not currently using. Check your Wi-Fi device and then other connected devices to see if they have a good connection.

If you figure this problem out, then try to fix it. Turn off your router, turn your Alexa enabled device (e.g. Amazon Echo) and Wi-Fi on all connected devices off as well, and then wait for 30 seconds. After that turn on your router, and the Alexa device as well, Alexa should be the first to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Reposition your router:

The other way to deal with these issues is that reposition your router and the Alexa device so that they can develop a good connection and work properly. There are different devices which become an interference in the travelling of Wi-Fi signals like microwave ovens, monitors and others. So, put the router on such height where the signals remain uninterrupted.

Incapability of connecting with 5 GHz network:

Another problem faced by the users of Treatlife Smart Light Switch and other Alexa smart light switches is that they are not capable of working with 5 GHz network and can only be connected with 2.4GHz.

So to deal with this, download the Alexa app on your phone or tab to connect the Echo or whatever Alexa device you have with your Wi-Fi. In this way, the interference created by other devices is reduced, and the connection and range eventually increases.

Another way to get the Treatlife Smart Light Switch installed is to disable the 5GHz connection and after connecting your switch with 2.4GHz, turn on the 5GHz network, the switch will remain connected.

Problem of locating devices:

While installing your Alexa smart light switch, or after the installation, it might not find all the ceiling lightsled bulbsAlexa ceiling fans installed in your homes. And if this is so, then here’s what you need to do.

Connect Alexa to the same Wi-Fi network. Then update the Wi-Fi network for Alexa in the app setting:

  • Go to settings.
  • Enter or select your device name.
  • Select Update Wi-Fi.

If still nothing happens then follow the steps explained under:

  • Speak loudly “discover my devices” and check the Wi-Fi frequency of your device because some devices are compatible with 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz network.
  • If your device is connected to a 5 GHz network, change it to 2.4 GHz networks on your modem.
  • Enable the UPNP or SSDP on your router’s settings.

In this way, Alexa can locate the devices. But if still it can’t, then find the device name and rename it so that Alexa could understand it better. After that restart Amazon Echo (Alexa), hold the Reset button for at least 5 seconds; the indicator light will turn orange and then blue, the light will flicker.

Wait till it does that before finally turning orange again and enters the setup mode. Open the app and connect the Amazon Echo to the Wi-Fi then register the device to your Amazon account.

Alexa didn’t understand what you said:

There are times when Alexa doesn’t understand what you just said. At that point, Alexa says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that”. Amazon installed a function which allow you to ask Alexa what did she just listen. This feature enables you to comprehend what your Alexa heard and what you said.

Smart Light

It is better to place your Echo away from noisy devices like TV, washing machines, and dryers. Another way to make Alexa understand your commands and take action upon them is to use Voice Training; it is an option in Your profile settings of the Alexa app.

What you have to do, is read 25 sentences in a loud and typical voice from an average distance so that Alexa can analyze the quality of your sound, pronunciation, cadence of your voice.

Accidental activation

Sometimes it happens that Alexa activates accidentally and starts responding to the voice stimuli and taking actions. You also become confuse at that time, what has happened to Alexa. But no need to worry because this issue can also be treated quickly in many ways, 

  • Place the Amazon Echo (Alexa)/speaker away from the noisy places like TV, washing machine, dryer, microwave oven or whatever. 
  • Secondly, what you can do is ask Alexa, “Alexa, why did you do that?” this feature will enable you to understand the reason behind the action taken by Alexa.
  • When you are doing something that makes noise like watching TV, you should press the mute button on the top of the speaker to avoid accidental activation.
  • Convert the word to address “Alexa” to something like “Computer” or “Amazon”.

Loud alarms and notifications

You might have noticed that the sound of the notifications and alerts are quite noisy, which becomes a sort of irritation at times. That’s because alarms and notifications are controlled separately in the Alexa app. 

Smart LIght

To fix this open the app of Alexa on Android or iOS and go to Devices, then select the name of your device, click on sound and then increase or decrease the volume as per your need.

Compatibility issue:

Compatibility is a common problem that people face if they don’t research before buying an Alexa smart light switch. Few customers of the Leviton smart switch had the same issue. They installed a switch, which was not compatible with his kitchen’s lights and caused them to flicker.

The consultation might solve this problem with customer support, but I would suggest you to ask the manufacturer first about the compatibility of the product you are buying, with the other devices installed in your home.

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Types of Alexa Smart light switches:

Wireless LED light switch

LED light is the best light source to keep your home lit even in dark or at night. It is ideal for houses, cabinets, attics, and garages to keep them lit in a blackout. And wireless LED light switches can be mounted anywhere, you can also place it on your bedside table so that if you need to turn on the light at night time, then you don’t have to stumble upon different objects on the floor and can turn the light on while staying in your bed.

Wireless 3-way switches 

Wireless 3-way switches enable you to control your home’s lighting from anywhere or any place of your house. That’s the feature that indeed provides you with much comfort. If you want to turn the light in your garage on, you don’t need to go there and then do it, if you have a 3-way switch present inside your house that controls the garage lights, you can quickly turn on the light from there. It cannot only be controlled manually but by remote, Google assistant and Alexa as well.

Smart light dimmers

Several single-pole Alexa smart light switches also work as dimmers. These dimmers allow you to control the lights and their brightness according to your moods. In addition to this, you can schedule the lighting routines, and these switches and dimmers can work with the smart assistant and their apps. 

Frequently asked questions about Alexa smart light switches:

Here are some questions that people repeatedly asked while buying an Alexa smart light switch. I hope that this section of the article would clear many of your queries too.

Q: Are Alexa smart light switches worth-buying?

A: Yes, of course. The Alexa smart light switches enhance your Smart home and provide you with much ease that you can control all the ceiling fans, led lights, outdoor lights installed in your home by either one switch, your smartphone, or just by your voice command without even lifting a finger. You can turn lights on and off only by the comfort of your couch or bed.

Q: Does every Alexa smart light switch offer smart assistant connectivity?

A: Some Alexa smart light switches require a smart hub or a bridge to connect with Smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant. But some switches don’t have this feature. But if voice control is your requirement, then you should look for something that offers the functionality of voice control, or instead, you will have to face difficulties.

Q: Can Alexa smart light switch dim light?

A: All of the Alexa smart light switches do not possess this feature. But if this is your requirement, then you need to get one that works as a dimmer. Philips hue dimmer is an excellent option if you want an Alexa smart light switch and dimmer in one. Research well before you buys it.

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I know how annoying and frustrating it is when you buy something with so much excitement, but it suddenly stops working, so that’s why I had tried to cover almost all the key issues that people face with their easy solutions while using Alexa smart light switches along with the types of Alexa smart light switches and most frequently asked questions about them. I hope that it will help you to deal with your Smart equipment efficiently.

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