3 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

The Rachio smart sprinkler controller is the newly launched iteration of the smart water system. Rachio comes up with the new version of Rachio 2nd generation smart sprinkler that is third, making it worthier to spend on. As it’s smart, you don’t need to wonder when and how you should water your yard. This is the Rachio smart sprinkler controller review that included everything you should know. 

 Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

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Why Should You Buy Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller?

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller system has a lot of features that make it a great product to buy. It acquires a lot of technologies that keep the lawn watered and grass healthier. Some of its features that make it worth investment are;

1)      Water Adjustment Depending on the Weather:

The Rachio smart water sprinkler has premium weather intelligence plus that enables you to weather data from 300,000 weather stations, satellite sources, and radar. According to local weather conditions,  the machine is liable to delay watering your lawn. 

For example, if it has already poured naturally, it will not wet your grass, it is similar to windy and cold weather conditions. 

2)      Wi-Fi Connections:

Your Rachio water sprinkler is connectable to 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks. By Wi-Fi connection, you can easily use your machine with its application. You can use Rachio with Alexa or Google Assistant to command it watering and other activities. 

3)      Suggestion Feature: 

3.1)      You are allowed to set watering schedules for your plants.

However, Rachio can decide for you. You can input the plant type you have in your lawn and such other important information like the amount of each zone getting. The sprinkler will consider these things and end up showing you a watering schedule that assures the lawn will get the exact water quantity as needed. 

3.2)      Two Models:

The newly launched water sprinkler acquires Rachio 3 8-zone and Rachio 3, sixteen zone models. Indeed, the prices of both models are different. But both of these work quite great and fulfill all your requirements smartly.

3.3)      Water Intelligence Plus:

If you know that the previous rachio, two sprinklers used standard weather intelligence that skips watering your lawn depending on the weather conditions. Whereas, the rachio sensors are intelligent that not rely on the weather forecast. But it considers a relatively broader set of data via weather stations, radar technology, and satellite. This ultimately ensures the weather conditions around your area within a radius of 36 feet. 

3.4)      Mobile Application:

The operation of this sprinkler controller is super easy because of its companion mobile application. To monitor watering and to operate your machine, the mobile app is the best consideration. 

Moreover, its application is quite intuitive and super easy to use. It allows you to set various schedules for each zone you acquire. Manually, you can command your smart machine to begin watering, pause the continuous water, or skip watering. 

The companion app is totally free to download and use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about subscription charges. 

3.5)      Rachio Wireless Flow Meter:

The Rachio smart water controller comes with a wireless radio that enables it to work with wireless accessories like the Rachio wireless flow meter. It monitors the amount of water that flows throughout the system. Due to this, the smart device will alert you when there are any leaks to let you consider it. 

Rachio flow meter lets you know about the broken pipes, broken heads, and the rest blockages and leaks. It is also able to shut those zones where the leakage is the issue. 

How to Install Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller?

Rachio 3 installation is super easy and efficient because of its streamlined hardware. It has new easy to press connectors that accommodate 14 and 18 gauge wire that makes this sprinkler installation a child’s play. All you need is to mount and connect to Wi-Fi in 10 to 15 minutes without specific tools or experience. Also, the app has a detailed guide about the installation that would be helpful. 

Step-By-Step Installation Guide:

As mentioned in the beginning that this Rachio smart sprinkler controller review includes everything you should know, so here is the step-by-step guide for Rachio sprinkler installation. 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to check your previous system to ensure everything works fine, like leakage issues or something alike. If you found any problem, then get help from the irrigation professional. Remove your prior controller from the wall to install a new. 

Step 2: Secondly, you need to use the mounting template to mark the points to install it. Drill the holes on those marked points for the anchors. 

Step 3: Thirdly, you need to insert and connect the wires into accurate terminals. 

Step 4: Now, you need to power your smart water controller. Insert the power connecter into the jack and plug-in the power adapter. 

Step 5: After that, you need to find rachio app in your app or play store. Download that and create your account. 

Step 6: Then, you need to open the app and click on “Add Controller” to get connected to Wi-Fi. 

Step 7: Lastly, complete the setup on the app to personalize the zones and schedule creation. 

Here are now the top Rachio smart controllers you can have. 

Specification Table of Rachio Smart Sprinkler:

This specs table shows you the particular specification of each sprinkler by Rachio. 

Product NamePower SourceWeightDimensions
Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler ControllerBattery Powered1 pound9.1 x 1.4 x 5.6 inches
Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler ControllerCorded electric2.5 pounds9.25 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches
Rachio 8ZULWC-LR3e 8 Zone SprinklerPower cord2.79 pounds9.1 x 1.4 x 5.6 inches

3 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller
Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controller
Rachio 8ZULWC-LR3e 8 Zone Sprinkler


Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controller is one of the best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller as This lawn sprinkler controller has a remote control system that you can manage the device while being on your couch.


1)     Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone:

3 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review 13 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review 2

Why Should You Buy This?

  • It enables you to save your water bill. 
  • It automatically skips watering during extreme weather conditions. 
  • It is super easy to set up and install. 

You should buy this water sprinkler controller because it saves your water bill up to 30-50%. It equips rachio rain sensor that detects rain and stops watering your lawn. You can easily control it from wherever you are with its excellent intuitive application. 

Another best point of this sprinkler is that you can install it yourself in less than 30 minutes without any specific tools and experience. Rachio can easily get connected to top smart-home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Nest. You can connect this to both 14 and 18 gauge wires. 

Also, it is super compatible with the pumping relay, indexing valve, and master valve. This rachio smart water sprinkler is a worth investment for your lawn.

2)     Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller:

3 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review 33 Best Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Review 4

Why Should You Buy This?

  • This is the highly-rated Wi-Fi sprinkler.
  • It acquires exclusive weather intelligence that skips watering. 
  • It generates customizable smart schedules. 

This lawn sprinkler controller has a remote control system that you can manage the device while being on your couch. You can start, stop, pause, even skip any particular zone, or create a customized running schedule. Precisely, it offers you simple controlling the device via smartphone. 

It is committed to sustainability that easily nurture your yard. 

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3)     Rachio 8ZULWC-L R3 Generation Smart 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller:

Why Should You Get This?

  • It takes you out of excessive water bills. 
  • It cut back on extra watering without damaging your garden. 
  • It has upgraded the level of weather forecasting.

It equips a feature of weather intelligence that checks the weather for varied resources that includes satellite, weather station, and radar to make automatic adjustments according to wind, snow, and rain. 

It is super easy to install and great consideration to buy for your lawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What to do if the sprinkler system not working in all zones?

If your sprinkler system is not working on any zone that you need to troubleshoot your smart device because it could be an issue you don’t know. Also, you can check by turning on the valves, and if the water is coming out, then the valve is working, and you need to get your field wiring and controller check by a pro. 

Q2. Rachio Vs. Skydrop, which one is best?

Rachio is better because it is cheaper than Skydrop; the application of Rachio is always upgraded while Skydrop rarely upgrades its app, and Rachio acquires its own weather stations and collects data, whereas Skydrop does not. 

Q3. Does Rachio save water?

Yes, Rachio claims to save water, and the water bill is correct. Regardless of the schedule, you can always use Rachio weather data for conserving water. Also, it has a feature of the smart cycle that breaks the zone to prevent water runoff.

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Final Words:

While getting yourself a rachio smart sprinkler controller, remember this Rachio smart sprinkler controller review to make the best choices. You can yourself assess how it is beneficial for you, your lawn, and your pocket. Buying Rachio smart sprinkler controller is a significant consideration as it is better from its competitors. 

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