5 Best Smart Interconnected Smoke Detectors

Smart interconnected Smoke detectors ensure your life safety. You should give priority to life’s safety, and when you have a family, you can’t take any risk.

Deaths and injuries due to fire outbreaks are very terrible and hard to bear. Most of such incidents occur while sleeping/nights. And disasters don’t send alerts; they go on. To ensure your safety, you need something which remains activated day and night.

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So, in that regard, interconnected Smart Smoke detectors are worth considering. They are helping people to ensure the safety of their loved ones. In case of any stimulation, it warns you by alarms and notifies you on your phones as well, no matter wherever you are. 

I stumbled upon this technical innovation at one of my friend’s homes when she told me how it saved her family from a huge disaster. Instantly, I decided to buy one for mine. 

These smoke alarms are worth-buying. For your assistance, we have made a list of the top 5 smoke detectors and provided the tips on choosing a smoke detector, so that you choose the best product at the time of buying.

Buying guide for smart smoke detectors

You need to keep some essential factors in your mind while buying smart smoke detectors, or you should give priority to smart interconnected smoke detectors. Consider the following things in mind:

CO and smoke 

The most crucial factor to consider when buying  a smoke detector is that, does it has the  ability to detect carbon monoxide and smoke. Because when a fire breaks out, carbon monoxide is also produced, which is very harmful.

Carbon monoxide is hazardous for our lungs; it can displace the oxygen in the blood and deprive many of your vital organs. It can cause the person to lose consciousness and suffocate, eventually leading to death. That’s one of the significant reasons for death when some fire incident takes place.

Notification variety

Whatever brand of smoke detector you choose, make sure that it can deliver different types of notifications so that wherever you are, you can take the right actions on time and save all your family. It should have the ability  to produce a loud siren so that it reaches every part of your house, and everyone listens to it.

It should give a voice alert as well. And if it delivers some kind of instructions to follow in a particular emergency then that would be an icing on the cake. If colour-coded lights are present on it, it would be a plus to indicate to you more accurately in low battery cases. And guide you a way out in the darkness.


Interconnectivity is also an essential feature because interconnected smoke detectors would be helpful for a large home. The one having this feature will be interconnected with other smoke alarms at your home due to this if there is any smoke stimulation all the smoke detectors will start beeping.

Interconnected smoke alarms can alert you sooner than others. For example, if you have fire in your basement, you probably won’t know that. And if you have interconnected smoke detectors at your home, they will chirp and beep, indicating you and increasing your chances to get out of your home more quickly.

Smart home hub support 

Having a Smart hub support increases the chances of getting notified on time through different means. If your smoke detector has hub support, you can quickly be alerted in the emergency on your phones even if you are away from home, and you can probably save your property.

If you want to get your smart smoke detector to incorporate into your Smart homes, consider your smoke alarm to have this Smart home hub support.

Back-up power

The smoke detectors should have two sources of power supply. One, the main power supply of your house and it should also have a back-up battery. For example, if your home’s power gets disconnected, the back-up battery can keep the smoke detector active.

If a fire breaks out during that power disconnection, the smoke detector can notify you at that time as well ,And if you have a battery-powered smoke detector, check that it should have a test button or a specific chirp/sound that signals you when the battery starts to drains.

So once you install the detector, you should have peace of mind that now your loved ones will be safe in an emergency.

Setup or installation 

The smoke detector should be easy to install. Sometimes people can not fix the smoke detector in their homes or fail to interconnect t it with the other smoke detectors, so it does not work correctly, and people think that the device is not useful. You should read the instruction on the instruction card while setting up your device.

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Product reviews

Best Smart Interconnected Smoke Detectors

Google Nest Protect
Kidde Nighthawk
First Alert One link
Ring Alarm smoke And CO Listener
X-sense SC03


All the products which I listed above are some of the best Smart interconnected smoke detectors.
But I strongly recommend you to get a Google Nest, as it is produced by the most reputable and credible ones and offers many features that make it the best smoke alarm.


Google Nest Protect

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Google Nest is a remarkable 2nd generation, smoke and carbon monoxide detector and also locates the area where it has been occurring. If an emergency occurs, it notifies you on your mobile phones, or even if the battery runs low. Google Nest is battery powered, which is long-lasting.

If the main house supply goes off or disconnects, the smoke detector will keep on working. Google Nest is Smart Smoke Detector that can be interconnected with other smoke detectors so that if the fire flares up, all of them start beeping at once. Usually, its light is closed, but when someone passes underneath, it turns on.

In an emergency, every second count. Nest provides you with the fastest detection and notification. False alarms can be closed manually or via the app. The detector is easy to install, as well as the app. It not only beeps but provides voice alerts as well.

When it comes to weight, the product is 1 pound. It is compatible with 1.5 volts and can be installed in the ceiling.


  • It can provide you with a variety of notifications.
  • Can be interconnected with other smart smoke detectors 
  • Signal you about the fire outbreaks sooner than the other
  • Easy installation


  • Can cause a problem if it is away from the router
  • Expensive

Kidde Nighthawk

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Kidde Nighthawk is an affordable Plug-In AC/DC Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector. It is operated by the main power supply of your house but consists of a 9-volt battery that provides short-term back-up to keep it activated in case of a power outage. The power source required is 120 VAC.

The LED light blinking in the lower right corner of the smoke detector shows regular operation. Ten years after the initial power-up, the alarm beeps two times after 30 seconds, signaling that it is time to change the battery. When it comes to temperature and humidity range, it is 40˚F and 5%-95%, respectively.

It gives unbeatable protection making sure that your family is ready for any kind of hazard. It digitally displays the CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged. Kidde Smart smoke detectors produce loud sound patterns when it detects increasing carbon monoxide levels.

A Kidde smoke detector provides you with a sense of security and is suitable concerning the budget too. But when it comes to your family’s safety, it’s better not to care about the budget and make sure that you are spending right.


  • It can be mounted anywhere.
  • It is operated by the main power supply of your house but has a back-up battery of 9-volts.
  • It gives you peace of mind.
  • Inexpensive 
  • CO level is displayed digitally.


  • If you will not follow the instructions then you’ll face difficulty in installing it.

First Alert One link

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First Alert One link is a Smart hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detector designed with exceptionally futuristic Omni-directional home speakers backed by First Alert’s matchless reliability and equipped with Amazon Alexa that makes it ideal smoke detector for the safety of your loved ones.

It can be installed in the ceiling, enhancing the acoustic quality of speakers and providing crisp vocals and deep, rich bass that resonates throughout the room. The included AC adapter makes the installation fast and easy to replace the existing hardwire alarms without rewiring.

First Alert One link sends notifications in case of an emergency in your homes with 85-decibel warning sound plus voice alerts track the carbon monoxide levels, schedule the nightlight using First Alert’s One link Home app. It is also compatible with Apple Home Kit.

This Smart Smoke detector consists of photoelectric smoke sensors and electrochemical carbon monoxide detectors. First Alert One link is Alexa enabled, you can ask her to play music, read the news, play Spotify, audiobooks, and make calls.

The app is a bit difficult to use if the instructions are not correctly followed. It is one of the best interconnected Smart Smoke Detectors.


  • Can detect both smoke and carbon dioxide 
  • Can be easily installed in ceilings
  • You can ask Alexa to make calls to anyone, play music, read the news.
  • It can detect the location of carbon monoxide.
  • You get the remote notifications of emergency at your home.


  • Expensive 
  • It has a nightlight feature instead of a motion sensor.
  • The app is challenging to use.

Ring Listener

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Ring Alarm Listener is not a smoke and carbon monoxide detector; it is a listener that coordinates with the smoke detectors present in your homes and notifies you with an emergency. It sends a notification on your smartphones when the smoke detector makes alarm.

It is operated by a lithium battery with a life span of 3 years and can be renovated easily. It cannot detect the smoke or carbon monoxide but is placed near your existing smoke or CO alarm, and connected to the Ring alarm base station. It sends you the notification on your mobile phones, which is a useful feature for the people who have hearing problems and cannot hear the sound of alarms.

It is easy to install and setup. Ring app can be used to manage the Ring Alarm Listener and other Ring products. The only problem is that it cannot differentiate between the actual alarm and false alarm. It is a useful device to be integrated with interconnected Smart smoke detectors to avoid potential disaster.


  • Affordable price
  • Sends notification on your smartphones in case of emergency 
  • Suitable for people having hearing issues 
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Can be managed easily with the Ring app


  • It cannot differentiate between true and false alarms.

X-sense SC03 

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X-sense SC03 is a Smart Smoke detector that can be integrated into your home to provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. A built-in lithium-battery operates it with a life of 10 years. X-sense is not hardwired. It is equipped with the combination of photoelectric smoke and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors that work independently of each other.

It detects the smoke and carbon monoxide when it rises to the dangerous level that reduces the chances of false alarm. But when it detects smoke or CO, it produces different types of alerts to differentiate between them. In case of smoke, it delivers three long beeps every 1.5 seconds ,and the red LED flashes with the alarm sound and in case of CO, alarm delivers four quick beeps every 5.8 seconds, and the red LED blinks with the alarm sound.

X-sense can easily be mounted on the wall or ceiling without an electrician. Its installation does not require any kind of rewiring. The test/silence button present helps check the alarm weekly and turn off the false alarm. Low battery status and malfunctioning allow you to know the working state of the bell.

In case of emergency, the alarm of 84 dB will alert the whole house, even the people in a deep sleep.


  • Long battery life 
  • Has a loud siren, in case of emergency 
  • Easy installation 
  • Produce different kinds of notifications/alarms to indicate the two alerts differently specifically 


  • Battery-powered, but once it dies, it cannot be replaced.

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The interconnected smart smoke detectors are more efficient at the time of emergency and notify you on time, even if you are out of your homes. When they sound false alarms, they can be turned off at the same time if they are regulated by your phones. 

I recommend you to get a Google Nest, as it is produced by the most reputable and credible ones and offers many features that make it the best smoke alarm. Following are those:

  • It can provide you with a variety of notifications.
  • Can be interconnected with other smart smoke detectors 
  • Signal you about the fir outbreaks sooner than the other
  • Easy installation

Apart from all the debate, which smoke alarm is best? I would say that this is an advanced technology that gives you mental peace, ensuring your loved ones’ safety, so make it a point to buy the best.

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